SpeakPipe Voice Mail Widget for Blogger, WordPress, Weebly

How to Add Voice Message widget through SpeakPipe in your Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, Joomla and Tumblr Blog.
voice message widget for blogger

Leaving message on Blog it maybe time consuming. And there are many users whose who don’t like to write longer message by typing from Smartphone. On the other hand for writing a message readers don’t feel interest. So the solution is Voice mail And this is the quickest way to make a connecting bridge between Blog writers and readers.

Now-a-days I have seen many Blog those who leave their Skype, Viber or whatsapp number for contacting with them. But this can be made your identity public. Sharing personal facebook account is a stupid method for connecting with readers. After certain period of time you would see you won’t able to use your facebook account for personal purpose.

We should switch to voice message features for interacting with readers. But how a Blog readers can easily interact with Blog owner. This is a simple question. If Blog write and reader’s language are not same then readers may feel embrace to leave voice message, on the other hand Blog writer won’t able to answer comfortably to readers. We should take this issue seriously. Though it has both advantage and disadvantage but we should give a try.

You may hear about SpeakPipe, if not then no problem. SpeakPipe is a voice message service provider for micro to large Blog and website. But the service is not totally free. It has free feature as well as paid subscription plan. As a small Blogger we can use free subscription plan. But the limitation is only 20 voice mail can be sent per month, and maximum duration of each message will be 90 seconds.

Don’t think SpeakPipe work like your cell phone that you can directly call to your Blog owner. Just you need a simple online voice recorder and you can do it by SpeakPipe voice recorder. And the main positive site of this widget you can use this on Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, Joomla and Tumblr Blog or in any other platform without any restriction.

How to register with SpeakPipe?

Before availing the voice mail service from SpeakPipe you must register with them. And the registration process is really simple.

Step 1 Please visit https://www.speakpipe.com/signup and write your email, password and hit the Continue button.

Step 2 A verification email with link will be sent to you instantly. Check your email and please confirm your SpeakPipe account by click on verification link.

Step 3 You have now 3 options to use SpeakPipe such as Inline widget, Dialog widget and Voice Page. And use any one according to your need. For Blog site Dialog widget is suitable. So we will install Dialog widget for our Blog.

dialog widget

Step 4 In Dialog widget box click on Customize button or you can enter into customization option by directly visiting https://www.speakpipe.com/account/settings/widget URL. Because we will customize our SpeakPipe voice widget for our Blog. And make necessary customization such as Button position on website, widget button color Dialog settings, opt-in email integration and Balloon settings. Finally you will get the widget Installation script.

install speakpipe

Step 5 Now it’s time to install on your Blog or website. You can directly add the script on your Blogger template before closing </body>.  Or click on Install button from the top of the screen and select Install on a website under Dialog widget.

widget for blogger, wordpress

Step 6 SpeakPipe will take you on Blog platform selection page. From there select your right platform to add the widget. And you will get visual instruction for your desired Blog platform.

How to leave a voice message through SpeakPipe?

After installing SpeakPipe it will appear on your Blog. And when readers want to leave a voice message then s/he has to go through below steps-

Step 1 Click on Send Us a Voice message floating button.

start recording

Step 2 SpeakPipe voice recorder will instantly load on screen like popup widget. From there click on Start recording button. Now Record your voice and listen to your record, after that send it to the author.

speak now

Step 3 Now you have to allow access to your microphone. So click on Share Selected device. And Speak now for recording.

Step 4 After recording press Stop button and Send it.

That’s it. You have successfully recorded your Voice message and sent to website owner. I think this is really amazing. But has some limitation for Free Plan subscriber. If you wish you can Join Bronze, Gold and Premium subscription Plan for use this service without limitation. And you will get 230 day money back guarantee after purchase.  

You can share with us about your personal experience after using SpeakPipe. We are excited to hear it from you. 
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