The 15 Best Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

Are you looking to grow your blog traffic and get millions of eyes on your content and company? Then check out our guide.

Are you tired of writing amazing content and having nobody read it? Well, it is time to fix your blog traffic! In this article, we are going to show you the 15 most effective methods to get blog traffic. Let’s get started!

15 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog's Traffic by 206%

The 15 Best Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

1. Post Blogs Multiple Times A Week

Many blogs fail to grow and develop because they simply don’t have enough traffic. Blogs with more content not only rank higher in Google search results but also attract a higher number of returning visitors who become regular readers. To maximize your blog traffic, aim to publish two posts every week.

2. Write Guest Posts

A guest post is where you write an article for another blog and then typically can include links to your own blog. Guest posts are a great way to attract the readers of already successful blogs. To ensure guest posts increase blog traffic, make sure you post on a site that is similar to yours and has a large amount of traffic.

3. Use Internal Linking

Internal linking is where you include links to your other posts within your content. For example, in Blog A, you link to Blog B and C. To generate blog traffic using internal linking, you need to find your best-performing articles (check your blog traffic stats) and then link to your worst-performing articles.

4. Be Active On Social Media

If you aren’t actively promoting your blog on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to generate free blog traffic. Remember, you should use multiple social media platforms and post continually. Don’t be discouraged in the early stages, as it can take a few months until you start attracting followers.

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5. Build A Mailing List

A great way to increase blog traffic is to send out promotional emails with snippets of your content. You can capture emails on your site or purchase email lists. If you send out a weekly newsletter, you should see your blog traffic rise significantly.

6. Don’t Forget Keywords

If you want to grow your blog traffic, you need to target specific keywords. However, you need to rank for keywords that are relevant to your niche, have a large enough search volume but are not too competitive. If you can’t realistically rank on the first page of Google, you should find different keywords to go after. You should come up with a list of keywords and then play free bingo to incorporate every keyword into your article.

7. Link To Authoritative Sites

Boosting blog traffic can be as simple as including 1 to 2 links in every blog to a well-known and established site. By linking to successful sites, Google views your blog as reliable and is more likely to boost your ranking, which leads to increased blog traffic.

8. Update Old Content

If you have blog posts that are over 1 year old and don’t receive any traffic, you can edit and republish them. To ensure they generate traffic, you can make them longer, fix grammatical mistakes, include keywords, improve the formatting, and promote them through email and social media. You would be surprised at how easy it is to turn poor blog posts into top-performing articles.

9. Don’t Be Afraid Of Clickbait

You probably have written a few blog posts that are similar to other content showing up in Google’s search results. To help you stand out from the crowd and get people to click on your blog, you need to get creative with your titles. A little bit of clickbait is a great way to get readers excited and increase your conversion rates.

10. Become A Master Formatter

Nobody wants to read poorly formatted blogs. To improve your blog traffic, make sure you use H1, H2, and H3 titles, a table of contents, pictures, videos, and that your article is logically structured with a clear introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. If you start nailing your formatting, not only will your blog traffic grow, but users will spend more time on your page and are more likely to check out other articles.

11. Use Statistics And Software

There is blog traffic checker software that can help you identify what keywords you should target and show and the types of blog posts you should write. Look for keywords with high volume and low competition, and then recreate your top-performing blog posts by focusing on similar topics.

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12. Use Giveaways

A highly effective way to generate blog traffic is to run competitions where you give away freebies to your readers. Think about it, would you check out a blog post and leave your email if it meant you could win an awesome prize? Of course, you would!

13. Increase Engagement By Asking For Readers’ Comments

Show your readers that they are special and you value their opinion by asking them to comment on your posts. This tactic is a great way to build a loyal following, and it signals to new readers that your blog is valued by other people.

14. Include Share On Social Media Buttons

At the top and bottom of every one of your blog posts, you should have share buttons that allow readers to share your blog on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with one click. By just receiving a few shares, you will be shocked at the impact it has on your blog traffic, as posts can go from only being seen by a few hundred to tens of thousands!

15. Create A YouTube Channel

Are you looking for a way to reach millions of people instantly? Then YouTube is the perfect platform. If you create one 5 to 10-minute YouTube video each week and include links to your blog in the description, comment and tell viewers to check out your site, your blog traffic will skyrocket.

With our blog traffic tips, you should have no issues gaining a loyal following and also dominating Google’s search results. Remember, the earlier you start implementing our tips, the faster your blog traffic will grow! We would love to hear from our readers who run successful blogs. Please comment below on the strategies you have used to grow blog traffic.

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