Successful Tips To Boost Your Site For Top Search Engine Ranking

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Small, mid and large scale businesses, every one wants to come on the first page of Google. They hire resources, and plan other key factors to increase their business meter. But, most of them largely focus on keywords. Are you one of the business owners, who worked on keyword optimization diligently, but did no attain the expected results. 

Then, you have reached at the right place. We will let you know the best tips to boost your online business visibility by attaining top search engine ranking. 

Keyword relevance on the web pages and meta data is one factor, but we need to analyze other factors, such as broken links, time spent over the site, bounce rate, outbound and inbound links, and more. The first priority should be to make the visitor stay for longer. 

They should feel an urge to interact with the content. So, make the website more and more usable to enhance the user experience. 

Successful Tips To Boost Your Site For Top Search Engine Ranking

Now, you must be wondering, how to make your website usable? Then, the answer is, work on the prime usability factors- 
  • Make your website learnable, so that the users can navigate your website quickly. You should check the things, like call-to-actions should be clickable, and comprehensive, so that the onlookers can take immediate actions. If you will not ease your customers, then they spend more time on understanding your website. This might frustrate them, and they will switch to other website. 
  • The second aspect is memorability. Your website should be memorable, so that the users can keep it in mind and search it easily for the next time they want to approach you. 
  • You should work on the diverse aspects to make your website effective and speedy. Yes, if your website is not effective and does not respond in an average time, then the visitor will go away instantly. 

How much time does it take to earn good ranking on Google? 

To answer this query, we will take Ahrefs study, which reveals some factors related to ranking- 
  • The study showed that around 6% pages, managed to appear in the top 10 within two to six months in a year. 
  • On an average, the web pages that appeared in the top 10 results were around 2 to 3 years old. 
  • Around 25% of the pages that were in top ranking found to be lesser than one year old. 
Thus, you can see that it takes a lot of efforts 1, 2 or even 3 years to enter in the golden chart of top 10. And, this leads us towards our discussion that how to come in this golden chart. If you appear in this chart, then you can consider the below tips- 

1. Commence with a Strong Base 

Run the strongest SEO campaign, but it will be dumped, if your website is poor in structure and information delivery. As we discussed earlier, a difficult to comprehend website neither impresses the user nor the Google. 

2. Audit technical aspects and get over with duplicate content 

In the modern era, the Google has got more signals to determine ranking, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. So, if you are still on the conventional SEO practices, switch to modern ones to woo more visitors. 

Technical glitches and duplicate content come hand in hand most of the times. And, the most usual out of them is having varied versions of a same page. 

For instance, 
Here, the Google will consider each pagr as different, but the content remains the same. For this, you can use redirect rules properly .htaccess file. 

3. Perform Speed Optimization 

It is mandatory to check the speed and improve it time to time. Google Page Speed tool is a wonderful tracker to measure the speed. For speed optimization, you can work on the blow-mentioned factors- 

  • Handle script wisely before you load varied CSS and JavaScript files to improve speed. You should ensure files minification. Second, you can opt to merge diverse scripts within a single file. 
  • Apart from scripts, you should also work on image compression. You should go for the best optimizer and compression tools. Further, you should make sure that image dimension is the same as per the predefined space. This will help retain structured and clean appearance on the live server. 
  • A browser loads many resources while loading a page. And, browser cache keeps storing all the resource file on the computer of user locally. This way, whenever a user want to navigate the new page, then those resources will not have to be loaded again. For browser caching, it is good to add code in the web server/host .htaccess file. If it is a WordPress website, you will be having a number of plugins. 

4. Mobile Optimization is Must 

You are doing a lot of efforts to impress Google, so consider MOBILE-FIRST approach. No website succeeds until is passes test of mobile friendliness. In order to avoid any halt in your performance and ranking, you should optimize your website for mobile. How to achieve this? Here is your answer- 

  • It is a fact that there are more mobile users than the desktop ones. And, they want to use a website, which allows them to perform their actions smoothly and without any hitch. Therefore, you should keep it on your top list to optimize your website for mobile. 
  • Second, your website should appear on mobile in a way that the users want to keep scrolling it. 

5. Links also Influence Ranking 

You require working on both external and internal links to enhance your website ranking. Tips to do it have been mentioned below- 

  • Matching anchor text with the external linking is not recommend. But, it becomes crucial when you opt for internal anchor text. So, you can consider it when it is highly relevant, and keep this in mind that it is not spammy. 
  • If you are one of those business owners, who ignore broken links, then you need to change it. Fix the broken links and offer an ideal UX. For this, you can use tools, such as W3C Link Checker, which not only tracks 404 error, but also fixes it. 

6. Conduct On-page Optimization 

Here, Google will help you. Yes, you can get guidance of SEO starter guide that directs the businesses, who want to promote the content online through Google search. Believe it buddy, if you do it right, then you can stand ahead of the competitors. 

7. Avoid Over Optimizing 

We will spot the light on the factors that will take you towards over optimization of your web page. Check those factors and avoid them- 
  • Gaining external links is a good practice, but check their relevancy. For instance, there is no use of earning linking to a flower selling website, using best teaching institute as the anchor text. This is not add into Google ranking rather bring you penalty from the Google. 
  • If one wishes to link the internal web pages with a topic, such as “SEO strategies”, so avoid using the similar keyword in the anchor text. Instead it is better to use learn the best SEO practices or combine some generic keywords based on that particular topic. Keep this in mind that variety brings results in the search engine optimization field. 

8. Focus on Lower Ranking Keywords 

There are chances that you find your web page on 3rd or 4th page of Google. We can understand your restlessness at this time. No problem, have patience and work more to boost its ranking and drag it to the first page. Here are same tips at your glance- 

  • Have you heard of skyscraper method? You must have heard of it thousand times. This is a popular method by Brian Dean from Backlinko. It is a successful trick to optimize your page in a way to secure its place on the first page. 
  • You can search for a topic, which is already ranking. If you have, then it is your key. Improve it and start promoting it wherever you can. 
  • It is not a single day effort, you need to create a solid plan to identify the potential keywords that can be used in the posts. Keep this in mind that the keywords you choose are actionable, accurate and catchy. Approach the authority blogs that are performing well. 


Hence, we shared the most crucial tips to polish your website to appear in the top search engine results. Search engine optimization is not a vogue, which will go out of form within years. It is going to stay longer with better and the latest techniques. 

Being an online business owner, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on the recent changes in the industry, and implement in your website before you start losing name in the top list. 

You do not need to panic to work on all the modern tactics in a single day. But, you need to understand that it is a rolling wheel, which will demand progress at regular interval. So, take care of it at those regular intervals. 
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