The Best 5 E-commerce Website Templates to Make Your Shop Stand Out

2019's Best Selling eCommerce Website Templates to Grow Your Business. In this post, we showcase the best Professional ECommerce Website Templates for You To Try. All ecommerce website templates are 100% mobile-friendly, fully customizable and affordable.
It is not a secret that modern business has to be online. Basically, your website may be the most important advertising tools nowadays. And there are many ways to advertise your website. Yet, it is a story for another post and you can find tones of information on the Internet. For example, YouTube is full of such information. 

And even the smallest shops and services companies tend to create a top-notch website for customers. Just Google some product and you will see millions of products provided by thousands of online stores. Moreover, it is an international tendency and you can find an online store all over the world. 

Why is it so popular? Well, there are a few reasons: 

  • It is a cheap advertising platform and you can choose yourself when and what you want to advertise. 
  • A website is also easy to reach. Customers can find your products on the other side of the globe. 
  • If you have good e-commerce features and built-in filter then you can provide customers with a comfortable shopping experience. 
  • Most importantly, with a well-customized and fully featured website, you can edit it without redundant coding. 
  • With a well-developed website, you can blog and present visual content. 

So, it is a good idea to create a website for your business. Yet, how can we develop a website? Well, there are a few ways. You can make it yourself from scratch. Of course, even if you have web-development skills it will take a lot of time. You have to know which platform is better and which plugins you need. Alternatively, you can order a website from a web-development studio. It is a reliable option and you may get a great website in the end. A web-development studio can design a website according to your preferences and fill a website with the features you want. However, this way has its cons too. It may cost you a lot. Or it may take a few weeks to develop a website. In addition, it is often impossible to avoid a string of editorial changes. 

The Best 5 E-commerce Website Templates to Make Your Shop Stand Out

This is why I recommend you to consider website templates as an option. They are relatively cheap and you can download them easily from the marketplace. All you have to do is to install them and customize to suit your business. And these steps are not complicated. Anyone can install a website, especially nowadays when you can find any information online. And it is obvious that you can find information on any issues too. Trust me, there were people who had them before you and found the answer. 

However, even if it is easy to download and install a website theme you may need some help to choose the best options for your business. This is why I made a list of products you can check first. They are fully featured and attractive themes with well-developed HTML and CSS code. And you can use them for your business without worry about reliability. Yet, of course, everything is up to you. Go to the product page and check the demo to see everything by yourself. 

1. Naturio Food Store Template WooCommerce Theme 

I decided to present you with a website theme for a food store first. We all know that grocery stores, food supermarkets, and food stores are among the most popular business. And for them, it is vital to overcome the competitors. This is why the best food stores have websites now. And they use them to promote products and advertise themselves.

Naturio Food Store Template WooCommerce Theme

Naturio Food Store Template is a great option in case you run a grocery store and want to create or renew your website. Let’s start with a design. It is right and eye-catchy. This is the right choice for advertising your groceries. Yet, this theme is also clean enough to highlight images and most important date. And if you want to decorate your website you can use included bonus images. We can also consider built-in JetElements add-on as a powerful feature. Developers used Elementor Page Builder to develop this website theme and you can use too. It is a simple way to decorate or rebuilding a website. Moreover, you need no coding skills for it. And do not forget about WooCommerce plugins that provide you with useful e-commerce features. 

2. Cosmeli - Cosmetics & Beauty WooCommerce Theme 

Cosmetic stores are another popular business sphere. It is highly demandable business when it comes to product presentation. This is why when you choose the website theme for your cosmetics store or beauty items shop it is important to pay attention to visual effects, images resolution, and website design. And Cosmeli includes all these features. It is also clean and highlights your products. Moreover, you can edit the design to decorate it or create a unique design. 

Cosmeli - Cosmetics & Beauty WooCommerce Theme

Cosmeli WooCommerce Theme has 4 types of the home page and you can choose the most preferable design. Developers also included Visual Composer Page Builder to provide you with a simple way to edit a website. Due to valid code, this theme works perfectly on all devices and browsers. 

It is also SOE-friendly and due to this feature, your website will be in the top results of a web search. Due to WooCommerce plugins, you can provide customers with a cart, a wishlist, and a compare button. In addition, it is WPML-ready and you can translate a website on multiple languages. 

3. Multifly - Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Template 

In my personal experience, it is always a great idea to have a multipurpose website template if you are into web development. It is especially useful if you have a few businesses and want to create a website for each of them. In the same time, multipurpose website template can be your reliable web development tool for a long time.

Multifly - Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Template

This is why I found a few interesting multipurpose templates for you. And Multify Template is the first one. It is a Shopify theme with a full e-commerce plugin pack. This pack includes a cart, a wishlist, and multi-currency features. And one of the most interesting features is a set of pre-designed templates for fashion store, fishing store, cosmetics shop and so on. And I recommend you to check the deme to see more of them. With this template, you can create your own gallery and write blog articles. 

With Shopify Visual Builder you can get as many layouts as you want. Due to a huge number of visual options and elements, your website will be highly attractive. And if you want to present a location of your store than included google maps feature will be handy. 

4. UPSEO - SEO Ready-to-Use Clean Joomla Template 

You can develop a website with UPSEO too. All you have to do is to download and install it. It was developed especially for SEO companies, yet you can edit it to suit multiple business spheres. Designers made it in clear and minimalistic style, but you can decorate it as you wish. Moreover, this template has attractive visual effects developed to make your website eye-catchy. And due to a well-developed design structure, it provides visitors with intuitive navigation. Moreover, due to the color switcher, you can customize a color scheme in a few clicks.

UPSEO - SEO Ready-to-Use Clean Joomla Template

UPSEO Joomla template has a blog and you can use it to spread the news. Due to the gallery, you can present high-quality visual content. And with a portfolio, you can present previous projects. 

In order to make editing easy for you developers built in an advanced admin panel. And due to the bootstrap framework, you will get many useful features for web development. UPSEO Joomla template has useful UI elements. It includes counters, lists, tabs, progress bars and so on. 

5. Jedi - Multifunctional Joomla Template 

And the last but not least Joomla real estate template in our list of products is a Jedi Multifunctional Joomla Template. In my opinion, this Joomla template is one of the best business website templates available now. Let me explain why. 

At first, this template is something like a transformer. It includes a multipage version, landing page version and a photo studio website that allows you to make an accent on visual content. A multipurpose layout can tell more about you and present more information, while the landing page is compact and easy to navigate. In case you prefer a multi-page or photo studio version you can tell more about your team, services, prices or use an appointment feature. They also include a portfolio and a blog.

Jedi - Multifunctional Joomla Template

As UPSEO this theme also has useful UI elements. Moreover, it is highly responsive and works perfectly on all devices and OS. And due to full documentation, it will be easy for anyone to understand how to install and maintain Jedi Joomla Template. It is a great Joomla Products and I recommend you to check the demo. 


In this list, I tried to tell more about my thought which website templates are the best. And all five of them, in my opinion, will be a great choice for your business. Moreover, it is not an issue to install them and customize. 

So go to the product page, check the demo and try them out. In any case, it is important to know more about website templates and see more features in action.
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