8 Smart Ways To Make Money On Instagram

How to make money on Instagram without huge followers? Here are 8 realistic ways how you can make money online from the comfort of your home.

Instagram is the most accessed network with 1 billion active monthly users worldwide. It is a simple photo and video sharing application, but now it is transformed into a business platform. Millions of brands and marketers are using Instagram to sell products and services.

According to Instagram research, more than 24 million people use Instagram to enhance their business, and 90% of Instagram users follow at least brands. Additionally, 83% of people say Instagram helps them to discover new products. About 60% of people visit business profiles every day, and 21% say they check them every week. 

Instagram offers a great way for businesses and marketers to promote their brands and launch new products. Marketing your brand on Instagram helps you to get more engagement for your account and drive more sales.

If you want to make money on Instagram simply, you can use these tactics to make money today.

8 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online in 2021

Should You Make Money On Instagram?

Facebook has 2.07 billion active users monthly, while Instagram has reached 1 billion users quickly. Nowadays, Instagrammers are becoming marketers to sell their products and make money on the platform. If you want to make money on Instagram, you should know some interesting stats.

I billion monthly active users, that almost three times higher than the US population

  1. Half of the billion users are active every day.
  2. Average time spent on Instagram increased by 80% every year.
  3. 83 million advertisers on Instagram.
  4. Instagram users were 50.8% of female and 49.2% of male.
  5. Posts with location tags on Instagram get 79% of engagement.
  6. Post with faces gets 30% more likes.
  7. UGC has a 4.5% conversation rate.
  8. Instagram users by age

  • 13 to 17 years old: 7.3%
  • 18 to 24 years old: 29.8%
  • 25 to 34 years old: 33%
  • 35 to 44 years old: 16%

These mind-blowing stats help you understand the platform and boost you to create a winning Instagram marketing strategy to make money on Instagram.

What are the Essentials for Making Money on Instagram?

By sharing quality content, using filters and effects in your post, and adding some promotional links helps you succeed in your business. But knowing the new trends and tactics are the essential key to make money on Instagram.

1. Switch Instagram for business

Instagram has two types of accounts, personal and business accounts. The business account allows users to track and measure all the Instagram metrics through some Instagram analytical tools. Also, it will allow you to share Instagram ads, shoppable posts. Using business on Instagram will help you to make money easily.

how to make money on instagram by writing

2. Open Your Instagram Shop

An Instagram shop offers you to combine your product catalogue in the Instagram profile. This helps you promote your brands directly to your audience through Instagram stories, posts, and explore tabs. Add a shop button in your profile that allows users to see and buy products without leaving the Instagram application directly.

3. Instagram Ecommerce Shopping Apps

Instagram allows businesses to post shopping products like many eCommerce stories. Rather than other eCommerce applications, Instagram allows marketers to publish their products directly on the platform along with the pricing.

4. Understand Instagram Dos and Don'ts

Instagram helps you clearly understand the platform, like how to post and how many times to post and how to know your audience, and which hashtags to use. By following these rules, you have a chance to earn money on Instagram. According to the research of Coschedule, two posts per day will get more engagement rate. Making eye catchy content for your brands will drive more sales for your business.

Additionally, sprout social says, Instagram captions length should be between 138 to 150 characters. For Instagram ads, you can use 125 characters, and 5 to 10 hashtags give you a better result for your post.

5. Use Filters For Post

Creating posts with filters and effects is more important than making money on Instagram. Use effects to make attractive content for your brands to make money. Here are some best filters you can use to create effective posts which give money.

For fashion, you can use Nashville, kelvin, and valencia. If you are promoting products, then you can use Valencia, Helena, and Brooklyn. You can check picodash tools to see which post-GERD more engagement. By creating quality and unique content can help you to earn money from Instagram.

How To Make Money On Instagram

Instagram is a platform for promoting and selling products to your customers. If you want to earn money on Instagram, you should grow your followers, create a unique personality for your brand and engage with your audience. Here are the Eight proven ways to make money on Instagram.

1. Become An Influencer

Influencers are famous social media people or celebrities who recommend brands and services to the audience on their personal profiles. Instagram is a perfect place to grow influencer marketing with more B2C products. Basically, every product that creates good images that will win on Instagram. Instead of going for another influencer for your brand, you can be an influencer for your brand to reach more audiences and earn money.

Are you thinking about how to become an influencer?

Become An instagram Influencer

Growing your followers by 10k, sharing compelling images, and promoting your brands to the right people helps you become an influencer. As an Instagram influencer, you may have two options to present your brands in front of a huge audience, and they are affiliate marketing and sponsorship.

2. Promote Affiliate Links

Affiliate links on Instagram are always trackable links or promo codes. You could affiliate for your brands, and also, you can become an affiliate for other brands. It will help you to receive a commission on what you sell on Instagram. 

Are you wondering what the difference is between affiliates and influencers?.

The influencers on Instagram are only trying to increase your brand reach and awareness. Unlike influencers, affiliates are always very focused on links that are clicked by users and make sales. Because affiliates get a commission when a user clicks and makes a purchase on a specific product. Also, you can be an affiliate for your brand and earn more money through that.

3. Use Instagram Stories And Igtv To Make Money

Instagram stories have become a huge part of the Instagram marketing strategy, and they continue to grow in the competitive world. Since stories appear for a limited time, it gets highly engaged with brands and people. You can add links to your stories to drive traffic to your website and generate more sales.

IGTV offers a great way for brands to create longer videos than typical videos on Instagram. Regular users on Instagram can upload 10 minutes on IGTV, and verified users can post up to 1-hour videos.

If you create effectively and behind the scene videos to engage your audience, you will get the chance to boost likes on your IGTV videos. Also, you can share a one-minute IGTV video preview on their feeds to improve your discoverability.

4. Open An E-commerce Store

Instagram is a great way to advertise your brands and services, and even butter offers more tools to make sales directly on Instagram. Many influencers are earring $200,000 per year on Instagram. If you want to get more money on Instagram, follow these steps to create your online business store.

Step 1: convert your personal account to a business account:

To sell all your products on Instagram, you need to switch to a business profile.

Step 2: Create your brand or product catalogue:

If you want to characterize your products in your post, you need to fetch them from your store catalogue.

Step 3: Get your business account approved:

Instagram reviews your account, and once it is approved for shopping, you can start selling your products and services.

5. Sell Digital And Physical Products

Instagram is a visual medium. That is the reason why beautiful brands and posts get more sales. You can sell anything on Instagram in a creative way, but in each post, add a link to your target page and encourage the user to click a link. This is one of the effective ways to make money on Instagram.

Sell Digital And Physical Products on instagram

You can sell any products that are made by you or buy from various marketers. By setting up your Instagram shop, you can directly sell your products to your customers. Also, you can use drop shipping. It is a business method you can use to run your Instagram shop without any holiday.

6. Show Your Freelancer Service

Freelancer offers a lot of possibilities and flexibility to work with various companies at the same time. If you are a freelancer, you have the freedom to do your business and earn more money on Instagram. To attract your potential customers, showcase your work and share attractive photos.

Instagram is a wonderful platform for people and markets to promote their brand in the field. Showing your freelancer service to your customers helps you to connect with your audience and generate more sales for your business.

7. Grow Your Brand To Make Money

Growing your brand on every social media will increase your brand awareness and improve your sales. Similar to influencers and freelancers, growing your brand on Instagram is very simple. Instagram is a place for online marketing. Choosing this platform to grow your brand will give great results.

Look at your competitor and audience and see which type of hashtags they are searching and you can create similar ones to grow your brand reach.

8. Ideas For Earning Money On Instagram

Here are some tips you can use to earn money on Instagram.

  • Analyze your competitors: You can use social media monitoring to stay top in your industry and among yourself in your field. Analyze your competitors and see what is happening on the platform.
  • Respond to your audience inquiries: According to the result of Twitter, 71% of people expect customer service support within 1 hour. To respond quickly to your customers' inquiries and will improve your business more and more.
  • Use Instagram tools: In Instagram, there are many tools available you can use those tools to save your time while running your business.


Being creative with your Instagram account, you can sell your products by posting photos, videos, and live stories. You can start your business on Instagram to reach more audiences and get more money on this platform in 2021.

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