The 10 Biggest Trends of TikTok You Need to Know

TikTok trends you need to know to improve your social media marketing in 2021? Here are 10 of the hottest TikTok trends to expect in 2021.

TikTok has taken the world by storm in 2022. Everything on this platform has drastically increased; its user base has turned 800 million, and its daily active users are 20.33 million. This shows millions of people love to spend their luxury time on TikTok. 

Hence, TikTok has come up with some effective and exciting trends. Especially, it allows the users to offer a variety of content that resonates with the audience.

Though this platform was launched in 2016, and within a short period of time, it has gained more popularity in front of millions of people. Without any doubt, you can say it attracted the hearts of millions of people. 

The 10 Biggest Trends of TikTok You Need to Know in 2021

TikTok is not only a favourite app for the younger generation; it has slowly attracted people from all age groups. 

Do you know? TikTok is downloaded almost 2.6 million times.

This platform gives more goldmine opportunities for brands and marketers to grow their businesses creatively and effectively.

TikTok Trends 2021: What Are The Most Popular?

In this article, you will see a few exciting trends and content ideas that marketers need to follow on TikTok.

Let's get started,

1. People Love To Engage With Memes

Actually, memes are part of modern culture on social media. It is easy to understand, funny, hilarious, and most digestible content. Memes have a high potential to influence people to engage and interact with the content. Believe it or not, if you use relevant memes in your content, you will probably get more shares and reach than normal videos. The hashtags #memes were used almost 34.4 million times till now, it's no doubt that memes will be trendy in 2021. TikTok meme compilations have been found on the internet, even platforms like Instagram, Facebook.

Memes are really a triumph card for marketers and brands to promote their business funnily and engagingly. Usually, it will bring bags of reach and engagement for your content. In this way, you can gain more exposure to your brand or products.

Are you looking for ways to engage in TikTok? Memes will be a perfect choice.

2. Modify Your User-Generated Content

I think you all know the power of user-generated content, so harness the effect of it. TikTok has enormous ways to make this type of content still more interesting and lively, called remixing. 

Do you know? Most of the people are actually loving it.

On TikTok, brands started to craft tailoring user-generated content with existing templates, format or implementing your own creativity to express your audience's view or thought. This style of modifying or remixing user-generated content is getting popular on TikTok.

TikTok has plenty of in-build features and editing tools, which are really useful and effective to frame your content as per your wish. Moreover, it's exciting and entertaining too.

TikTok report shows that the mentioning of remixing linked to this platform is rapidly increased. Due to this pandemic situation, almost everyone is locked in their home. So, they want to spend their time engagingly and creatively, here comes remixing.

3. Top Stars & Celebrities On TikTok

Currently, on TikTok, you could spot lots of stars, celebrities from all industries. Their size is rapidly increasing.

Not from particular industries, from singers to cinema stars, politicians, some big names have also entered TikTok. These people have noticed or realized the power of its growth and popularity that's why they want to use this stage for their career. Most of the celebrities step into TikTok to connect and engage with their young fans.


Especially budding stars spend more time on their TikTok profile, get massive exposure in their industry and subsequently, get an increase in followers count and a lot of attention from the audience. Despite all these things, they need to post engaging videos to become popular on TikTok. 

When you post a single video that is more attractive, people are more likely to watch the other videos you have posted. This is simple but gain TikTok views on all posts with less effort and time. As a result, your business will reach millions of people across the globe. Business people can use this opportunity to make any promotional content or product launch.

4. Launching New Soundtrack Or Songs On TikTok

One of the expected and brand-new trends on TikTok is promoting new music. This platform has come up with new mind-blowing features called "stitch," which allows the audience to use content from other TikTokers. Choosing clips from 5 to 10 seconds, and people can incorporate these video chucks into their own content.

These brand-new features will encourage many sorts of collaboration with TikTok content creators. Many of the experts said that this feature is completely new for them and never seen before on social media.

Soon, it will go one step forward by getting many new artists, particularly musicians, singers. They will step to TikTok to promote or advertise their music and events.

It is one of the biggest trends in TikTok, which provides plenty of opportunities for businesses to hold new audiences and make them engaged in a new way.

5. Unique Space For Brands

TikTok provides real and genuine content, which makes itself a pride one. Even experts from marketers have said that originality and authenticity are the only way to do your business or account successfully on TikTok. In fact, people also expect the same from your account.

That's why videos like "behind the scenes" are high-performing content for brands. Behind-the-scenes content usually provides a real look, how the brand is about, its personality, the process, and the employees behind it. This will give you an effortless way, unfiltered and direct view of your brand's identity.

The research study shows that such kinds of videos attract the eyes of the younger generation. So, yeah, uploading raw, original, spontaneous content is one of the TikTok trends.

6. TikTok - Modernized TV

Of course, TikTok is not similar to traditional Tv, but youngsters like to watch on this platform like a Tv. Actually, Tv will upload already pre-planned scheduled content at a scheduled time. TikTok is slightly matched with Tv, by offering consistent and new content.

Most people use hashtags to find particular topics or videos to watch them. So, people know how to discover newly published content that is tagged under particular hashtags. Actually, it works the same on Tv; also, the audience will watch the same channel, same time of all week to watch every new episode.

Episodic content, that is, videos series, is getting trending on TikTok. Brands hook these opportunities to give more details the information in-depth for their business. Sure, people will visit back to you to know what next. Sure, your content is thrilling and engaging to bring the people for every new content.

7. More Video Ads Are possible.

Video content has become more popular and powerful in the digital world, particularly on social media. Have a look at the statistical data about video content,

In 2019, the users spent nearly seven hours a week watching videos online. The latest reports show that businesses started producing engaging videos the percentage has increased from 61 to 85 from 2016 to 2020.

TikTok has initiated "TikTok for Business," so video advertising will most likely be one of the trends in 2021.

TikTok for Business

On top of that, TikTok comes up with many brand-new ad types for brands and businesses to advertise their products. On the other hand, TikTok launches e-learning centres to provide tips, resources that will integrate with video ads. 

Remember, everything you want to achieve on TikTok is through video marketing. If you want quick and effective results, you must try the video ads trend on TikTok.

8. Branded hashtag Challenges Are Quite Famous.

If you are a regular user, sure you will know about hashtag challenges on TikTok. Hashtag challenge is a modern culture of the TikTok platform. Also, it's popular right now.

Hashtag challenge involves asking audiences to do a particular task and record themselves while doing it, and post the recorded video on their TikTok account with specific hashtags. In recent days, hashtag challenges provide easy ways to go viral on TikTok and marketers can participate in challenges as a part of promoting their brands on TikTok and explore new business opportunities.

Universal Pictures has itself launched a hashtag challenge on TikTok. Their branded hashtags, #foryoumusic for their film. As a result, you will get 1.3 million likes,1900 participants, and 11000 new followers.

9. Spot More Influencers & Brands On TikTok

Currently, lots of brands and influencers have emerged on TikTok. If you suddenly think "influencers," sure your mind will go to Instagram and YouTube. But, the increase of influencer marketing in the past 2 years has been proved in social media, particularly on TikTok.

The research study shows that more than one-third of the influencers have used TikTok in their daily lives. Not only influencers but also brands, the business count is increased on TikTok. And nearly 35% of brands have collaborated with influencer marketing to run their TikTok marketing strategy.

10. More Video Tutorials on TikTok due to COVID-19

Prior to COVID-19, a significant amount of user downloading and spending too much time on TikTok. It was a rising trend that climbs in the pick. Moreover, the pandemic has accelerated this trend. Now more people are accessing and enjoying time on the TikTok app. People have had to find ways to fill their time while staying at home as a result of multiple lockdowns around the country. Many people filled this gap by viewing and making TikTok videos.

Because many people's schooling has been interrupted, we're likely to see even more "how-to" and video tutorials, though brief and to-the-point. Rather than ordering takeout, more people are trying to cook food in the kitchen, and many of them will make TikTok videos showing recipes and their culinary efforts.

Popular Content ideas for TikTok

Other than trends, you need to focus on different content ideas to be hit in 2021. Check out a variety of existing content ideas for your account.

A. Popular Content Categories

  • Vlog/daily happenings
  • Comedy skits
  • Video games
  • Outfits
  • Pets
  • Animation
  • Sports
  • Cooking

B. Content For Business Growth

  • Events & News
  • Photography
  • Education
  • Interviews
  • Campings


These are the expected trends that you can await on TikTok in the future. Along with trends, remember, consistency is important on TikTok to sustain and to achieve in this platform. I hope this article will assist you in getting more info about TikTok trends.
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