8 Skills to Earn Money If You're Unemployed Due to COVID

Unemployed During Covid19? Here 8 Skills You Can Learn in real ways Earn Money online from home. You will learn, how to make money during quarantine?
The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t really been easy on any of us. The lockdowns pretty much clobbered our social lives and did the same with our financial lives. 

The employment rate has been on the rise since the first lockdowns, and the Office of Budget Responsibility even believes that by the end of the year. over 2.2 million people would be unemployed for the coronavirus pandemic– which means 6.5% of the working population.

According to Congressional Research Service, for the Coronavirus pandemic, the unemployment rate reached an all-time peak of 14.8% in April 2020, the highest since data collection began in 1948, before falling to a still-high level in December (6.7 per cent).

With things being so uncertain at this point, we cannot say that the situation will change too much. Even with the vaccines going around, experts predict that the coronavirus pandemic can last two years. 

During that time, we still need to work – and the safest way to make income now is from the comfort of our own homes.

how to make money during quarantine as a 10 year old

How to Make Money during Quarantine?

Luckily, there are many ways through which we can make money online nowadays. As the flexible beings that we are, we adapt our skills to our needs – and here are some skills that you can learn to make some extra cash.

1. Graphic Design

If you are by nature a very creative person and like to consider yourself something of an artist, then you can turn that talent into money. Nowadays, everyone is looking for a graphic designer – whether it’s to create a logo for their brand or simply to make their website look pretty.

Sure, you must know how to work with programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign – and perhaps even learn some HTML&CCS if you plan on going for website design. 

Thankfully, there are many crash courses online that can help you learn the basics of it – with the rest coming as experience.

2. Virtual Assistance

In this day and age, more and more people are coming up with their own businesses – but while business brings profit, it’s also demanding. A regular small business boss may not have the time to handle all the technicalities such as data entry, social media management, bookkeeping, and so on – not if they want to focus on the actual services of the business.

This is where virtual assistants come in. They do the work of a secretary or executive assistant – but rather than doing it from the office, they do it from home. They are paid by the hour, and it often doesn’t take a ton of tech experience; you just need to be good at managing things for your employer.

3. Content Writing

If you are good with writing and have a way around words, then you may want to consider honing your copywriting skills. Besides working on the word part, you also have to go deeper into the content. You need to make content that Google will see.

In this case, if you already know how to write, you must learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The right techniques will make your articles go higher up the Google ranks – which also means that the customers will come straight back at you. With each piece of content, you will be making a lot of money.

4. Tutoring

Even if you didn’t teach for a living before COVID-19 struck, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it now. With many schools still working in an online manner, more and more people feel the need to make up for the fact that they are no longer getting any on-site studying. They hire online tutors so that they can get the extra edge.

This is why, if you already have a domain in which you are particularly good, you might want to hone your teaching skills. With so many people looking for extra help, you might not even need a degree to start teaching.

11 Ways to Earn Money If You're Unemployed Due to COVID

5. Digital Marketing

If there’s something that we know, it’s that not many companies can survive without proper marketing. Ads are everywhere, and for a good reason; a good ad can bring buyers, which will increase the company’s sales even more. Not to mention that a well-set marketing campaign can bring a lot of revenue.

This is why you may want to hone your skills as a digital marketer. Learn how to make a catchy ad and how to use it to your advantage. And all you need is some knowledge of data analytics, Google ads, and social media advertising (i.e., Instagram and Facebook).

6. Social Media Management

How often do you scroll your evenings away on Facebook, sharing memes and randomly commenting to strangers on Facebook just because a topic is of interest to you? 

Well, what would you say if you could take that habit of yours and turn it into something that makes money?

For a brand to survive and grow, it needs to have an active social media account – to grow awareness and to draw attention to the services. With that in mind, a busy entrepreneur doesn’t always have time to post and comment on Facebook – which is where you come in. All you have to do is handle the posts, engage the community and drive traffic to their website by using social media.

7. Foreign Currency Exchange Trading (FOREX)

Nowadays, more and more people are leaning towards FOREX trading in order to make some money. Sure, it will take some research first, learning the types of CFD assets, analyzing the numbers, creating speculations, and placing the orders. 

However, various online courses can teach you trading on a beginner level. Plus, there’s always the option of “shadowing” a pro first, before you soar off on your own.

8. Video Game Testing

Now, here’s another one that you may like, particularly if you are into video games. When you play a lot of video games, you already know what you should expect from a game – be it the story or the graphic effects. It’s hard work since you’ll have to provide a lot of feedback – but you will also be paid well for it.

The Bottom Line

With more and more people switching to “work from home” mode, it’s quite easy now to make money online. You just need to find what you are good at and put it to good use.
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