12 Best Data Entry Jobs to Earn From Home on Your Own Schedule

One of the best things about data entry jobs from home is the flexibility to work wherever you want. Here are the best online data entry jobs.
Most of the data entry organisations recognise that their job prospects are appropriate for even the least skilled online workforce. So these organizations can outsource their positions in online data entry to those persons who are ready to work for cash.

The freedom to work wherever you want is one of the great things about doing data entry jobs from home. 

You can work through the week or only opt for weekend work, and for single moms, students, or anybody trying to make extra income, these are perfect home-based jobs. 

Data entry is a form of clerical tasks that require the use of multiple processes for computer data entry such as typing and voice recording. In different sectors such as medical, banking, retail and logistics, data entry clerks operate. 

We describe the main characteristics of this profession in this article and teach you how to find jobs in the field. 

Top 12 companies that offer legitimate online data entry jobs to earn from Home on your own schedule. 

What is Data Entry? 

Data entry is a sector in which workers insert, validate and change electronic data. Many organizations need individuals to transcribe meetings documents, submit raw data to records and add sales statistics in electronic forms many times during a working day. 

12 Best Data Entry Jobs to Earn From Home on Your Own Schedule

The task of data entry includes handling electronic data and working instruments of various types used by experts to enter and modify data by a keyboard. Many jobs in the field including typography, coding, transcribing or word processing function. 

Advantages of Working in Data Entry Jobs 

There are many opportunities but key benefits of data entry jobs include: 

  • Simple access to work. Since certain forms of firms require data entry employees, workers will also find jobs quickly. 
  • There's not much experience you need. 
  • You don't have to have any experience in particular. 
  • Opportunities for self-employed contractors. As the virtual workplace of independent contractors is substantially easier to handle than in-house workers and many companies are outsourcing jobs. And the job prospects for freelancers in data entry continue to expand. 
  • Low barriers to entry. The cost and time involved in obtaining the expertise required for data entry are significantly smaller than for many other professions. 
  • You can pick how hard you work and choose how much you want to earn. 

Types of equipment required for Online Data Entry Jobs 

There is some equipment you'll need when it comes to online data entry or typing jobs. 

  • Personal desktop or laptop and high-speed connections to the internet. 
  • Numerical keyboard and Mouse. When doing data entry, you can enter a vast amount of numbers, so a number pad is a lifesaver, whether combined with your keyboard or as a stand-alone accessory. 
  • Comfortable workplace at home. For long stretches, you'll be seated at your computer, so your desk chair should be relaxed and convenient to operate on your desktop or laptop 
  • Access to required applications for data processing. From Microsoft Office suite to G Suite, it's a smart thing to have access to as many programs as possible, because you have the resources to fit every data entry role. 

12 Best Data Entry Jobs From Home 

You need to know everything about data entry jobs before start working on. You'll soon learn that many online jobs out there are not worth your time while looking for remote data entry jobs. By sticking with a reputable agency from the below list, you can avoid wasting your time. For those trying to make money online, below are some of the best entry-level data entry jobs online. 

1. Working Solutions 

For work-at-home data entry workers, Working Solutions employs independent contractors from both in the United States and internationally, contractors are employed. They pay every two weeks per project and invoice Operating Solutions. Call centre and editing positions are also provided by the agency. Based on $15 per hour you can earn $105 per day and approximately $420 per week. 

2. Scribie 

To work from home you can start transcribing audio and video recordings jobs, Scribie hires freelance typists to do these tasks. Generally, each file is six minutes or fewer and you have to transcribe it. Job is available on the Scribie website on a first-come basis; $10 per hour of transcribed audio is charged to individual contractors. All task is rated on a five-point scale, and to continue working as a transcriber, you need to maintain at a score of 2.75. 

3. AccuTran Global 

AccuTran Global employs mostly transcriptionists, rather than traditional data entry jobs. However, you can be hired by the organization even though you have little transcription expertise as long as you perform well on its application appraisal. AccuTran Global pays per term, often providing incentives for challenging tasks. Jobs are based in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. 

4. Amazon Mechanical Turk 

Amazon's crowdsourcing unit does not have conventional data entry jobs. Alternatively, the Amazon Mechanical Turk marketplace helps freelancers to do data entry work. Most of them are very small tasks. This work is mostly low-paying, but can typically be done without any prior experience. 

5. Capital Typing 

Capital Typing is a South Carolina-based consulting firm offering virtual office services. In addition to data entry jobs from home, the organization provides transcription, online customer care service, market research, translation and virtual assistant services. Home-based positions shall be hired by independent contractors. 

6. Microworkers 

Another microtask job board is Microworkers, as the name suggests. It offers a range of tasks, and some require data entry. On other microtask websites, some of the positions it provides pay more than similar jobs. For each task, the platform often gives you a percentage that shows how much the work of previous employees has been accepted by the job poster. You're paid for accepted jobs only, so that's helpful! When you meet a bonus mark of $10, payment for completed work goes straight to your PayPal account. Some employers provide scam tasks on the Microworker website, so be alert about that. 

7. Quicktate 

Quicktate employs contractors with transcription skills of voicemails in the first place, while staff may end up doing other audio content tasks. Generally, this is a work-at-home transcribers job. These Jobs are paying $0.0025 per word to contractors and $0.01 for 4 words. Most of the transcriber tasks are including 

  • To-Do Lists 
  • Legal Notes 
  • Field Notes 
  • General Reports 
  • Medical Reports 
  • Veterinary Reports 
  • Letters and Memos 
  • Insurance Matters 
  • Voicemail Messages 
  • Filling out Forms (API) 
  • Authors-Writers-Novelists. 

8. SigTrack 

To handle voter registrations and petition signatures, SigTrack crowdsources data entry staff. After your registration is accepted, training is given. Payment is calibrated for precision on a per-piece basis and made by PayPal. Independent contractors require no previous experience and must have documentation of legal residence in the United States. 

9. Axion Data Services 

Axion Data Entry Services employs private contractors for long-term jobs, which ensures that they do not always see a massive turnover. You would need to be enrolled with the organization and submit details about your past data entry experience to be eligible for a role. Axion is searching for staff with 2-3 years of data entry experience and a typing speed of 50 words per minute. The contractors shall be paid on a per-piece basis. 

10. Lionbridge 

The Smart Crowd is part of Lionbridge, which offers a range of available micro-tasks to registered workers, many of which require data entry. When you want and as much as you want, you can work. Pay scales differ and are sold as competitive and in accordance with the efficiency. You can register for free on the Lionbridge website. You are assessed by the company and then paired with assignments that suit your ability. Once a month, payment is given. 

11. Clickworker 

Clickworker is a crowdsourcing marketplace that links registered employees to assignments in data entry, writing, research project and translation. These tasks are typically micro-jobs, and compensation is normally less than a dollar per task. To sign up with Clickworker, you must perform the evaluation of your skills. Jobs can be completed anytime at any moment. 

12. Appen 

Appen is better known for its assessor roles in the search engine, but it also provides a number of microtask roles that could include data entry or data processing. The most task is short-term and project-based. There may not be a lot of pay, but it's a touch of extra discretionary money. 

Wrapping up 

Not every data entry job at entry-level pay good, so you want to ensure that you pick the right lucrative jobs with your schedule and competences. 

Often, the amount of money you earn depends on how fast you complete the task. Many virtual data entry workers are paid per job rather than by the hour, on a contractor or freelance basis. 

Getting a high income will be challenging with data entry. To address this issue, take the following advice: 

  1. Browse the job descriptions to identify the geographical area and jobs that pay the highest rates for data entry. Limit your career hunt to these fields and employers. 
  2. Using part-time data analysis jobs to improve your earnings instead of depending on data entry work as your primary source of income.
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