Amazon Mechanical Turk to Make Money While Doing Simple Online Tasks

Amazon Mechanical Turk for Making Money While you Do Simple Online Tasks. Tips for Making Money with Amazon Mechanical Turk.
Do you want to earn extra cash online by doing simple tasks then you can work with Amazon Mechanical Turk. 

This is very simple to find work at Amazon Mechanical Turk and earn money from home. Amazon Mechanical Turk is a marketplace where you can find a wide variety of human intelligence tasks to do. Most of their tasks are short in nature where you need short time to complete. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk to Make Money While Doing Simple Online Tasks
Amazon Mechanical Turk to Make Money While Doing Simple Online Tasks

There are thousands of tasks available, so you can work in your convenient time.

What is Amazon Mechanical Turk?

This is a service from Amazon where you can get access to thousands of human intelligence tasks available to complete. Just you have to sign up there as a worker and start earning money for doing short tasks. 

However small tasks are very simple and you can earn extra money from your home. Even you don’t need any previous experience to work with them. 

Currently over 500,000 Turkers are working for Amazon Mechanical Turk from 190 countries. You can visit below URL to know more about them. 

What types of tasks you have to do at Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Because of small tasks you have to do task in shortest period of time. And it won’t take much time to do. There are thousands of tasks available on Amazon Mechanical Turk but some common work you may find there to do, like-
  • Data Entry Job
  • Search engine evaluation
  • Writing Work
  • Identifying a specific color in a photo or video
  • Product categorization
  • Researching data details
  • Transcribing audio recordings
Among those you will find varieties of tasks which are really pretty simple. But People who need small tasks done requiring human and not computer intelligence. You will find some jobs are very interesting and some are boring.

How to Find Work on Amazon Mechanical Turk?

For finding tasks as worker on the Amazon Mechanical Turk you have to register first by visiting below  URL-
and after completing registration process you will get approval from the requester. And to find the work search or browse through Human Intelligence Tasks (HIT) and select the one that you find interesting. 

After accepting the task you can start work on it. After completing the work just submit the work to requester.

Requester will take note of your task quality and they can reject your work that isn’t up to their standards. So you should done job carefully and don’t compromise with quality otherwise your quality score will decrease. Finally if requester approves your work then you will get paid.

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How much does Amazon Mechanical Turk pay?

This is absolutely true that you will earn small amount for each task. Because of small tasks payment will be small. But the payment is totally depends of task size. Shorter tasks tend to pay the least while the tougher tasks with more involvement pay the most. 

But on average most of the people can make $4 - $7 per hour doing anything on this site, and on average my rate of pay is probably usually closer to $3 or $4 per hour.

Suppose, if you do product categorization task in Amazon Mechanical Turk, you might get only one or two cents for each product you categorize. If the volume of task is large then you should do your task fast to make more money.

How and when do you get paid with Amazon Mechanical Turk?

After getting approval of your submitted task from requester on the Amazon Mechanical Turk your payment will be deposited in your Amazon Mechanical Turk account. And for payout you have two options-
  1. Bank Account Transfer
  2. Gift Card
Payment is depending on your location. But there has some small provision to get payment that you must have been active on Amazon Mechanical Turk for 10 days from starting days. You will be count as new worker until account balance is transfer to your account.

US worker can transfer earnings to their Amazon payments account as well as into an Amazon gift card.  But outside of USA worker can receive direct deposit into their Bank account in their local currencies.

Final Verdict

Amazon Mechanical Turk is not for living job, but you can earn some extra money. Hidden truth is their payment pattern is seriously low; even you may get paid below average rate.

Another significant problem is that sometimes some dishonest 
requester will reject your work without a clarification even you did everything right. As a result you don’t get paid for those works.

Apart from this everything is OK and you can make extra money from your home. For finding legit requester you can read Turk Nation forum where worker share about requester information that are they good or dishonest.
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