How to Make Money from “Gengo” as a Translator and Work from Home?

How to Make Money from “Gengo” as a Translator and Work from Home?

When you start work online then you may not find any good guideline specific guideline to do a suitable job. There are many paths where we can go through for making money online. One of the good sources of online income is online translation job. This is really a big industry but most of us don’t know how to make a full income working from home from translation industry.

If you have good knowledge about multiple languages or you have love about foreign language then you can become a translator and work from home for earning money.  This job is not required any higher degree on language. There are many multinational also working as an online translator even they didn’t think about this job before. You can make some cash by doing translation job from “Gengo” beside of your current job.

What is Gengo?

“Gengo” is a Tokyo based translation business organization founded in 2008 but now they have office around the world. The word Gengo derives from Japanese word. Gengo provides online translation service where people get translate service from various translator from around the world. In their network over 10,000 translators currently working and all of them are working from Home.

How to become eligible for Gengo as a Translator?

In Gengo you have to do usually small jobs which mean you don’t have to translate a lot of words at once. But their work deadline is very short. So you have to work quickly. If you want to work from home for Gengo then you have to register with their website first. But you have to pass through their language skill test to become eligible for Gengo as a translator.

Step #1: You can simply go through below URL and go through their signup process.
Step #2: After completing the signing up process you will need to complete the “Gengo Test”, this is for testing your translation capability and your test will review by a Senior Translator.

gengo test for become a translator

After passing on “Gengo Test” you will able to begin translation jobs right away.

Brief Concept of “Gengo Test”.

You might become nervous about the test but this is not so tough for you if you have good knowledge about foreign language. I am sharing a brief about “Gengo Style Guide”.
  • You have to give test on Gengo through online and it uses concept of Major and Minor errors. So it will count your each minor and major error while they check your answers.
  • You can apply for Standard Translator but this is bit tough for you until you have good command in foreign language. Under Standard Translator test you make only 3 minor mistakes. But if you have any technical difficulties during test then you should raise a support ticker to redo the test.
  • Test result will be process within 7 days after submission. However you can give test 3 times to pass the test.
So this is brief concept about Gengo test. Wish you best of luck for the test. After passing the test you can star work right away.

how gengo works?

How to Get Paid from Gengo?

Gengo will make payment for translator job twice in a month. And you can receive payment from PayPal.

For better earnings you should become a Standard translator to Pro translator and for this test you have to go through a pro test in Gengo. Their minimum payment for translator job is $0.03 per word, so more words means more income, but if you can become a Pro translator then you can earn more.

Final Verdict

Gengo has great reputation in online translation industry. There are more than 10,000 translators working worldwide and numbers of contributors are increasing day by day. If you are looking for a good job from your home which can be done in your leisure time then translation job in Gengo Is ideal for you. 

How to Make Money from “Gengo” as a Translator and Work from Home?
How to Make Money from “Gengo” as a Translator and Work from Home?
Much translator state that, “Gengo”s payment is very poor but for earning more money you should become a pro translator, otherwise you won’t able to earn much. However senior translators are benefited from Gengo from a monthly allowance.


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