5 Tips to Improve Traffic and ROI Growth For Your Nonprofit

SEO for nonprofits is an easy and effective way to get website traffic. 5 Proven Ways to Grow Website Traffic and Increase Your ROI.
You may have the most attractive and engaging website out there, but it might as well be trashy if it’s not getting any traffic. I hope you are with me on this. And for people to find your website, you’re going to need to fight tooth and nail.

Yes, it’s a daunting task, but the returns you’ll see will be to your liking. Driving more traffic is significant, but what’s even more important is taking a proactive approach to elevate your organization’s reach.

5 Tips to Improve Traffic and ROI Growth For Your Nonprofit

You need to build trust. Be clear on your organization’s objectives and answer this question: 

“Why should I join your nonprofit organization?” 

Word of mouth combined with your marketing efforts will do the rest of the work.

“How do I get more traffic and ROI growth for my nonprofit?” 

Worry not. 

This article will cover things you need to do to improve your nonprofit site’s ROI and traffic. Read on!

4 Best Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Nonprofit Website

Before we dive into the tips to drive traffic to your nonprofit, I’ve assumed that you have a website and that it’s immaculate. 

So, if you don’t already have a website up and running, consider building your site using a professional tool or hiring nonprofit web design experts.

4 Best Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Nonprofit Website

Anything less than professional is a signal to your potential audience that you aren’t properly serving your organization’s cause.

Those who might’ve shared your dedication and purpose will be put-off just by the appearance of your site. Try to keep it clean. And check out and incorporate the below tips to drive traffic to your nonprofit:

1. (Good) Content Is Everything

This goes without saying. Content is everything, and all the effort you put in to improve traffic on your site will be in vain without consistent quality content. Make sure your content speaks to how your nonprofit is addressing those issues in society relating to your cause.

Create content as per your audience’s or rather your supporters’ interests. Write to them. Ensure you tick all the white-hat SEO rules. If your content appeals to your site’s regular visitors, it is bound to drive more people to the site, thanks to social shares.

Identify the posts that attract the most readers by using free webmaster tools like Google Analytics. Engage with them in the comments section and discussion platforms and come to understand your audience better. Identify their motivations and needs as these will serve as inputs to creating high-quality content on your site.

2. Establish Domain Authority

The outcome of creating quality content that serves your organization’s cause and participating in discussions within the community is establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. But don’t restrict yourself just to improving your content. A nonprofit organization without fieldwork is like a soccer stadium without a field.

Conduct events across your organization’s operational locations and engage with as many people as possible. Keep your supporters informed through event banners (online for current supporters and offline for potential future supporters), social media postings, and other marketing strategies. This brings us to our third tip for driving more traffic.

3. Make Your Social Media Presence Felt

The best platform from which to gain the most engagement is social media. You can drive maximum traffic to your site using this medium. Add social share buttons on your website for easy sharing.

But why does social media marketing have such vast potential? Well, when you publish content on your site, and then your audience chooses to share it on their social media accounts, you’ve reached your readers and their followers too. The reach of your content through social media marketing can be exponential!

Go the extra mile after creating content. Create an infographic or just a plain Facebook or Instagram poster for the content and post it across your social accounts. 

Don’t shy away from reposting your posts as it’s unlikely that your posts would reach all your audience all the time. There’s an overwhelming amount of social content out there.

4. Guest Post On Niche Websites

Guest blogging is a definite and sure-shot way of driving traffic to a website and expanding reach. It is a content marketing and SEO technique in which you can write content for another website in the same niche to promote your organization.

To start with, you need to pitch to the most popular blogs in your niche. Start by building a healthy relationship with the high-authority sites by commenting on their pages and linking their articles on your site.

Once you get the conversation started, chip in with an email containing your guest post template for their site without forgetting to link back to your website. Complete the process and upon publishing, their users will become your new audience, and here you go - increased traffic to your site.

A Quick Tip to Improve the ROI Growth of Your Nonprofit Website

ROI or Return On Investment measures the profit or loss against an investment. However, monetary benefits aren’t the only ROI components to consider. Higher productivity, new supporters, organization’s reach, and impact on society are a few of the non-monetary returns on investment.

A Quick Tip to Improve the ROI Growth of Your Nonprofit Website

In a way, all the above methods can help your ROI. However, the following are some quick tips to help you skyrocket your ROI growth. Keep reading!

Expand the pool of potential investors

Tom Ralser, a former finance professor at the Colorado Mesa University, believes that nonprofits have an opportunity to expand their donor pool by looking at the “funders as investors with a justified expectation of a demonstrable return on their investment.”

Ralser developed the Organizational Value Proposition (OVP) concept, which is an ROI equivalent for nonprofits. It describes the fundraising cost versus dollars raised. To attract potential funders to your organization, make sure you can answer these questions:

  • What does your organization offer?
  • Is the idea sustainable?
  • Is the presented budget transparent?

Are You Ready for More Traffic and ROI?

Summarizing it for you, 

building a user-friendly website is key to driving traffic to your website. A website with high-quality content and user engagement clubbed with social media marketing and guest blogging will attract more traffic and take your website to new heights of achievement. 

Expanding the pool of potential investors is a good method to improve the ROI growth of your nonprofit website. I hope this guide helped you in your endeavours. Cheers!
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