25 Creative Ways To Earn $100 Every Day Online

Need ideas for how to make money fast? Here is a list of 25 easy ways to quickly earn money.
Earning $100 per day may look like too much, but it’s not. Technology and digitalization have opened a lot of ways to generate good money without requiring your physical presence.

Here in this blog, 

we will be taking you through 25 online methods with which you generate over $100 revenue. 

25 Creative Ways To Earn $100 Every Day Online

However we will be honest, you won’t be able to get the amount quickly, it requires some hard work and being consistent and gradually you will find yourself generating high revenue on a daily basis.

1. Monetize your Twitch channel

If you have good gaming skills, you can broadcast you came on Twitch to earn money from your home. 

Monetize your Twitch channel

Twitch is an online platform for gamers where they discuss games and broadcast gaming. A potential broadcaster when its partner or affiliate status can receive donations for viewers and also get a share invaluable subscriptions.

You need to be patient here as it will take you a while to reach Twitch affiliate or partner status, you can only earn the benefits when you hit these milestones.

2. Scan your Receipts

Tracking receipts were never this interesting as you can now earn money from that. Yes, you heard it right, applications like Ibotta or Checkout provide cashback to users on their shopping receipts.

Tracking receipts were never this interesting as you can now earn money from that.

You can scan anything and everything like grocery, gas station, bar outings, restaurants, bars, sprees and more. These applications can also come in handy for various shopping ventures.

3. Start a YouTube Channel

With vlogs and influencing social media trends, YouTube has opened the window of opportunity for millions of people around the world. People earn money on the basis of skills, talent and target their business to the whole world. The value of the Youtube business lies in the freedom of information, expression, and belonging.

Start a YouTube Channel
The best thing about Youtube is you can literally create videos for anything approved by the law. It is a massive search engine which people use for their daily searches. YouTube is not a medium to instantly earn cash, you start with zero subscribers and views, but being consistent with creativity and hard work pays off in the long run. The more views and shares your video gets the more money you will make.

4. Become a Transcriptionist

The role of a transcriptionist involves creating written versions of audio, video recording, meetings as well as important or legal conversations.

Become a Transcriptionist

Although the task seems fairly easy it requires a lot of focus and accuracy. If paying attention to the details is one of your expertise, then these would be part-time or full-time jobs for you. A good transcriptionist can earn up to $2 per hour.

5. Freelance Writing

Do you have good writing skills? 

Then why not use it as a business opportunity, content writing is one of the most demanding online jobs out there.

Freelance Writing

At first, you may not get a big amount but if you remain active with the work it can bring you big exposure and substantial earnings. There are many freelance writers out there who are earning six figures annually with their skills. Having experience in writing content for big websites can be highly beneficial getting you plenty of freelance work and money.

6. Try online Proofreading

Are you someone who can’t stand out for a grammar mistake in a sentence? Then proofreading is an amazing job option for you to do in your part-time. You can work from the comfort of your home picking any preferable time.

Try online Proofreading

All you need is a laptop and the right resources. You can find plenty of proofreading jobs on professional sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, Careerbuilder and more. You can also take a quick course on proofreading from learning sites or by reading blogs.

7. Coaching

If you excel in a subject or any specific field online tutoring is an excellent way to earn money. With the use of Technologies becoming adamant about excessively using online sources to educate themselves. Also, the pandemic has exponentially increased the demand for online classes and coaching.

online tutoring is an excellent way to earn money

It is very convenient to find online teaching jobs. In fact, schools, colleges, and many online educational sources are always looking to hire a good instructor. The pay of an online instructor depends upon their niche, for instance as per statistics per hour income of executive coaches is around $325, for business coaches, it is around $235 whereas life coaches make around $160 per hour.

8. Sell your old stuff on eBay or Amazon

Are you someone who often ends up buying unnecessary stuff? It’s time to use your shopaholic habits for goods. Websites like eBay, OfferUp, Cartlay, GlowRoad, Amazon are a few of the options for reselling.

Sell your old stuff on eBay or Amazon

However eBay has remained the most popular reselling site for a long time now, it is also one of the largest global online marketplaces with over 1.3 billion product listings on any day.

Over 182 million people choose eBay to buy products across the world. A lot of people are earning a good amount by buying and reselling products. The mantra is very simple: buy low and sell high.

9. Become an Instagram Influencer

Influencer marketing is flourishing with the increasing demand for social media and digitalization. Instagram is a mainstream channel for online marketers. Hence companies are spending more money on Instagram influencers than ever.

Become an Instagram Influencer

People who have large followers lists and are dedicatedly active on the medium can earn a considerable amount of money from brands. You can directly connect with the brand or choose to apply or leverage marketing platforms like Open influence or Fame Bit to establish your connection.

10. Sell Your Photography

If you have good photography skills you can earn extra money from it. There are several websites that allow photographers to upload their pictures and use them as T-shirt prints, phone cases and more. Some of the popular websites which allow you to earn with your photography skill include Fe Art America, SmugMug and protostellar.

Sell Your Photography

Although most of such sites are available for free, you will also find a few websites with paid subscriptions. However, choosing paid plans will get you a plethora of features including cloud storage, password protection, customized websites and more.

11. Become a Blogger

Blogging is one of the easy options to earn good money on online platforms. 

Become a Blogger

However, you have to be consistent and hold patience to reach the $100 per day target. A little bit of creativity, hard work and patience will get you great exposure if you do it in the long run.

12. Sell Digital Products

Digital products are all over the internet these days. The best thing about selling these products online is you don’t have to take the pain of physical delivery, the product is to be delivered on the prospect's computer or other digital devices.

Sell Digital Products

Digital products are wide terms which include numerous things like e-books, hot-to-guides, meal plans, routines, managements, checklists, tutorials, automated tools, pdf and more.

13. Google Adsense

Most of the blogs generate their basic income through Google Adsense. It is pretty simple to use, you just have to sign up for the program and google will start providing you with ad codes.

Google Adsense

The best part about using AdSense is, you can earn a few dollars even if your views are limited to a hundred per month. However, the fact is you will not get paid until you generate a minimum of $100 revenue, which is not a hard target to achieve. Be patient, as soon as you start receiving your view in thousands you will start earning $100.

14. Text Links

Second to Adsense text, links are excellent sources of income for blogs. Text linking means to mention the link of another website in your article, blog or website. It is something that connects blogs and websites together, It’s all over the internet.

Text Links

There are several companies and businesses that pay $100 for text linking for linking their articles. However, do not consider this strategy in the long run because Google doesn't do it much. If you add too many links you may end up penalizing your traffic.

15. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are a type of native ads. Similar to all native ads, sponsored content is curated to match the environment they are published in. 

Sponsored Posts

Here a third party pays for a blog that features a link to their website or content. The party may also request you to write an article based on their site and add a link to their site.

16. Sponsored Social Shares

Sponsored social shares are just like sponsored blogs. The blogger or someone with a good online presence is paid by the company to post their content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or more. If you are one of them you can earn good money with sponsored shares.

Sponsored Social Shares

The content can include anything i.e a photo, video or blog post hosted on a brand site or social channel. The influencers talk about the product with their audience or provide commentary. It is one form of influencer marketing that gives brands additional distribution and awareness around brand content.

17. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means rearing a product or service on your website. The product selling company will pay you every time they get a sale referral from your site.

Affiliate Marketing

For blogging Affiliate marketing is a crowning achievement, but it is only of value when you achieve remarkable traffic on your website, which in most cases ranges between 30,000-40,000 page views in one month. However, once you reach the traffic target your reverence will flow at a high pace.

18. Getting New Clients for Your Business

Do you have a business-oriented website? 

Getting New Clients for Your Business

If yes it can generate you good income. Even a blog is an excellent source of gaining new clients or potential consumers for your business. It is a medium that shows your brand excellences and expertise with which you get high paying clients for your product or services.

19. Become a Social Media Manager for Small Businesses

Social media has surpassed the title of the communication platform, along with socializing it is also a very crucial marketplace for business. However, not every business has sufficient time to invest in social media campaigns.

Become a Social Media Manager for Small Businesses

So if you have good experience in handling social media business accounts and have enough knowledge to run campaigns there are plenty of small businesses looking for a social media manager. The role involves: setting campaigns, publishing the company’s news releases, sharing detailed description about their products-services and more.

20. Start a Facebook Ads Business

With 3 billion active users around the world, Facebook is the most used social media around the world. 

Start a Facebook Ads Business

This makes it a major advertising medium. If you know how to run a Facebook ad campaign, you can start being a Facebook Ad campaign manager and generate good revenue from it.

21. Become a Virtual Assistant

You don't necessarily need technical expertise to earn money online. For instance, you can earn money by being a virtual assistant for individuals or for small businesses that can not afford dedicated employees.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are independent contractors whose roles can include several services like customer care, bookkeeping, correspondence, marketing, graphic design, web skills and more.

Once you acquire enough knowledge skills in your field you start to have more clients and eventually be able to generate an income of $100 per day.

22. Become an Online Video Editor

Are you good with video editing, but don’t see yourself making professional videos? 

If yes, 

You put your skills to the right use and earn money from this. Youtube blogging is a huge deal now and there are a lot of individuals you are looking for assistance with video editing, and you can provide your services to such individuals.

Become an Online Video Editor

Such freelancing jobs are found in abundance in sites like Freelancer, Upwork, PeoplePerHour and more. The role is to make the video appealing by adjusting technical factors of videos like sounds, enhancement, graphics, sound effects, eliminating noise and other distractions etc.

23. Buy and Sell Websites

Earning money from buying and selling websites is similar to share markets. The difference here is instead of sharing your buy and sell websites. There are two ways to buy and sell websites.

Buy and Sell Websites

The first is to purchase an active website that generates passive advertising revenue, for instance, buy a site for $1500 that generates revenue of $150 per month. The second is to purchase a website low and work on it to generate more traffic and revenue, you can later sell it at a high profitable price.

24. Write and Sell a Book or eBook

Digital book or e-book is one of the examples of digital products we talked about earlier in the article. However, ebooks can be a source of passive income. Your eBook can be regarding any topic and niche and you sell it as an online course. Also, you can have the benefit of affiliation.

Write and Sell a Book or eBook

Once you have built your e-books, you will receive orders and generate revenue from the websites that are promoting your books. The money is transferred to your accounts. The process can continue for years, you don’t have to do anything else.

25. Selling Leads

Selling leads through niche websites is also an effective way to generate some extra cash. For instance, if you create a website for solar channels, solar companies will give you money when they receive sales through your websites.

We can easily generate revenue of $30 to $100 per lead. 

However, creating a website just to simplify for leads is not the right strategy, instead, focus on creating an authoritative website with a specific niche or topic, you can then make it large, add sell leads as a core business component.


All the 25 sources mentioned in the article can be excellent sources of income, all it requires is your focus and patience. If in case you don’t enjoy doing the role, you don’t have to drag yourself, instead choose another role. If you have already tried one of these or have something more interesting, feel free to share it with us, here.

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