10 Ways to Make Fast Money by Playing Video Games Online

What is better than playing video games? Getting paid to do it! In this guide, we will teach you to 10 Real Money Earning Games to Get Paid.
What could be funnier than playing a video game? Would you like to know about how to make fast money by playing video games!!

Do you know that by playing video games, you can make money? 

Yeah, making money online is more exciting now than ever. 

You can earn rewards while playing mobile games. The more games you play, the more points you earn and convert it into money! 

If you enjoy video gaming and have experience of playing and competing for online games, you should start playing and being paid to do what you want to do. 

Playing is an incredibly enjoyable prior-time, and transforming it into full-time earnings is the absolute hope of many people. Surprisingly for everyone, this is not just possible — video games will make you something more than typical employment. 

10 Ways to Make Fast Money by Playing Video Games Online

To get paid, you don't have to purchase a PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, or some other game console on the market. A computer or laptop, the internet and any gaming knowledge and experience are all you need. 

Many people make six, seven, and even eight figures to play games on a routine basis. 

Would you still want to learn how? Here are ten ways to make money by playing video games that actually work. 

1. Gameloot

Earn a lot of money without spending and by playing games on Gameloot. You get a lot of mobile games in this, begin with trivia to an action-packed game. Participate and win a cash sum at competitions. 

The market for mobile gaming is vast, but it still makes sense as to why a network marketing firm would try to drive this market forward. 


Game Loot Network is one such company that is trying to do this, and the organization had a pre-launch form back in May 2015. 

This would appear that the company is based out of Arizona in the United States by digging into the LinkedIn profile of Game Loot Network. 

2. Mistplay

The Mistplay app is accessible from the Google Play Store via Android devices. Once you play, you can win coupons that you redeem with Amazon and iTunes gift cards and video game retailers like Nintendo and Xbox. 

The Mistplay app is accessible from the Google Play Store via Android devices

If you're able to play games on your smartphone, it could be a nice way to make extra money. It could take a while to earn the points you need to redeem the award you want. Points can vary based on the dealer. So the number of points required to redeem a $20 gift card with one retailer could be less than the number of points needed to redeem relatively similar reward with another retailer. 

3. Second Life

Second Life is a widely known online virtual reality simulator that allows users to build avatars that communicate with other people, locations, and things like they would in actual life. 

Second Life is a widely known online virtual reality simulator

It provides its very own digital currency the Linden Dollar, which can transform into real money. Users can earn money on Second Life by hunting or contesting, selling items or material to other users, or getting a job. You're going to be received payment by PayPal as well as Skrill. 

4. World Winner 

You can participate in different gaming competitions and win cash from World Winner, a web and app-based gaming site. You're going to make a deposit, select a tournament, compete and wait for the final result to redeem your winnings. The available game contests include Spades, Super Plinko, and popular game Angry Birds. 

World Winner, a web and app-based gaming site.

The basic entry fee is $0.25, and the site lets you train for free before you sign up for a tournament. You may only use PayPal or a bank card to pay for the transaction. When you pay off your winnings, they're added over the same card. World Winner also gives a $10 Bonus Bucks credit when you submit a WELCOME promo code and make the first deposit. 

5. HQ Trivia 

HQ is a primer trivia game, not entirely different from Jeopardy TV shows! Or "who wants to be a millionaire", but excluding the crowd in the studio and trying to respond in the form of a question. 

While it's had some trouble over the last few years, HQ Trivia re-launched in March 2020 for iOS users who love trivia to play real cash games. 

HQ is a primer trivia game

Every day at 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., the host talks through a series of 12 multiple-choice questions about a variety of topics. Get all 12 correct answers, and you're going to win a share of the bonus pot on that day; on New Year's Eve, HQ gave away $18,000. Having a single question incorrect, and you're out of luck. 

In iOS, you may need to update the software to your iPhone, iPad, as well as other Apple devices to use it and build an account. You will log in each day at a particular time, usually about 9:00 p.m. EST, to be part of the online quiz and word game competitions. A cash reward is won every night by the winner. 

6. GamerSaloon 

You can explore different styles of online gaming competitions with GamerSaloon, available as an app or website, with everything from Halo to Call of Duty to NBA2K20 and Madden NFL 20. You play independently or in squads, and you can enter or build your own current tournaments. 

online gaming competitions with GamerSaloon

You'll need to build a user account and make an initial payment to get started. This would be the money you're going to use as the entry fee for the competitions. Then you should look at the ones you want to join. You'll see the entry fee, what gaming device you need, and the launch date for each tournament page. 

All of the competitions have a cash reward, and you can receive your winnings through PayPal or maybe even a physical check. 

7. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is a platform for casual players to make big bucks by playing games. Such games are easy to play, and they typically have a great time, and it's easy to register. 

Swagbucks is a platform for casual players to make big bucks

Swagbucks pays users to do various activities, like playing sports. The platform provides a variety of jobs, such as viewing videos, shopping, looking for products, watching videos, and playing games. For starters, you can start engaging in the regularly featured deals for different games and win some Swagbucks until you gain some experience and start earning extra. 

8. Game Show Network 

Word game, casino, card, strategy, puzzles, and other forms of fun games that cater to online gamers are available on Game Show Network online gaming site. 

Game Show Network

The nice thing is that before going into a tournament, you are invited to try out a game first. This offers you an incentive before trying to play it out with other players to feel and grasp the game. Additionally, due to your talent, you get paired. This provides you with a better possibility of winning the matches. 

9. Wealthwords 

Are you fond of playing brain games such as trivia, scrabble, and perhaps word games? 

Well then, if you are smart enough, you can hook up with this money-making game as it gives you real prizes. 

Undoubtedly, Wealthwords online crossword game is the best game to play today and wins real money on the internet. Deliberately trying to make this style of playing more distinct from others? This game is available online, with the notable exception of the ancient crosswords which were accessible in paperback. 

Wealthwords online crossword game

Toss the skills to use when you play this game of quick money. The game can be played at any time by anybody over the age of 18. Anytime accessibility provided to the game, makes it more popular with players who are given the chance to win up to $3000. 

10. Bingo4Money 

At Bingo4Money, no free bingo, it's just for all of the money gamblers. But, at Bingo for Money, there are plenty of excellent bingo rewards. Choose the bonus you want for bingo and go and get it straight away. 

This awesome game gives you additional cash and a progressive jackpot for playing Bingo games. About 300 games are available, so you can pick according to your choice. The great thing is, once you sign up, you get $25. 


All you need to do to grab $50 no deposit bonus is to click on the logo of BingoforMoney and you can go to the web directly. After you register, you need to send an e-mail to the Support Desk to have $50 to play free online bingo games and check out their games before you make your initial payment. The terms and conditions shall apply. 

Wrapping up 

If you're an addicted gamer, earning money off video gaming is worth try. There are real money-generating games for those who want to be across the crowd or play championship type. 

Do you have to think rather of how to make money by playing games? After all, you must have discovered that there have been countless games that help you win extra money. Break the illusion that you're going to get a full-time income from this. And playing online games is a perfect way to have a side hustle for something simple and enjoyable. 

Inspect the game-winning money and share your reviews with us. 

Enjoy the game and win. 
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