Get Paid $100+ to Freelance Writing jobs from 15 Sites

While you will find plenty of sites out there for High Paying Jobs offering paid freelance jobs, you may or may not end up getting high-paying gigs.
According to Upwork, Freelancers have projected they will become the U.S. majority of employees within a decade and about 50 per cent of millennial employees are now freelancing. 

A freelancer has many advantages – you can perform from wherever you want, you make your own rules, you don't have to care over unnecessary workplace policies, you have less hassle and spend even more with your friends and family. 

If any task paid up to $100 for freelance jobs online, what might your salary look like? We have listed 15 freelance writing job sites, which pay writers who are out there a lot or more. 

And It's serious. 

20 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (As a Beginner)

Invoicely has collected the data from different sources regarding the high paying medium of freelancing work. 
  • Web design and development can earn $5,000+ month 
  • Content marketing/writing make over $5,000 per month 
  • Graphic design can earn a maximum of $85 per hour 
  • Copywriters can earn up to $250 per hour 
  • Video editors are making $72,000 to $122,000 per year 
  • Social media managers are earning $31,000 to $74,000 per year 
  • Trade, property and privacy law can earn over $115 per month 
  • Network analysis earning $200 per hour 
  • Data processing jobs bringing $100 per hour 
  • Algorithm development freelancer can earn $100 per hour 
  • Natural language processing worker also making $100 per hour 
  • Cloud computing freelancer earning $125 per hour 

This means it has a higher potential to make huge money. 

Most freelance writers earn approximately $0.17 a word, or almost 50% of the above-mentioned average. It is incredibly successful for the Top 10 per cent of writers, earning more than 4 times the average salary of $.30 per word. 
How Much Do Freelance Writers Actually Make? [INTERACTIVE]
Source: Venngage

But on Craiglist or low-rate content mills are making few pennies per term, or worse. To make higher income why don’t you discover them? 

Even there are a significant number of career boards offering possibly the best-paying writing jobs turn out to have only jobs that pay enough to fulfil your partial need per project. 

1. Focus on The Family 

In FocusOnTheFamily site you will get plenty of jobs. For 1,200 to 1,500 words articles about marriage and family life, ways of helping children grow faith, and interviews with celebrities, this Christian-focused platform pays $300 to $375. 

2. Transitions Abroad 

The Transitionsabroad is a travel site that offers the opportunity of paid article submissions. For articles (800 to 2,000 words) about travel tips, insights, and adventures, they pay up to $150 to assist and encourage everyone to explore the world. Do you have a travel-related idea for a story? Transitions Abroad are looking for papers about working, living, volunteering, and learning abroad. 

3. Great Escape Publishing 

Well here's a travel website GreatEscapePublishing which really pays $100 to $150 for people who make money as a freelance writer for travel stories, photography, or tour operator for interviews and personal stories. You can write How-to posts on being paid to pay up to $ 200 for travel. 

4. Vibrant Life 

VibrantLife is all about lifestyle magazine. This site pays $100 to $300 for articles and they accept up to 1,000 words article about physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual balance from a practical and Christian perspective. 

5. Business Michelle Pippin 

BMichellEpippin is a Business expert site. Mr Michelle Pippin publishes guest posts on topics like time management, marketing, and entrepreneurship with a higher payment up to $150. But You must have a solid grasp on the English language as well as first-hand experience about the business topic. 

6. BestPickist 

This is a blog was about cooking food and recipes but now they are promoting the Kitchen Appliance Buying Guides. The BestPickist platform publishes articles, how-tos, interviews with experts, tips on eating, and even fitness guides. You can make approximately $75 by completing Some tasks. And the ultimate Food and Recipe Subject Guides can make $120 to $160. You can apply as a paid writer or pitch your guest post. 

7. Dollar Stretcher 

This is a website for reducing expenses which have been around for almost 20 years. Gary Foreman is the founder and publisher, states they're still searching for fresh ideas about how to save money and time. TheDollarStretcher pay is 0.10 dollars per published word. Before submitting content, research on more papers on the web. After acceptance of your publication, they will send ou the payment by check or via PayPal. 

8. Escapist Magazine 

Articles of Escapist Magazine should be well-researched, possibly the best-written, and very well edited. Op-eds must have a specific opinion on a particular aspect of a game, film, or tv program, and interviews that say interesting details about the sector should be included in the features. This website is devoted to covering the video game industry and for articles, they pay up to $250. Video games, movies, board games, science, and technology are the main topics for writing. 

9. Freelance Mom 

You have to write the latest practical and actionable advice, tips and must be explained in-depth industry knowledge. And at the end of the article, you need to include 20 to a 30-minute action plan. FreelanceMom site for writing 1,500-word blog posts about entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and the structures, instruments, and processes to be a good freelancer, this website pays $75 to $100. And the payment method is PayPal. 

10. Healthy Living 

The HealthyLivingMagazine website for 1500-word exclusive and original posts on fitness, anti-ageing, appearance, lifestyle, parenting, recipes, this platform offers $150. The general submission form can be used and you can receive a response around six days. 

11. Get Fly Wheel 

If you would like to write about WordPress the then GetFlywheel is the ideal one. This website pays up to $150 for design-related topics and step-by-step guides. If you are interested then you can check our their current posts about the issue you're involved in before applying your pitch to make sure you don't have the same stuff written already. Analyze there to ensure that the concept is special, addresses an issue, or provides firsthand knowledge. 

12. Make a Living Writing 

you can write freelance related content that aimed at helping authors step up and earn more. The makealivingwriting blog pays $75 to $150. Make sure to read the rules, review the format, and look at the kinds of blog posts that what they are searching for. The rate depends on the scope of the subject and the necessary study. 

13. Mom 

This website is ideal for women with motherhood experience. The mom website pays up to $100 to $125 for pregnancy, motherhood, education, family life, and other subjects related blog posts. But you must contact the editor first before starting the writing. After getting approval of your topic you can start writing. They accept unique, well researched and humorous contents that are written for moms. 

14. MoneyPantry 

They publish uncommon and interesting, but realistic, suggestions for gaining and saving more money. The MoneyPantry site mainly focuses on earning and saving money. You can earn up to $150 for writing 1,000 to 2,000-word blog posts. 

15. Income Diary 

This website covers search engine optimization related articles and pays $200 to $500. The incomediary is searching for posts on keyword research using tools as Ahref and SemRush, implementation of applications, and how apps can be optimized, integrated and improved. 

Move up and Earn More 

It's time for a change if you've been working for websites that pay less than $100 per job. A great place to begin this article. Once you have found a website for which you want to write, then Analyze their guidelines for submission. Learn their recent posts from the previously published blog articles. 

Find the chief editor's contact information and submit your pitch via email. Create an overview or make a query to the editor. 

Repeat, and you can step up and gain more in the correct direction. 

Even so, you will still be looking for a new boss without stable work and you will end up living a nomadic life, consider moving from task to task. 

Yes, you should go and find awesome freelance work there, but don't be frustrated. You should definitely try out above mentioned 15 popular sites for freelance writing jobs.
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