15 Simple Ways To Build Your Free Email List Right Now

Want to know how to build an email list? Check out these 15 easy ways to build your free email list right now. With these free list building tips, you will grow an email list with quality leads fast! Growing your email list is one of the MOST beneficial things you can do for your business. We have come up with 15 proven, actionable ways on how to build an email list easily. Read this article if you want more revenue from email.
As a business owner, it is given that you are always looking for new customers. Therefore, you must look for creative ways to capture their attention and get them into your store or site. 

You need someone to do more than browse through your website, but customers who can be loyal to your brand. Good thing you have plenty of tools and strategies to help you with that! 

15 Simple Ways To Build Your Free Email List Right Now

Email is the Most Effective Digital Marketing for Most Businesses

You have social media marketing with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can also boost your presence online using content marketing and SEO. However, emails remain the most effective digital marketing technique for most businesses. Email marketing is a low-cost, but a high-impact way to deliver your message and story to existing customers as well as prospects.

Your business can take advantage of numerous benefits that emails can offer, but only if you have a great email list. The email list is your contacts – your customers or subscribers, waiting to receive quality content on what you have to offer. The success of email marketing relies on your list, which is true given that your email list is yours and yours alone. 

A Dirty Email List Will Not Boost Your Email Marketing

Unlike Facebook, Twitter or YouTube where you may be locked out of your account, you can do anything you want with your contacts. For this reason, you cannot afford not to include email marketing in your campaign. 

It is a problem, however, if your email list lacks information, has lots of errors and redundancies, is short, or not on-track when it comes to targeting.

An email list with an inferior quality of data negatively impacts your marketing campaign. You need a healthy email list verified by an email verification service, or your efforts to boost your site will be for nothing.

15 Ways to Build Your Free Email List

If building a healthy, free email list is what you need, this article is for you. In here, you can find 15 of the most effective ways to reach out to your target audience.

1. Make a Landing Page

You can use your website itself to build your email list. You can start by creating a landing page. It is one of the most proven methods for creating your list, as it often has only one purpose for when you use it. In this case, you need to create a landing page to get your site visitors to sign up. Good thing a landing page is that it stands out on its own and can be used in specific ways.

You can use LeadPages to create awesome Landing page that helps to brand your page and easily attract visitors to signup.

When you use a landing page to build your list, you essentially mean that by providing their email address, your customers get something valuable in return.

Examples of those relevant returns include guides, e-books, videos, news articles, new products or services, or any other piece of content they cannot access most of the time.

2. Use Your Home Page

You probably do not realize it, but your home page itself provides an excellent way to get site visitors to sign up. The home page is one of your site’s most important pages with most visits. After all, it is your business’s storefront to the online world. It will be a shame not to take advantage of all those visits on your home page where all the action happens.

On that note, there are numerous ways you can use this page to get visitors to sign up. Most of them involve optimizing the opt-ins of your site. Here are some methods you can use your home page to build your email list:
  • Use a Home Page Signup Box to ask visitors their email address the moment they click to your site.
  • Get a Home Page Welcome Mat to turn your page into a list-building opportunity without redesigning it.
  • Put a Home Page Smart Bar that sits naturally at the top of the browser, none intrusive no matter where you visitor scrolls.

3. Utilize a Popup

If you do not know yet, a popup is a window that suddenly appears on your web page’s foreground. Popups can be a mid-screen popup or a full page. True, they can be annoying just like ads, but they do help in increasing your conversions. The key here is a great headline, a concise description, and an appropriate CTA in the end.

Here are some of the popups to use in building your email list:
  • Exit Intent Popup as your last effort to collect your visitor’s email address.
  • Timed Popup to set up a popup that will show on the right time that guarantees maximum impressions.
  • Percent Page Read Popup that appears at a specific section of your page.
  • Static Signup Form that scrolls with the visitor wherever they are on your page or post.
Each of these popups has its benefits and drawbacks, which you may want to consider. Think about which one of them can help maximize the list-building opportunity of your page or blog. With the right popup, you can efficiently build your free email list. At the same time, using an email verification service with popups helps to boost your email marketing.

4. Adding a Call-to-Action to Your Bio

Your bio also offers an excellent way to build your email list. Instead of using it to talk about things that are unrelated to your business, use it for a CTA. Put a call to action on your bio in blogs or any social media platform. Lace it with keywords and use the word ‘free’ which will surely capture the attention of your audience. 

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Another way to make use of a CTA to build a free email list is by pinning a tweet with it. Pinned tweets are the first tweets your audience sees when they visit your Twitter page. It is a significant page, which you can take advantage to create your list. Besides in Facebook bio and Twitter pinned tweet, you can also create a CTA post on Instagram for the same purpose. 

5. Offer a Discount or a Freebie for an Email Address

Yes, it counts as bribery. However, offering a discount or a freebie to collect your visitor’s email address is ethical bribery, not to mention it is quite useful. Give your visitor a coupon code or a discount in exchange for their email address to add to your list. You can do that by setting it so they are redirected where they can get a freebie or coupon code after entering their email add. 

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Let’s have a look on an example of Naked Winery. They are offering $5 discount if anyone signup in their email list.

6. Put an Email Field in the Checkout

Online stores with their eCommerce site have the advantage to build their list. At the checkout process, you can put an email field to ask the email addresses of your customers. With this, you can collect addresses to build your list while also taking advantage of a valuable marketing opportunity. Do this by integrating your email service provider with your cart to automate the process. 

7. By Pre-selling a Product

One excellent way to get the email addresses of your prospect customers is by pre-selling your product. Do not wait until you are ready to sell them. If you already have the idea, entice your customers even before you release them by pre-selling. With this, you can create a hype for your new product or service while collecting email addresses at the same time. 

8. Host an Event to Collect Email Addresses

Hosting an event, just a small one, can help to collect email addresses as well. It happens when you collect and manage the event’s registrations where they always ask for an email address. When a possible participant provides their email address to register, you can include it in your list. While you initially used it to communicate, the email addresses can be used again for marketing. 

9. Promote Your Store or Site Offline

You do not always need to go about collecting email addresses online. You can also build your email list by promoting your store offline. You can do that by putting up signs in the physical location of your business. Encourage them to sign up by telling them its benefits such as hearing the first news about your store, getting discounts, freebies, and more. 

10. Add Telemarketing to Your Strategy

If it is about asking email addresses from prospects, calling them can do the trick. It can be any call – sales call, customer support call, etc. At the end of it, you can ask the person to sign up for your newsletter. Give the person a brief statement about what benefits they can receive if they enroll, such as exclusive offers, free e-books, discounts, and more. 

11. Build Email List with Your Blog

Your blog is an excellent way to nurture a relationship with your prospects and existing customers. At the same time, it allows you to collect email addresses. The way to do it is by always ending your articles with a call to action. Make sure to encourage your readers to visit your site and sign up to receive email messages from you. 

12. Engage Customers through Social Media

Using email marketing does not mean you should forgo about using social media as well. In social media participating, you can reach out to both current and new customers. It allows you to make connections wherever you are. Use it to encourage your audience in visiting your channels where they can sign up for a newsletter and be part of your email list. 

13. Partner with a Matching Business

Think about a business that complements your store. For instance, yours may be a salon. Then, you may want to work with a hair care business to create a joint marketing email. Then, you can send the email on both of your lists. With that, you can reach out to their customers and they to yours. It is in any way an excellent method to reach out to more people. 

14. Create an Online Community

You can create an online community where your customers can interact with other customers as well as your brand. Besides developing a personal relationship with them, it is also an opportunity to add more email addresses to your list. You can do this by adding a signup form on the pages of the community for your newsletter. 

15. Offer Relevant, Contextual, Free Content

When you ask for a customer’s email address, it is mostly in exchange for something.

A straightforward way to ensure your email list will get better results is through high-quality content. 

Upon verification from an email verification service, make sure your subscribers receive relevant content with actionable advice. 

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For example BloggerSpice is offering Free email course if you signup and verify with your email address. 

If you want to build your free email list, you must make use of every opportunity. Online or offline, encourage people to sign up. Use the methods above or try to come up with ingenious ways to get them. Whatever you do, keep them interested by sending valuable content and relevant email messages regularly. 
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