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The Lazy Marketer’s Grow Email List with MailerLite. A Simple Email Marketing Software, Services and Newsletter for Small Business.

To become a successful Blogger there has no alternative to building a mailing list. Mailing list building helps to grow your Blog steadily. There are many bloggers using different newsletter list building services but not cleverly. Because before using any mail service you must consider the pricing plan. Due to a lack of proper knowledge, we are spending a lot of money on list building, but we can use many good newsletter services at a competitive price.

I know that as a Blogger you are trying to build your email list. And most of you spend much time and money on building an email list. There are many email newsletter services available, those who are providing outstanding service but if you are a savvy Blogger then your first choice would be a free plan service with premium-like services and features. For this reason, I am here to share with you a super affordable email marketing online tool, which is called MailerLite.

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What is MailerLite?

MailerLite is an extremely affordable and simple email marketing tool, and this is very generous for its users. MailerLite is a Lithuania based email marketing (Software, Services and Newsletter) company and they have emerged rapidly globally.

You may think there is another email newsletter service provider that is better than MailerLite but in real MailerLite is best. You should go with their name that “Lite”, trust me this is not light in features, rather MailerLite has the most amazing feature that every user would love to build their mailing list. Here, you can read more about Mailerlite and its performance.

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Features of MailerLite

The main feature of MailerLite is simplicity, at a very affordable cost. Even MailerLite provides a bunch of free services which will cost you money in other email marketing tools. There are some special features that made MailerLite stand out from the crowd.

1# Drag-and-drop Newsletter Editor: You will be astonished by viewing MailerLite simple and beautiful email newsletters editor. The best part of their newsletter editor is the drag-and-drop feature. However, you can work smoothly on their Newsletter editor.

2# Built-in photo editing: Do you need to crop, resize and edit photos for your news container section then don’t worry you can use MailerLite built-in tools. This will enable you to give a new shape to your images. You don’t need to use any other photo editing software to make your photos look good.

3# Subscriber Management: Another great feature of MailerLite is subscriber management. Are you using Feedburner or any other newsletter service? And now you are planning to switch to MailerLite? Then don’t worry you can easily import your all email subscriber into MailerLite instantly. Just you need to upload your subscriber’s CSV (Comma Separated Values) file to MailerLite and they will handle the rest - unsubscribe, bounces and more.

4# Track Newsletter Results: You might want to see your newsletter performance report because you care about your Blog subscription growth rate. MailerLite provides a complete tracking report, like how many subscribers opens your email, clicks, unsubscribe report, spam complaints, bounces, clicked on the email link or not (link activity), reading environment and much more.

5# A/B Split Testing:  Generally A/B split test is run to make a comparison between 2 email campaigns. You can send two slightly different emails from MailerLite, and they will send the best version of the email to your subscribers.

6# Webforms for your website: Newsletter subscription growth rate depends on signup forms design. You can create an eye-catching and simple subscription form to collect subscribers by using MailerLite Web form Builder. You can easily make them fit according to your brand and style.

7# Email Autoresponders: This is the most important part of any email marketing tool. However to avail of this service you have to spend a couple of extra dollars per month. But MailerLite provides Autoresponder service completely free of cost. You can create and schedule automated emails to deliver your content.  In addition, you can send welcome messages, birthday greetings, and other date-based campaigns to your subscribers.

8# RSS to Email: Most Blog uses RSS feed to publish their Blog feed and Blogger Platform users use Feedburner to deliver content directly into the subscriber email. MailerLite has RSS to Email feature which will help you to deliver your new Blog content automatically to your subscribers. MailerLite allows monthly unlimited emails to send to your subscriber.

9# Auto Resend: After sending an email under a campaign you may have seen subscribers didn’t open your email. In this case, you can set auto to resend feature that will increase your email open rate.  MailerLite does this job wisely, those recipients who didn’t open your first campaign or didn’t click any link will receive the email from the Auto resend feature.

10# Free newsletter templates: Most of the email newsletter service provider allows only a single default email template that you might not like. But MailerLite offers a range of pre-designed email templates to help you deliver the best looking content. Even you can customize the pre-designed email templates on MailerLite.

11# iPad Subscribe App: This is a handy app to collect new subscribers at your store, trade show, event or any other place. This feature was introduced for mass people where they might like to join your subscriber list.

12# Mobile-Friendly: You may don’t have time to sit in front of your Desktop or Laptop. But you love to use your mobile phone to check your Blogging staff. Don’t worry MailerLite is compatible with all Smart devices. So you can manage your newsletter from your Smartphone.

13#Affordable Cost: Certainly MailerLite is affordable for any Small Business. You can start Plan from $10/mo and the maximum plan price is $100/mo.  However, under the free Plan, you can collect 1000 subscribers with unlimited email.  

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14# Superior Customer Support: MailerLite provides 24/7 superior customer support via live chat, email and phone. Whatever your plan you will get a quick response from the MailerLite team. In the case of another email, newsletter services provide this is very hard to get responsive from them with a free account.

How to Get a Forever Free Plan from MailerLite?

You can easily register with MailerLite and after registration with MailerLite, you will get a free account. MailerLite’s free account allows the users to collect up to 1000 subscribers and you can send an unlimited email every month. And this plan is free forever without any restriction. Even you don’t have to add your credit card information. The signup process will take only 10 seconds.

Step #1: Visit and click the “SIGN UP FREE” button from the top.

Step #2:  Now write your Name, Email address and select a strong password, after that click the “CREATE MY ACCOUNT” button.  

That’s it you are ready to get a forever free plan from MailerLite. However, they will take a little time to approve your account. However, you can upgrade your free account to paid account anytime to avail of other features from MailerLite. 

How to Integrate MailerLite in your WordPress Site?

For WordPress platform user MailerLite provides Plugin to manage your newsletter service without extra effort. You can install the plugin from the MailerLite site. To download the MailerLite plugin (.zip file), for your WordPress site please visit the below URL.

After downloading the Plugin you can upload the Plugin .zip file in WordPress directly. But alternatively, you can search and Install the MailerLite WordPress plugins from the WordPress plugin directory.

Step #1: Log in to your “WordPress” Site and Go to Dashboard.

Step #2: From the left, sidebar Click on “Plugins”.

Step #3: And click “Add New” at the top of the “Add Plugins” page and search for “MailerLite plugin”.

Step #4: Simply click “Install Now” to install the plugin and activate it by clicking on the “Activate Plugin” URL.

If you face any trouble then please use an alternative method. Just download the plugin file and upload it to a WordPress site.

How to Integrate MailerLite in your Blogger Site?

In the case of Blogger Platform, you have to use MailerLite Webforms code. You can create and get Webforms code from the script by visiting the below URL.

After generating the MailerLite Webforms code snippet you can add it at the below/end of all Blog posts. Please follow the

Step #1: Log in to your Blogger account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step #2: Click on -> Theme -> Edit HTML

Step #3: Find this code <data:post.body/> or <div class='post-footer'>  
by Pressing Ctrl+F (Windows) or CMD+F (Mac)  

Step #4: Paste the webforms code snippet after/below <data:post.body/>
or <div class='post-footer'>  code.

Step #5: Now hit the "Save template" button.

How to Integrate MailerLite in your Facebook Page?

This is a great option to increase your newsletter subscriber from the Facebook fan page. MailerLite has 1 click option to integrate newsletter web forms into your Facebook fan page.

Step #1: Log in to your MailerLite” account and visit the below URL

Step #2: Now click the “Login with Facebook” button. And it will automatically add a tab on your Facebook page. You can give a different title on your MailerLite tab.

Step #3: You can add a separate webform by clicking on the “Add webform to facebook” button from the top.

I hope you have to clear idea about integrating the MailerLite newsletter service in your Blog and Facebook. And it will help you to increase your newsletter subscriber rapidly. 

However, MailerLite has some strong automated tools which will help you to keep in touch with your subscribers. Happy Blogging.

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