10 Secret Things You Should Know About Handling Fashion & Beauty Blog

How To Handle your Fashion & Beauty Blog With Ease Using These Tips. Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Fashion & Beauty Blog.
10 Secret Things You Should Know About Handling Fashion & Beauty Blog

Fashion & Beauty Blog is really stimulating and amusing Blogging niche. While you do Blog on Fashion & Beauty then you feel excitement because those are constantly changing. Many Blogger only love to run their Fashion & Beauty Blog to cope with modern world. To start and grow a Fashion & Beauty Blog you must be conscious about fashion world. What is latest trend in fashion? What is going on fashion industry? You must be proactive to maintain Fashion & Beauty Blog. Still it offers plenty of rewards to Blogger and you can gain many things from this blogging niche.

A Fashion & Beauty Blogger can earn decent income, rewards from fashion companies etc. many blogger customize their appearance and match hottest trend for seasons and become model of own Blog contents.

You will be surprise that creating a Fashion & Beauty Blog is not difficult for you. Rather maintaining is little bit tough, but if you have strong desire then you can tap into the amazing fashion world.

How To Create a Fashion & Beauty Blog?

You can easily create a Fashion & Beauty Blog. But you need to do proper plan for it. You must select a relevant name for your Blog.

Step #1: Get a Trendy and easily memorable Domain name.

Step #2: Select your Blogging Platform WordPress (BlueHostHosting Recommended) or Blogger. And Install WordPress.

Step #3: Buy or Design a pretty Design for your Fashion & Beauty Blog. It should be clean and responsive.

Step #4: Design a beautiful Logo for your site Branding.

After that start writing fashion related article. You can easily get a free domain from BlueHost with your hosting space. Another thing you should remember that match your theme/template color with logo color scheme.

10 Secret Things to Maintain and Grow Fashion & Beauty Blog

There are some secret things you should know to manage and grow your Fashion & Beauty Blog professionally. This guideline will help you to handle your Blog easily.

1. Choose a Niche for Fashion & Beauty Blog

Don’t thing the arena of Fashion & Beauty is narrow. This is a big chapter and you have to choose specific niche first. If you want to write about broad niche then this will be tough for you to cover. So start with a small niche. Choose either small brand or things or start writing about beauty product only. There is some small niche example, such as –
  • Makeup
  • Handbag
  • Dress
  • Shoes
  • Hats
  • Jewelry
  • Perfume
  • Beauty Product
Those are very small niche but you will get huge topic to work and write. Even if you want to write only on Jewelry then you can write over years. So first write topic on small niche and gradually grown your blog by covering broad niche.

2. Relevant High quality attractive Photos

Fashion & Beauty Blog is noting without photos. Whatever your writing quality, it’s all about photos to gain readers concentration. This is really tough to describe something that’s inherently visual. So always use high quality image on your Blog content rather spending time on articulate your writing.   

In addition, you should know the basics of a Good photo such as proper lighting, color combination, photo environment. Try to use original photograph taken by you, if not possible then use copy right free image but this is always very difficult to find relevant photo. You can use stock photo from free stock photo provider. As a savvy blogger you can make friendship with any photographer and learn photography. Alternatively you can take professional photography training.
  • Digital Photography School   | Visit- http://digital-photography-school.com/
  • Digital Photography Courses | Visit- http://digitalphotographycourses.co.za/
  • Going Digital                       | Visit- http://www.goingdigital.co.uk/
  • Udemy                                | Visit- https://www.udemy.com/easydslr-for-beginners/
In case of photography always prefer good lighting condition and fresh-looking photo, you will get a good photo in outside under natural light. For indoor photo select decent background that match your dress. You can edit and enhance your picture by using different photo editing tools like
  • PhotoShop
  • Pixelmator
  • iPhoto
  • Gimp
I am sure that those will help you to enhance your photo for your Fashion and Beauty Blog.

3. Be Consistence and Make your content reader centric

We know that regular post updating with quality content is good for steady Blog growth. Visitors always want to see new and fresh things in your Blog. So choose your niche carefully and be consistence with your topic and niche. Try to update your Blog 2-3 times a week with hot and trendy fashion news. I am sure your Blog will grow very soon.

After writing a post you must do a proof reading. Go through your writing again and make changes where required. If you just write posts about you then readers wouldn’t like to read your article. So try to avoid “Me, myself, I” rather use “you, we” this kinds of word. Because those words directed at the readers and they always want to read.

4.  Use the Power of Social Media to Boost up Exposure.

It will be very fool idea to depend only on your Blog. As a new Blog nobody knows about it and you must boost up your exposure. To increase exposures share your Blog content on popular social media. And make sure you are properly utilizing every avenue of social media. For fashion Blog ideal place is Pinterest, Bloglovin, Instagram etc.

On the other hand, you can join in fashion related different facebook group, where you can easily discover the likeminded people.  

Not only Blog content but also share something personal, for example you share your outfit of the day or make up from different angles.

You can share useful tips and advice on your YouTube channel and add your site URL on description part. You can request the viewers to visit your site for more details. It’s all about VLOG.

5. Join Fashion Communities for spreading your voice

Community is great place to expose your presents rapidly. You will find all types of people from all regions there. You can gain votes from community members and it will increase a positive impression towards you and your fashion Blog. There are some popular Fashion Blog communities you can go through - 
  • Chictopia  | Visit - http://www.chictopia.com/
  • Lookbook | Visit - http://lookbook.nu/

6. Attend a Fashion Show to create Good Content

Fashion show work best for writing news ideas. Even in Fashion show you will get all brand new fashion idea which might be missing on other Blog. So grab that chance to pick some good idea for creating good content for your Blog post. In addition if you are lucky enough then you can communicate with other fashion blogger like you. If you don’t have enough to say something then just share your experience about recent Fashion show attendance. Your Blog readers will love to read that.

how to manage Fashion & Beauty Blog

7. Join Forum To Stay update

If you want to communicate with trendy minded people then you must join with different Fashion forum. You will able to stay update with trendy fashion forum. There is some popular Forum where you can meet with other fashion Blogger. Such as  
  • Specktra     | Visit - http://www.specktra.net/
  • Styleforum | Visit - http://www.styleforum.net/
  • Hypebeast  | Visit - http://hypebeast.com/forums

8. Get Some Brands Partnership

Brand partnership is good indicator for your Blog, because this means you are doing great with your Fashion & Beauty Blog. But it requires higher credibility of readers, and your Blog cover the latest trends which is not available on other blogs. However this is the advance level of Fashion & Beauty Blog. To get a paid partnership will take time.

But don’t expect to go with big brand first. Instead of big brand try reaching out to local sellers. You can try on Etsy, this is a wonderful place for small business, and I think you can learn about the total process. First start development of your online presence and gradually work with popular brands, after a certain level start negotiate for prices.

9. Be Authentic to produce Quality Content

Remember that Fashion is a biggest niche and it’s just like a sea. If you want to stand alone over the crowed then you must be authentic to produce quality content. You must establish yourself as a unique brand. Just don’t read other fashion Blog and rewrite it with your own word. If you do so then your blog will never grow. Fashion conscious people always love to see new and fresh things so try to produce content that makes readers interesting.

10. Read! Read! Read!

When you are out of idea then you must read other fashion Blog. Otherwise you won’t cope with latest trend. But I won’t tell you to imitate other completely. As a new Blogger you can take basic idea about Fashion and Beauty Blog. And carefully watch them how they are maintaining their Blog to keep readers interested.

Suppose you want to write about a beauty product which is not available in your hand then, you can read about the product through online and able to write on the basis of user’s product review. So there has not any alternative of reading.

how to handle fashion and beauty Blog
Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Fashion & Beauty Blog
In conclusion, running a Fashion and Beauty Blog is not so difficult. At the beginning you can follow the trendy Blog to gather ideas but after building a good community you can board up your Blogging niche to bring fresh content for your Blog readers. Fashion is always changeable and what you are writing trendy today it will become stale tomorrow. So keep producing best content for your Blog readers. However success in Fashion and Beauty Blog won’t come overnight but be patient and work authentically, you will see once day your inner fashionista will shine.
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