3 Amazing Free Twitter Tools Help You To Send Automated Direct Message

Do you want to send an automated direct message to every new twitter follower? OMG! Three Best Free Twitter Tools for Automated Direct Messages Ever! I have got for you.
This is not a big deal to get over 100 followers in a day in your Twitter profile. But the question is how we can manage them? 

Somebody following you in your Twitter page and you should at least thank him/her for following. Otherwise new follower can unfollow anytime if they find you are inactive. But this is not possible to type 100 messages and reply them one by one. It also requires more time and effort. 

I think you don’t have that much patient for it. So the solution is to take help from automated service. From Twitter automated service you can at least send your new followers welcome message. It helps to strengthen the tie between you and your Twitter page follower. 

There is no doubt that twitter has millions of active members and if you are planning to apply your internet marketing strategy then twitter will be the winner. So we can optimize our Twitter page for increase social media exposure, website traffic and Business growth.

Automated Direct Message is a part of social media campaign and you can improve and update your activity by using this automated service, because you can connect with your followers while you are relaxing or enjoying your vacation.

best tools for direct message on twitter

If you are planning to use Automated Direct Message service in your Twitter account then you can go through the below 3 Amazing Free Twitter Tools that Help You to Send Automated Direct Message to your new followers.

1. Crowdfireapp

Crowdfireapp is an Indian based social media management Tool, this tool handy to manage your Twitter and Instagram followers. Recently this is one of the most popular tools to send automated direct message. You will find this tool very interesting. 

If you are looking to greet your new followers in Twitter then Crowdfireapp is superb in performance. It sends messages automatically when someone follows your twitter profile. However first you should write a human like message that sounds pretty cool.

However if you are sending same message to everyone just like Robot then your social media campaign won’t be success. From my point of view you should change the message after every 3 months. If you can’t use automated direct messaging correctly then this may cause negative impact to the relationship between you and your followers.
  • Visit: https://www.crowdfireapp.com/

2. UnFollowSpy

This is another great tool to manage your Twitter and Soundcloud. All of their services are 100% free to use. You can see who follows you and who unfollowed your twitter profile. 

However the best part of UnFollowSpy is custom automated direct messages sending. You can easily send to your all new twitter followers an automated direct message to say Hi or welcome them. 

This is very handy and effective tool for sending free automated direct message, but the interface is very simple. From my point of view this service is best for promoting your product and services.
  • Visit:  http://www.unfollowspy.com/

3. TweetManager

This is most effective tool to send free automated message to your new followers. However TweetManager contains many amazing features. You can send bulk message directly as well as you can reply them automatically. 

I have found this site very user friendly. TweetManager won’t apply any restriction to user their services, so you can send unlimited automatic direct messages.
  • Visit:  http://www.tweetmanager.com/

Guidelines for using Automated Direct Message

Many social media marketer don’t inspire to use automated direct message services, because many Twitter users treat direct message as SPAM, but still it is very helpful to grow your Twitter followers. If you follow some guidelines then it could be change your social media experience.
  • Never even try to sell or promote your Business Product to your followers.
  • Don’t add many URL on your message body because it will look like SPAMMY.
  • Don’t force new followers to “Sign Up” to your mailing list.
  • Don’t mislead your follower with wrong information.
  • Don’t add any affiliate link that generates income for you.
If you use Automated Direct Message for your own benefit then your followers may go away, even they can turn-off the relation with you.

How you are contacting with your Twitter followers, directly or by using automated messages? Let me know?
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