How to Make your First RSS to Email campaign with Mailerlite?

Learn how to set up a RSS newsletter for your blog through this MailerLite RSS tutorial. Send your subscribers an automatic email every time you post a new article on your blog.
How to Make your First RSS to Email campaign with Mailerlite?

Are your RSS campaigns good enough as you want them to be?

Perhaps you can't manage your RSS campaign properly. Or maybe you have many subscribers but due to lack of control over email delivery option you are losing lead. 

There are enormous Peoples are using FeedBurner to collect subscribers and delivering email. Undoubtedly FeedBurner is doing excelling job by delivering RSS through email. But Google Feedburner has less control on managing your email campaign. In addition, there are many hindrances to manage your email campaign through Google Feedburner service. Such as:
  • You can't customize your email body. 
  • User's don't know how many people's are reading their mail.
  • User's can't control subscriber lists.
  • User's can't organize the email delivery time.
  • User's can't add additional image or graphic in email. 
  • And many more...
So we should find an alternative source to run and maintain our email campaign. There are many newsletter services over the net but they will cost you more. Such as:
I have found MailerLite which is very flexible and people can use this newsletter service without spending a single penny and even you can use their all premium features under their free Plan. And you will able to send unlimited email every month from your RSS campaign. 

What is RSS? 

RSS means 'Rich Site Summary'. Mainly, RSS is a system that sends out an automatic update when new content published in our blog.

When a new content published in our Blog then RSS feed create a post summary. And generally this summary delivers through email to newsletter subscribers. As a result, your email subscriber can read your latest content from your mail box without visiting your Blog and Website.

Why to Use MailerLite?

Usually we use newsletter services to deliver RSS or general email to our email subscribers thus they can get an automatic email notification when there is a new article published in our blog. RSS feed for deliver our Blog content and we send general email for frequent communication with newsletter subscribers. 

To deliver RSS you can include either the whole article in the email, or just a short teaser (First 200 or 400 character of your article). So newsletter subscriber can read your Blog post from email or by reading short teaser they will feel interest to visit your Blog to read the whole content. But for delivering RSS campaign we must use a newsletter service. 

Most of the newsletter services have many restrictions but MailerLite made email newsletters super easy. Here are the few of reasons that I prefer it:
  • MailerLite is a prominent newsletter service that has emerged swiftly. 
  • MailerLite’s interface is very user friendly. 
  • They didn’t impose any restriction to use their premium features for their Free Plan subscribers. 
  • You can build Landing Page under Free Plan
  • Users can use Autoresponders free of cost. 
  • You will get 24/7 customer support even under Free Plan.
  • And many more…
You will get everything free of cost and I’m pretty sure you are going to love their service. 

How to Create a MailerLite Forever Free Account?

MailerLite is offering 2 types of Plan. According to your subscriber volume you can select appropriate one. 
  1. Forever Free Plan – Suitable for getting up to 1000 subscribers. 
  2. Small Business Plans – Suitable for 1,001 to 50,000 subscribers. 
And as a beginner my recommendation is “Forever Free Plan”. You will amazed by viewing their features under their Free Plan. The features are as follows-
  • Full access to all MalierLite features including automation and landing pages. 
  • You can build your email list with up to 1,000 subscribers.
  • You can send unlimited emails every month. 
  • User’s will get 24/7 quality customer support via live chat and email
  • If you wish you can upgrade from free plan to paid Plan anytime.
I know you are thinking, this is really crazy offer in free Plan. If you don’t have MailerLite account then register with mailerlite by following below steps:

Step #1: First click MailerLite to head over their site and click “SIGN UP” button from the top.

Step #2: Your MailerLite account will create under Forever Free plan. To go through registration process fill-up the blank fields by writing your Name, Email address and select a strong password. 

Step #3: Finally click “CREATE MY ACCOUNT” button to complete the registration with MilerLite newsletter service. 

That’s it! Now you are ready to go with MailerLite. You see, sign up process has taken less than 1 minute; even you don’t have to provide any credit card details to them. 

How to Make your First RSS to Email campaign with Mailerlite?

Once you have grabbed a MailerLite account, at this time we will create RSS to email campaign with it. This is really super easy to make a RSS campaign. Please follow the directions for setting up an RSS newsletter campaign in MailerLite. 

Step #1: Log in to your MailerLite account

Step #2: In the top column (the main navigation section of your dashboard) click Campaigns

Step #3: Click Create Campaign

Step #4: Under Choose campaign type Select “RSS Campaign”

Step #5: Now type your feed URL in “RSS feed URL” field. If you are using Google Feed Burner then it will look like below:
After that click “Look up”. If you have written your feed URL exactly then MailerLite will set the URL for the campaign. 

setup RSS Campaign In MailerLite
Setup RSS Campaign In MailerLite

Under “Subject” write any attractive headline, because this will display in your email receipt’s email subject field. If you can’t pick or write any attractive one then you should display your last article’s headline. This will make your email subject fresh forever. Because each time a subscriber will receive email s/he will see different subject line and you don’t have to write manually every time. For showing the last article’s title you have to use below line in Subject field:


Moreover you can add emoji in subject line. This will add extra spice in your email subject; visitors will feel interest to open your email for small emoji. 

Under Who is it from? Write your Name and email address. So your email subscriber will understand who has sent this email. 

Finally click NEXT: Review and confirm button from the bottom of the page. 

Step #6: In the next page select which days you would like to send your RSS campaign. You can send the email with your latest topic either every day or once in a week. If you publish article daily then you can send your RSS campaign daily basis. But if you update your Blog post twice or thrice in a week then you should send your RSS campaign once in a week. 

Select RSS campaign Delivery Time
Select RSS campaign Delivery Time

And in “Notifications” add your email address thus MailerLite can send you a notification after delivering your RSS campaign. 

Click NEXT: Content button from the bottom. 

Step #7: In this step you have to Select or create a custom email template for your RSS campaign. MailerLite has some premade template, just you have to select for your campaign. But if you want to make your own template then you can use their “Drag & drop Editor” to create unique one. 

Select Email Template for RSS campaing
Select Email Template for RSS campaign in MailerLite

After completing the necessary edit see the email preview and from preview screen select “Done Editing” button from the top.

 See the Email Preview in MailerLite
See the Email Preview in MailerLite
Step #8: Now you have to select an email recipient group, because for sending your RSS campaign to a specific recipient group this is necessary. If you have previously created any group where you build general email list then simply select the group. After selecting the RSS email recipient group click “NEXT: Review and confirm” button. 

If you don’t have any group then you can create a Group by click “Subscribers” tab from top menu and click “Add new group”. After that, write a name for your group e.g. weekly newsletter. 

Step #9: Finally you will automatically head over to the “Review and Confirm” page. Here you can see the whole RSS campaign setup. If you did anything wrong on RSS campaign setup then you can modify it from this page, after making necessary amendment of your RSS campaign setup click “Send test email” button to see the email preview. Instantly a test email will go in your registered email address. Check the email and see how it looks like. 

At the end click “NEXT: Send” button from the bottom of the page to confirm your newsletter.

RSS Campaign is ready for delivery
RSS Campaign is Now ready for delivery

Step #10: Here a simple option you can use, Put tick on “Use Google Analytics link tracking to track clicks form your campaign”. Through this option you can track the email open rate that how many people are opening and reading your email. 

Finally click “Send” button to Start RSS!

Your RSS campaign will deliver instantly if you have chosen daily email sending option. In case of weekly newsletter sending option your email will be in queue for delivery. 

That’s all about setting up your First RSS to Email campaign with Mailerlite. And through this campaign now you can see how many emails are delivering daily or weekly and how many recipients are opening your email? So this will help you to analyze your email campaign easily. 


Not any other newsletter service will allow you to send unlimited email to your subscription list but MailerLite made this feature available free of charge. Furthermore you can see and analyze your email open rate; this is a great feature that helps you to grow your email campaign gradually. 

create your RSS campaign in MailerLite newsletter service

Let me know what newsletter service are you using for your RSS campaign? And what makes them distinctive from MailerLite service? If you have any feedback or suggestions then feel free to write me. Thank you.
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