How to Design Website to Improve the Duration Per Session?

How Online Businesses Design Their Websites to Improve the Duration Per Session? Ever wonder how online casinos are grabbing so much attention and why they are super engaging? How Online Casinos are Winning with User Experience Optimizations?Optimizing the online casino UX for a successful customer retention strategy.

Usual Website visit term' can be explained as the usual time spent by visitors on your site, It can be also said like the total time spent on singular site pages. You can discover this figure in the Google Analytics record of your site or with some other online analytical tools.

If your website visitors spend less time on your website, then it can lead to a higher bounce rate, which means the visitors leave your site after landing on your web pages. If your webpage visitors spend a short duration, then there is a low chance to increase the conversion rate.

User experience (UX) begins when a visitor land on your website. If they see web design poorly executed, then they are not interested to stay on that website. From a statistic report,

 Over 70% of Users Leave Poorly Designed Websites after their First Visit.

Why Do You Need to Make Visitors Stay Longer? 

This is a good question why we should try to keep the visitors for a longer time on our site? The simple answer is

  • To increase the conversion rate. 
  • To decrease the bounce rate. 
  • To increase revenue. 
  • To increase the search ranking. 

However, this depends on the overall website design and content. Many writers write long articles to keep the visitors engaged for a longer time. This is a good idea to write details but often readers leave the website after seeing the article. Even readers leave those sites where the article contains very brief information.

How to Design Website to Improve the Duration Per Session?

And ultimately you will lose potential clients from your online business.

A Solid User Experience (UX) Strategy 

Many online businesses remain very concerned about their web design. Is their current design able to attract the customer or not? Many websites are trying to redesign their website to attract more clients. Especially online casino business sites must take special care to design their website. If your site is all about the casino, then you must take into account several things like 
  • The home page should declutter. 
  • There should include Sign up button 
  • Add different playing options that bring sales. 
  • Offer bonuses and other benefits to new customers. 

Online casino game is full of fun and it enhances the user experience. So if you give more bonuses like free spins then this will keep engaging them for a longer time and they will spend more. 

10 Quick & Easy Steps To Increase Session Duration on Your Website 

If your online business is fun and entertainment basis but with poor design, then you will not get your expected number of clients. So here we will share a few useful tips and techniques to engage the visitors on your website for a longer time.

1. Improve Web Design 

A website visitor takes a maximum of 5 seconds after landing on a webpage are they going to scroll through the whole website or not? 

Most of cases it happens if the website doesn’t have any user-friendly navigation system and design. So we should make our web design user-friendly. The ideal approach to do that is by tidying up your website's structure. 

2. Improve Readability 

This is another reason that web visitors leave the sites for readability problems. If you use too much small and too much large then they cannot read. Ultimately, they leave the website.

3. Add High-Quality Graphics 

An appropriate image can speak thousands of words. So adding an attractive image can attract the readers and engage them for a longer time. We can use images, vectors, and illustrations to increase the duration per session. If you use only text with no graphics, then readers will not feel interested to read your content.

4. Add Videos 

Videos are one of the best, intuitive, and drawing in a type of substance. Adding videos to your web pages can fulfil the visitor’s interest and will expand the time visitors spend on your site. Videos are more attractive than images. 

If you publish one article with video guidelines or tutorials, then readers will stay a longer time on your site. 

5. Internal Linking 

This is not only good for improving the duration per session but also will increase the SEO benefits to your website. 

When readers read the content and get relevant URLs of other content, then s/he may become interested to read more content. And this will increase the chances to read more content and readers will engage with your old content as well

6. Write Engaging Content 

Content is king and only precise and interesting content can increase readers' engagement with a website. Engaging content will be original, informative, actionable, clear and concise. 

We already mentioned that attractive graphics and videos can increase user engagement, so your engaging content must include images and videos. 

Besides this, you should update the old content with new information to keep interesting and engaging. 

7. Calls-To-Action 

Generally, the main objective of online business is to increase the conversion rate. After writing and publishing a good article, if you do not include any Call-to-action button, your all effort will become pointless. Because site visitors will be unable to visit your targeted destination. Ultimately, you will not be able to generate leads from your good and engaging article.

8. Increase Website Credibility 

Visitors prefer trusted and credible websites. But this is not easy to increase credibility overnight. This will take time to build loyal readers. However, if you can add the author bio with the author image and link the information with credible sources, then that article gets credibility easily. 

In the case of multiple-author websites, you can add social media site URLs within the author's bio. 

9. Review and Comments 

This is another factor that improves user engagement. If any products on business websites get more reviews and comments, then new visitors will feel interested to read that content. 

And based on rating new visitors can easily track the level of popularity of the products and services. 

10. Update old Content Regularly 

This is another strategy to increase user engagement with websites. Today’s latest new information will become old and backdated tomorrow. Your previous published content maybe becomes backdated today. So try to update your old content with new information. If any new visitors will visit your old content, then they will get the new information in your old articles. This can help you to increase user engagement with your web pages. 


The above 10 factors will help to improve the duration per session in your article. I hope now you got a clear idea about increasing user engagement with your business website. 

Whether you are running a casino or other online business sites the main thing is user experience (UX). To provide a better user experience, you must optimize your site. 

Let us know which idea is more useful and if you would like to add anything else share it in the comment section. 

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