Set Facebook Call to Action Button for WebSite Sign Up

Set Facebook Call to Action Button for WebSite Sign Up
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Facebook is always great for their unique features. They are time to time enriching their service by introducing various new product and services. Recently Facebook launch their new action service name call-to-action, where a Facebook page owner add a button for various purpose like event booking, Sign up, contact, ecommerce shopping, movie watching, Playing games , Using application etc. In addition there are another button which is not available for all page right now that is Donation feature to a charitable organization's Page. I hope in near future it will available for Blogger thus they can get donation to keep their Blog alive.

In this tutorial I will show you how we can set Facebook Call to Action Button for Blogger Sign Up. Because of various options of call to action feature of Facebook I have found Sign Up most important to track the visitors from fan page. There are not any specific tool that who are clicking on Facebook page to visit Blog page. So Sign up option will enable the page owner to track the visitors and able to know the information about traffic flow from Facebook page to website. So let's proceed to the tutorial-

Step 1 Go to and Log in to your Facebook Account 


Step 2 And Go to your Page’s cover photo and click Create Call-to-Action button.

sign up button

Step 3 Now under Choose a Button click on Drop down option to select your call to action. Though I will add Sign Up button for my Blog, for this reason I have selected that. You will find an optional field for adding Mobile Website. But this is not necessary, so leave it blank. And Click on Next Button.

IOS destination

Step 4 It will redirect to IOS destination section. It will help to choose where to send people when they tap the button on an iPhone or an iPad. From Drop down option select Website.


Step 5 It will redirect to Android destination section. From Drop down option select Website. And click on Create button. Now your Sign up button is ready to use.

sign up

Beside facebook cover you can see the This Week section where Sign Up button has appeared.  And you can check here to see how many times your call-to-action (CTA) button has been clicked in the last 7 days.

Hope this tutorial will help you to choose your desired call-to-action button. For any further help feel free to write me. 
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