How to Demote Sitelinks from Search Engine?

How to Demote Site link from Search Engine?

When you search any specific website then write the site’s domain name only and if the site has good position on Search engine then it will appear with site link. Especially on Google search engine will display blog or website site link in tree style. First web/blog site name with link will appear and after that in 2 column another 6 link will appear. Generally site link is for easy navigation from search engine towards website. And Google Blogger user will see your Blog is appearing with site link. But those site link you can’t set for the visitors. Because Google automatically generate the site link for the visitors on search engine.

Sometime we see some less important post link appeared on site link which is not interesting for readers. So in this case you can demote the link from Google webmaster tools. And after demote site link will automatically generate. But it requires time to replace older site link with new one.

You can see site links on Google Search engine and Bing search engine. Though search engine automatically generate the site link for this reason I have seen that Google is displaying unnecessary site links on search engine. But Bing has generated important site links for my blog. So I want to remove my Sitelinks that appeared in Google search engine.

bing search engine
Blogger Spice on Bing Search Engine

Google search engine
Blogger Spice on Google Search Engine

Step 1 Go to and Sign in to account

Step 2 Now you will see your Blog lists (in case of multiple site listed) click on your site where you wants to remove site links.

Step 3 Click the Under ->Search Appearance click on ->Sitelinks

Step 4 In the For this search result box, complete the URL for which you don't want a specific sitelink URL to appear. But for demoting a specific link leave this field empty.

demote link

Step 5 In the Demote this sitelink URL box, write the URL of the sitelink that you want to demote. You will get the sitelinks on search engine first and after that click on it to enter on post and get the link.


Step 6 Now simply click on DEMOTE button. Your demote link will be index below Demotion list.

Don’t think that after demoting the link instantly Google will remove from sitelinks on search engine. It will take times for changes to take effect. You can demote total 100 sitelinks. However after demoting a sitelink it will be effective upto 90 days. So after 90 days it you demote another sitelink then previous sitelinks maybe appear again. SO that’s all about the tutorial. I hope you will successfully demote the link. Happy Blogging!!! 
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