Stay on Track with these 6 Business Ideas in 2022

Here are six unique small business ideas you can consider in 2022. They are easy to start, don't require a lot of capital, and aren't time-consuming.

How about creating a new small business in 2022 that is unique and different? 

It's your lucky day because we've compiled a comprehensive list of 6 small business ideas you could try.

Regardless of the comfort and contentment, you get from your full-time job, getting a side business and becoming self-employed is quite rewarding and has great benefits. However, this is true if you find a worthwhile business idea and implement it.

The path of entrepreneurship requires great sacrifice and patience. But once you begin enjoying the lifestyle benefits that come with being your own boss, all the hard work you have put in becomes worth it.

6 Profitable Business Ideas You Should Start

You Need to Know These 6 Business Ideas If You Want To Make Money

Here are six home business ideas you can try in 2022 to begin your entrepreneurship journey and earn extra money.

1. Blogging

In this digital era, blogs have become significant sources of passive income. Thousands of bloggers are making crazy amounts just writing about their favourite topics. You can blog about personal finance, travel, home cooking, and lifestyle, to name a few.

Do you have a topic you are well-versed on? 

Try sharing that on your blog. But importantly, it has to be something that people want to know. There should be a ready audience if you're going to start making money.

You can also find clients from platforms like Upwork, who need blog posts written for their blogs. This is also a perfect business opportunity.

2. Instagram Marketing

Assuming you already have an Instagram account, you can start building a tribe. Once you become an influencer, many brands will approach you to market their products. Different brands mean multiple income streams.

Having a large following and some basic marketing skills allows you to charge as much or little as you want per post. This is a new business that requires minimal startup costs. You can also have branded t-shirts for those companies.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to selling other people's products on your website. Once someone purchases that product using your link, you get paid a commission. So, with every sale, you get paid. This is an excellent opportunity to generate passive income and is a great digital marketing tool.

All you need is a website in which you already have shared content because the content brings a targeted audience. Next, join the right affiliate program so that you can benefit. Some places like ShareASale and Clickbank are great affiliate tools and networks that can help you earn from your content.

4. Online Coaching

This is a viable idea if you already possess skills that others want to learn and is a perfect home-based type of business. For example, do you play the guitar? Begin classes. You can teach others something you are passionate about and eventually begin one-on-one consultations.

You can begin by recording videos on your phone and posting them across your social media profiles or creating your YouTube channel. Gradually, you form a tribe that considers you an authority in that area. Then, create a space for your community members, like a private Facebook group.

You can offer to coach school kids on different subjects or find another audience interested in your skills. For example, you could teach cooking, and martial arts, among many others. All you need is a hungry audience, and you can begin working.

However, it is essential to offer valuable free information to your audience to make them crave your paid content. Selling your know-how is a great way to start your own business.

5. Resell on Amazon

You can sell on Amazon, the largest eCommerce store, as long as you have products to sell. Reselling on Amazon requires you to be savvy in finding viable product opportunities. This business idea has the potential to grow into a lucrative business for such entrepreneurs.

The first step is to identify the products to sell, and then learn how to use SEO in crafting killer headlines to draw traffic to the product and make it visible on search engines. Dropshipping is gradually becoming a profitable business. You can also sell your products at other online stores, like eBay and Etsy. This is a good business you can do from home with the potential to earn a lot of money.

6. Start a Consulting Business

Most small local businesses and startups do not have large budgets to afford consultants and helping such businesses can be lucrative. Having the certifications and skills that such business owners require is a perfect business opportunity. In addition, if you have many years of experience within your industry, you can use your skills to help small business owners as a consultant during your free time.

If you are a marketer, business strategist, or skilled in bookkeeping, you can easily find local businesses looking for your skillset. As long as you have the solution, find someone with the problem, and they will gladly pay you for your help.

Once you find a potential client, find the HR on LinkedIn and send them a cold email convincing them to hire you. Also, enrol in a few online courses to improve your skills.


Besides these low-cost online business ideas, you can become a graphic designer, virtual assistant, app developer, personal trainer, or web developer. You can also try other business opportunities like childcare and daycare, cleaning services, real estate, event planning, dog walking or pet sitting, landscaping for homeowners, copywriting, proofreading, making soaps, or having a food truck.

As with any other great business, your side hustle will thrive into a successful business that is in high demand if you work hard and make smart moves. Also, ensure you do enough research to find a viable business idea and create a business plan for the business model you choose. You can use digital signage to display your plan so that you remain focused.

These are among the best small business ideas that you can do. But researching before settling on any will save you time and money.

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