Top 6 Small Scale businesses Ideas for beginners that Make Money

What small scale business can you start in 2021? top 6 most successful businesses ideas to start your future business.

In 2020, amidst dealing with the limitations of Covid-19 we saw many e-commerce websites experience a downfall in their business revenue and ultimately got the order for no-business in the lockdown period. 

Even after the lockdown period getting closed and many places open up for business, on top of health concerns many brands are worried about how coronavirus (Covid-19) will impact e-commerce websites as a whole.

2020 also faced many people facing the atrocities including one major concern which was the sales of their business and how to prevent the sales graph from collapsing and instead push it to grow. 

Many businesses that were just operating offline, came up online to expand their growth and reach while many others started a part-time online job for sourcing that extra income while doing a full-time job too.

What is a Small-Scale Business?

Although meanings differ, a small-scale business is generally described as a firm with a limited number of employees, a low revenue volume, and is normally individually funded. The owner receives the majority of the profits. These firms generally represent a local population and have a low employee turnover rate.

While every company has some form of startup criteria, many can be launched in a comparatively short period of time and with little to no upfront costs.

6 Best Business Ideas for Beginners to Start with Little Money.

Small scale businesses are easy to grow and develop and, in these times, where you should operate everything remotely, starting a small-scale business online might be a great idea.

Top 6 Small Scale businesses Ideas for beginners that Make Money

If you'd like to start your own small business, you have a variety of local and online options to choose from. Below we have given some ideas or fields of interest where you can start up your business,

1. Online Teaching

The increase in online traffic on many social media platforms has paved the way for teachers to expand their education reach online through easy mediums. If you are having some good knowledge about a particular field, subject, or area then you can deliver and share your knowledge with other people online who are enthusiastic enough to learn something. 

Apart from educating everyone, you can earn some pretty hefty dollars which otherwise earning in this pandemic time might be not easy to earn. If also you are not having enough knowledge about a subject or area, you can still consider teaching English as a foreign language to those sitting overseas. Online teaching has been adopted by many great business companies like skooli, Byju’s, Vedantu, etc where they are teaching students online and earning some pretty good amount of money.

2. App Developer

If you are a techie and are knowledgeable enough then you might want to think about choosing an app developer as your future career option. Most people are now having a smartphone and are happy enough to explore the world of applications available, but at times the app library seems to get boring and the need for new applications arise at most times. Nowadays, you can build wireframes and mockups with online tools like OmniGraffle, Sketch, and CoreAnimator before deciding to publish the app.

Here is where your app developing skills could come in handy, you should always first get to know:

  • what is the user demanding?
  • what are their needs,
  • what they like,
  • what type of user interface will the user like, etc.

With the increase in demand for VR, the need for VR apps has also come up. If you are having enough knowledge and you are ready to spend most of your time sitting on a laptop then surely app development is your field of interest.

3. Consultant

If you are having enough knowledge and passion for a specific field of interest, be it financial planning, social media, Instagram Consulting, human resources, leadership, communication, etc. then Consulting business can be your perfect niche.

You can guide people online with their specific problems and help them grow and expand if it's a business requirement.

international consultancy companies

Most management consultants are employed by international consultancy companies, if not then you can hire some consultants on your own business and help expand your business. Consultancy demands the best of you portrayed in someone else, your advice and suggestions should be always detailed with no chance of errors.

4. Content writing

If you are a natural litterateur and have a bit of knowledge about marketing and financial planning, then you should think of establishing yourself as a Freelance content writer.

Whether you are writing blogs, or you are writing some articles on financial planning for your client, if you are having the skills of a content writer then you should opt-in for a freelance content writer., Problogger Jobs, and BloggingPro are some of the most prominent websites for finding the first few clients.

Also, if you can add some SEO (Search engine optimization) tips to your article and help your clients get more traffic by adding some specific keywords then the content writer is surely your cup of tea.

Content writing is a great job until you have a good internet connection in your reach. You can write your content when and where you think it is necessary, most content writers get around $40-$50 for one hour of content writing. However, on many popular websites, you can get paid over $100 for freelance writing.

5. Digital Marketing

With how accessible the internet is today, offline marketing seems to fade away and be less effective whether it is in the form of banner promotion or anything related to that.

Online marketing or digital marketing seems to be way more effective than offline marketing of products mainly due to two reasons,

  1. Firstly, because almost every market is expanding itself online and there is no need to promote your business offline when the entire business is online.
  2. Secondly, with the increased availability of the internet almost every person has the reach of the internet. They will not take offline promotions seriously as compared to online promotions including their favourite stars be it on the TikTok application or any ad on Facebook related to that.

Websites also when promoting their websites online need to enlist themselves on the google ranking page but this requires proper SEO, SMM, backlinks, etc which is a tedious task to do. Therefore, they hire digital marketing companies, which filter the clutter available on the internet so that for a particular search the webpage of the client gets listed at the very top.

A digital marketing company requires helping hands in SEO, content marketing, pay-per-click, and many other requirements. Many companies in need of digital marketing assistance can be found on websites like PeoplePerHour and Upwork.

If you have some great hands who can help you in this, then digital marketing is surely your cup of tea.

6. T-shirt Printing

T-shirts are a staple proof for fashion as well as casual wear in demand. T-shirts reflect how you can reflect your personality, ideas through T-shirts. With such an increased demand for any product, there is likely to be competition all over the place. So how to beat up the competition and bring your T-shirt brand to the top rank?

T-shirt Printing

Many companies follow the trend also known as T-shirt printing. In T-shirt printing, you can print almost everything on your T-shirt. Artistic logos, Fancy Texts, Cool graphics are examples of prints. You can make over $100 by designing creative t-shirts on Teespring.

T-shirt printing goes along well with graphic designing, if you are someone who has some unique taste in colours then you should do T-shirt printing. The only requirement for T-shirt printing is a place to set up all the tools and then you are free to go for your first T-shirt print.


Many small businesses have been set up and many businesses have been set up from offline to online places. It just requires a proper vision and path on how you want to expand your business in the right direction. 

These were just some suggestions upon which business you can start depending upon your field of interest. Nevertheless, it is never late to start something, if you are ready and prepared for something good along your way, you should welcome it with open arms.

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