What you Need to Know to Build a Strong Brand Image?

How can you create a powerful brand image for your company? How do to create a distinctive brand identity by with a multidisciplinary approach?

The importance of your branding strategy should not be underestimated when it comes to conversions and sales. A negative impression can be as detrimental to your business as dressing in your T-shirt and cargo pants to attend a meeting.

Defining your brand personality, developing your corporate image, conceptualizing your images such as the perfect logo, your social media messaging, personalizing your email accounts, and much more should be on your checklist. These are necessary to reach the best potential and current customers.

With that in mind, we will look at four basic concepts and the keys to follow to develop a strong brand image for your company. But before we get started, let's see why a good branding strategy is so important and why your brand will be the biggest asset to your business.

What you Need to Know to Build a Strong Brand Image?

Branding Anglicism is a widely used term, and it basically refers to the process of building a brand. That is the visual presentation of your company, including your logo, colour palette, personality and your company name.

How to Create a Brand from Scratch?

A brand must have a personality. To create a brand from scratch, we need to design an innovative image that captures the public's attention. Our brand must have a unique image so that the public knows and recognizes it easily.

What is a Brand?

The brand identifies the product or service offered on the market and allows consumers to recognize it.

Thus, for example,

Coca-Cola's sodas are widely recognized by consumers who seek them out and differentiate them from other very similar products.

How to Develop a Unique (& Memorable) Brand Identity
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What are the Characteristics that a Brand Should Have?

  • Name or phenotype: the brand's verbal identity, what can be pronounced.
  • Logotype: The graphic representation of the name as it is written.
  • Chromatism or chromatic range: The use and distribution of colours.
  • Isotype: icon-sign representing the brand (optional element).

How to Build a Brand?

Building a powerful brand is not an easy process, and there are a lot of elements involved and they all need to be coordinated properly. Success in building a brand is not the result of a moment of inspiration, even if this is obviously necessary, but of constant work with a global vision and a capacity for coordinated action. It is a long-distance race that requires concentration, rigour, perseverance, leadership and determination, all challenging qualities.

But as we say, building a successful brand isn't easy. As some studies have shown, proof of this is that few companies actually make their brands relevant to people. However, companies with solid brands compete better and are more profitable than their competitors. In most cases, they create QR codes to help their customers to get information about the company easily. 

Today we are more informed and more demanding. Not only do we want good products and services at a reasonable price, but we also want them to deliver meaningful and memorable experiences. This, as we will see, raises the level of professionalism needed to build a successful brand.

What Software to Use to Make a Logo for your Brand?

You can create a logo that makes an impact with Adobe Illustrator. With professional features, you can tackle any logo design. Illustrator lets you follow your inspiration. 

If you are not a professional in graphic design, you can turn to a free online logo maker that helps create a brand logo in a few clicks.

How to Create a Brand for a Product?

So, if you don't know how to create your brand for your new business, you should invest in hiring a branding expert who advises you and develops the best possible brand because the brand is the most important element in selling your products or services.

Tips and Tricks to Build a Strong Brand Image
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Through Marketing and Communication, the brand begins a relationship process with all the network nodes that are closest to it. The brand needs to generate communication relationships to connect the nodes surrounding it. These connections are stronger and more productive with those nodes with which he shares the deepest ideas of his corporate personality, which are projected through the visual and sensory aspects of the brand.

With each strong connection, the brand opens the door to new relationships with increasingly distant nodes in the network. The brand's strength lies fundamentally in the ability to create connections farther and farther from its centre.

What is Corporate Branding?

The concept of corporate branding is linked to what the company represents, and it is important from a corporate branding point of view, as it expresses the identity of the brand.

The label is part of the package and contains printed information that appears on the package along with the packaging. The label identifies the product or brand, classifies the product and describes various aspects of the product (who made it, how, where, when, what it contains, how it is used and what are the safety regulations).

Branding Examples

If you plan to launch your business, you will need to build your brand. The brand will be the name you will be known in the market, so it is a fundamental element in your marketing strategy. Just like a person's name, it is part of the first impression.

But despite its importance, many companies don't make the right decisions and that's why you don't have to fall into their mistakes.

A strong and recognized brand in the market is a fundamental task for any company, but creating your own brand is a long process, as is the marketing investment. That is why brands like Nike or Ikea, which initially said nothing, have become powerful and recognized brands worldwide.


The most successful brands have their own personalities. Each brand should have a unique identity, which designers can channel to create logos, websites, advertisements, and more.

Having a strong brand image can immediately grab attention, allowing consumers to connect with them instantly. But make sure to follow the rules to ensure that the corporate image is appreciated and affirms itself on the market with a very specific identity.

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