Getting Started with Email Marketing

Learn the techniques in email marketing from developing a plan to drawing up a list to track results. Know how to develop a targeted list.
Email marketing has been around for a good reason, and it helps to build a good impression forever. This is the most straightforward and efficient way to communicate, cultivate, and turn your leads into customers, winning games over all other marketing channels.

The very first marketing email was being sent in 1978, led to an increase in $13 million in sales, and has launched what has become one of the most powerful marketing channels to date. 

Despite its early days, email is not as innovative as other newer platforms such as texting and social media, but it is an efficient way to create an owned audience with results. 

What Is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is a hugely successful method of sending out emails to clients and customers. Efficient emails for marketing turn prospects into consumers and make one-time buyers into devoted, crazed fans. 

Email Marketing Made Simple: A Step by Step Guide

This article is for those who are prepared to devote to email marketing. If you are unaware, you might even want to read our guide on whether you need to build a RIGHT NOW email list! 

Then let us dig into the detailed email marketing guide. 

The Importance of Email Marketing 

If you want to know why email marketing is so essential for your business, then the simple answer would be Email is simply the best way to make sales online. 

Even after the rise of social media and unsolicited spam messages, which by the way is never a successful marketing technique, messages remain the most effective way of managing leads and transforming them into clients. 

There are several rationales about why email marketing should be one of your primary concerns, but here's the top 5: 
  1. Email is the primary medium of contact. Approximately 99 percent of consumers regularly check their email. So email is the best medium of communication than other means. 
  2. You own your mailing list. Anytime for any reason, and without any warning, your social media profile, along with all your fans and posts could be terminated or removed on any social media site. You do own your email address, however. Nobody else can take away such leads. 
  3. The email actually converts better than any other medium. People who buy email-marketed products spend over 140% more than those who don't receive email offers. In fact, email marketing has a 10 fold return on investment. That is gigantic! Moreover, if you consider if social media turns, even more, think again: An email's assessed value is four times higher than the social media value. 
  4. It is fast, it is efficient, and it is affordable. Email marketing enables business owners to target a significant number of consumers at the cost of almost nothing per text. That makes it a better option for small and medium businesses on a budget than conventional marketing outlets such as TV, radio, or direct mail. You don't need to take our claim for this. conducted a joint study and Forrester Research found that Email marketing found to be among 85 percent of US retailers the most successful strategies for customer acquisition. 
  5. Everyone is prepared to do something with an email, whether you know it or not-respond, forward, click-through, sign-up, or even buy straight. Just think about it! 
By default, email is transformational, and you can use it to direct traffic to your website and eventually drive sales.  For your small business or startup marketing plan as a whole, email marketing will allow you to see the growth rates straight away. 

That involves not only sending out newsletters but also using the customers' triggers-based email automation. 

How To do Email Marketing? 

Wondering where to get the email marketing started? Email marketing consists of a variety of different parts. However, that doesn't mean it is complicated. 

1. Create an Email Marketing Strategy 

Each customer receives many emails daily. That means that if you don't take steps to create a plan, your emails would get buried in crowded mailboxes or, worse, would be sent to the spam folder. 

2. Define the Audience 

An efficient mail is an important email. Start with your customer persona like anything else in marketing, consider what they really want, and tailor your email campaign to suit the needs of your audience. 

3. Build a Way in Which People can Sign Up 

You have got to contact people, right? An email list is a community of users that allowed you to send relevant content to them. You need many ways to get the potential to opt-in to receive your emails to create the list. 

4. Consider the form of an Email Campaign 

You can start by collecting data from different types of email campaigns that operate, and then you can determine which one is better for your audience. They can also set up separate lists for various email forms, so clients and prospects can only sign up for the emails vital to them. You can spiceup your email form by using email templates

For conducting an email campaign, you should select an appropriate email service provider those who have the following features: 
  • CRM application with scope for segmentation 
  • Good standing with providers of Internet service 
  • An Email Service Provider (ESP) with a positive reputation 
  • Types, landing pages, and CTAs are simple to create 
  • Automatization 
  • Simple ways of adhering to email regulations 
  • Power to check the emails break 
  • Integrated Analytics 
  • Data available for download 

5. Growing Your Email List 

You can grow your email list by offering free content to your readers. This is known as a giveaway, and in exchange for the giveaway, you can collect the email address from your audience. To create a giveaway, you don’t have to spend money; instead, you can put minimal effort to create by yourself. You can offer the following things to attract readers to subscribe to your blog or website: 
  • Ebooks 
  • Coupon 
  • Deals 
  • A cheat sheet with tips and resources 
  • Case studies or White papers 
  • A webinar 
  • Quizzes or a self-assessment 
  • Free trials or samples 
  • A free quote or consultation for free 


When a reader reads your post to the end, it's reasonable to conclude that they've enjoyed the reading. So, why don't you ask them to sign up and make sure they 're never missing out on content coming up? 

End-of-post opt-ins are a perfect way to catch subscribers in an environment where even the most brands seldom have a call-to-action other than asking visitors to comment and share. Furthermore, provide your opt-in email with a visual call to action. 

If you have a content upgrade provided in context on a particular subject with the post in question, you can certainly see an increase in the conversions.
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