8 Tips To Help You Create a Winning Twitch Logo

Guideline to create super-cool logos for your Twitch channel. Get inspired ideas and start planning your perfect amazing twitch logo today!

Twitch is a video streaming platform where people can watch their favourite gamers play live. Users can watch eSports competitions, creative content and music broadcast as well. Popular players build up followings of fans, where they can make money as professional gamers and chat with fans from all over the world.

This content platform is designed to be interactive drawing in viewers and keeping them entertained with a steady flow of relevant content. People are drawn to videos, so the spontaneous nature of Twitch is highly engaging. 

The rise of eSports has only made it even more popular and attracted crowds of gaming enthusiasts, pro gamers, virtual teams, and fans.

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How to Design a Winning Twitch Logo?

A great Twitch logo is going to make your account look more professional and help fans identify you as a serious gamer. The right logo is going to add appeal while helping viewers get to know you a little better from the very start. Here are eight tips to help you get started on a design of your own.

1. Identify Your Logo’s Focus

There are a few different things that will come into play for a great Twitch logo concept. Start by defining things that may help with imagery or direction:

  • Your Twitch handle
  • Games you play most
  • Typical audience
  • Gameplay style or characteristics
  • Your appearance

At this point, you should stop considering your logo’s primary focus. What are you trying to convey with your image? 

How to Make a Winning Twitch Logo?
Artwork by gema_design

These concepts will help form the basic direction of your logo. During this phase, nothing is set in stone and nothing is off the table—just jot down all ideas and concepts as they come to mind.

2. Check Out Your Competitors

Pay attention to what other gamers are doing-especially the ones who play the same games as you and are your level or a bit higher. Looking at the competitors’ logos will give you a few ideas, but it can also help you know what’s already been done. 

You don’t want to have a logo that looks super similar to another gamer’s, or your fans might have trouble remembering you apart from others.

3. Dig Deep for Inspiration

There are so many different logos already out there. After you’ve checked out what people around you are doing, check out some of the best examples of Twitch logos to see just how cool some of them get. Some great examples include:

best examples of Twitch logos

  1. LadyLynxx
  2. CaMaK
  3. MrAtomicDuck
  4. LIRIK
  5. mistermv

4. Define Your Brand Identity

While some gamers take on animals, objects or characteristics, others will use their own face within their design. You will have to decide how much of your identity is based on you and how much takes on the nature of your name or gaming style.

Many of the best Twitch logos have a graphic gamer feel to them. Since gamers and game enthusiasts are your target audience, this illustrated artistic approach is understandably popular.

5. Find the Right Style

The style of your logo can communicate what kind of a gamer you are. There are a number of different options, and some of them can even be mixed and matched. You can go for things like:

  • Bright and fun
  • Grungy or gritty
  • Dark
  • Edgy
  • Kawaii (cutesy)
  • Anime
  • Robotic
  • Nerdy
  • Sporty/athletic
  • Simplistic
  • Throwback/retro

Find the Right Style

6. Choose the Right Color Scheme

Colours are going to play into your style and identity. The right colours will communicate the feel you want while helping your logo stand out. Twitch logos are small, so using contrasting colours is a good idea to help them pop. 

For most logos, a limited pallet is used. A big upside to limiting your color pallet is also the ease of printing it for merchandise. If you ever decide to get your logo on a t-shirt, printing four flat colours or less is much easier and cheaper than a logo that requires a full range of colours.

7. Pick a Professional Font

Again, the Twitch logos are VERY small on the platform. So, if you do use any text in your logo, it should be easy to read—even at a small size. Some players even use just their name or initials within stylized word-art for their only profile image and logo. Don’t use more than two fonts.

One of the biggest and most obvious differences between professional logos and amateur designs is the use of fonts. Every font can be used to communicate different styles and subtle meanings. There is a big difference between a robotic/machine font, bubble letters, a graffiti tag and a joker-style scrawl. Understanding how fonts can add to (or take away from) your design makes a big difference in the outcome.

Not all profile pictures have fonts, but you may want to get a version of your logo with the logotype and without. Even if you just want a picture for the profile, you may want to get your logo put on something at some point and include your handle. Vinyl stickers, t-shirts and other promo items or merchandise can all include a professional combination of your logo and username in one succinct design.

8. Keep Your Design Simple

There are a LOT of elements and options here. At the end of the day, it’s easy to go overboard and include way too many elements. A logo that lacks direction is going to be difficult to understand. Most people spend a few seconds looking at your logo and it should be that easy to understand.

Think back to that first section where you determined your logo’s focus. As you pull together the elements, make sure they all support your primary goal with your logo. Try it out in a small (1/4” or about 30 pixels) size to see if the idea still translates. Eventually, you will want your design to be 800px for your profile image (so don’t keep it at that small testing size).

It’s time to Create a Great Twitch Logo Design

Your Twitch logo can certainly change as you do. It’s best if you can adapt the logo gradually with better versions and not do a complete re-branding (especially once you start to get a following). But, at the end of the day, your personal brand as a Twitch gamer will be affected by your logo.

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