You Need These 7 SEO Tools To Rank Your Website Higher In SERPs

Following are 7 essential SEO tools I urge you to consider for the best ranking while you are starting your optimization journey.

SEO is the abbreviation of search engine optimization.

SEO is the technique by which you can make a productive website and produce optimized content. When it comes to SEO, especially for people with no prior experience in digital marketing, it can be quite challenging. Thanks to the best SEO tools, you can make your work easier.

However, The basics of SEO lie in the keywords.

7 Essential SEO Tools to Increase Your Website Ranking In SERPs

What is a Keyword?

You can say that any word related to the topic is the keyword, and search engines rank the material depending upon the keyword traffic and volume. The more content has exact keywords, the more it will rank high on search engines.

Ranking Your Website Optimally With These 7 SEO Tools

SEO tools can help you in making highly ranked websites. These tools include SEO checkers, DA PA checkers, paraphrases, plagiarism checkers, rewriters, etc.

Following are the 7 best SEO tools used by SEO experts to develop optimized websites.

1. Prepostseo

Prepostseo is a platform where you can get dozens of unique tools to help you make your content SEO optimized and gain a high ranking in search engines.

This platform has more than 95+ tools through which you can increase the visibility of your content. Through its SEO checker, you can detect your content's SEO ranking and your website.

Its domain authority checker can help you find out how good your website is in the SEO table with the help of scores. If you have the text and want to modify it according to SEO, you can do so by its paraphrasing tool. With this tool, you can add keywords to the text.

Prepostseo is a platform where you can get dozens of unique tools

These keywords will help you make the text more attractive and generalize for a better understanding. Different tools like article rewriters and keyword density checkers will help you find out what keywords you should use according to your topic.

These tools also give you suggestions about the keywords and provide you with the exact place in the text where you can put these keywords. Its plagiarism checker is also a responsive and accurate tool that helps you recognize copied material.

Prepostseo has divided its tools into three types. These types are writing tools, domain tools, and website management tools. You can choose your preferred device. All the tools ultimately result in making SEO content.

2. Google keyword planner

For making any SEO content, keywords are the most crucial part. Keywords can make your content to the point and relevant to the topic.

Google keyword planner tool is straightforward to use. You have to enter the topic name on the input slot, and it will provide you with a list of keywords that are directly or indirectly related to your topic.

Besides the keywords, you can also check the search volume of keywords. By performing this action, you can identify the necessary keywords. It helps help to rank a particular keyword. The ranking is between 0 to 10000.

Google keyword planner

If the keyword ranks between 0 to 100, then it is irrelevant to your topic; if the score is between 100 to 1000, you can use them but not at every place. While the keyword score is between 1000 to 10000, it is suitable for your topic and will provide you with a better search flow.

With this tool, you can increase your website's activity and appearance. The more a website has SEO-based content, the more it will gain height in the record of search engines.

3. Softo is a one-hand solution to all content creation and writing problems. It is also a bundled tool, and you can get the facility of more than 215 tools with just one click.

Its most popular tools are paraphraser, plagiarism checker, domain authority checker, and SEO checker. is a one-hand solution to all content creation and writing problems.

With its plagiarism checker, you can detect the percentage of copied and unique content. After that, with the help of the paraphrasing tools, you can remove the reproduced material and add valuable keywords to it.

SEO checker of this software will give you a better understanding of the SEO score of a website. For this purpose, you have to enter the URL of your website. Then by hitting on the SEO score, you will get the number that helps you judge the website domain authority.

This tool is for free, and it is a secure way of analyzing the content as it will not save your text to its database.

4. Semrush

SEMrush is a credible and beneficial marketing tool that SEO experts use in generating SEO-optimized content. With this tool, you can check the influence of your online marketing.

It has many advanced and diverse features by which you can do online searching for SEO and content marketing.

You can use its SEO feature by adding the keyword, URL, or website name to the input slot. The tool will automatically give you a long list of keywords that can be incorporated into the content. Besides this, it will run an SEO audit by which you can measure the flow of organic traffic.

SEMrush is a credible and beneficial marketing tool that SEO experts

In its content marketing feature, you will get topics to write on relevant to most of the audience. Through this tool kit, you will get SEO tips by which you can increase the reach of your content. It will evaluate your website basis on real-time matrices.

You can do market research with this tool. For this purpose, this tool will calculate the traffic to your website and give you suggestions by which you can analyze the promotional strategies of your competitors.

In this feature, you will also get keywords and backlinks that can enhance the search volumes of your topic. You can make a social media strategy and advertising plan with this tool, and you can create social ads and optimize them through progressive ideology.

This tool is a go-to solution where you can analyze the position of your website and do market research so that you may not remain left behind in the marathon of credible website and online marketing.

5. Unicheck

Unicheck is a plagiarism checker by which you can critically evaluate your content for any time of copied material. Plagiarism is the poison for content.

No matter how good your topic is and how many credible sources you have checked for writing content, if it has plagiarism in it, you will not gain that credibility and reach on search engines.

Unicheck is a plagiarism checker by which you can critically evaluate your content

So for this problem, you need plagiarism checkers. After checking plagiarism, you can remove it by adding valuable keywords. It will not only increase the originality of the content but will also make it SEO optimized.

Unicheck is also a plagiarism checker that can be used by paying a fee. You have to copy or upload your file on it, and it will tell you which area in which material has been copied.

You can also perform this function with other tools for free. Every device has its feature and credibility. Unicheck has a quick response and secures your data. It is very responsive, and you can check every file in it.

Like Unicheck, you can use Turnitin, PrepostSEO, Grammarly, etc., for checking plagiarism.

6. Paraohraser is a tool by which you can rewrite your content and can rephrase it in a better way. While rephrasing this tool add keywords to the range to boost the SEO ranking and optimize your data.

You can check the depth of your content by its plagiarism checkers. You have to upload the file, and it will highlight the external resources.

You can use it as a text summarizer. You can summarize your content using two ways. By extraction way, you can take all the direct keywords. While in the abstract form, you can make a summary.

It is also a grammar checking tool. This feature will eliminate all the sentence structure mistakes and punctuation flaws and hit perfection.

You can also add citations to your work by providing the necessary details. All these features are free to use.

7. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a very professional keyword checking tool with an extensive database. You can use it for free and buy its paid version for the more advanced features.

Ahrefs tells you the keywords that are most suited to your topic. It will also give you a report of every keyword, as the searching ratio of this keyword and at what volumes it can attach to people.

It is the most credible tool used by SEO experts. Experts use Ahrefs to measure the SEO weightage of content. It can help create backlinks by which the domain authority of a website can be increased.

Ahrefs is a very professional keyword checking tool with an extensive database.

You can remove broken links from the website and replace them with a suitable one for a high reach. You can run a website audit to see paid and organize traffic flow. With its rank tracking feature, you can check the website position with every search query.


SEO is the most basic requirement and skill that can empower you to achieve something exceptional in this online era. You can learn this skill through various platforms or apply it with multiple tools.

A brief view of SEO tools is given to help you save time and optimize content. In a nutshell, SEO skill is a must-have element in the life of professional writers.

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