5 Effective SEO Tips To Best Use Of Keywords

5 Effective SEO Tips To Best Use Of Keywords
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There are different branches exists in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and among those branches Keyword is one of the essential branch of SEO. Many blogger haven’t any knowledge about effective use of keywords on their blog. Search Engine crawler always crawl your blog link according your content and keywords where it plays a vital role to get higher rank on search engine.

By this article you can learn how to best way optimize your blog by keywords for search engine. 

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1. Pick Higher Searched keywords

Blogger can use the best tool of Google AdWords tool to search keywords to choose primary and secondary keywords for their blog where you can see the higher and lower demand of keyword searched on search result. Use those keywords which are used in higher search and it will help you to get higher rank. 

2. Include keywords in the Posts title

When you get a higher search keyword then you should use keywords on post title effectively. Keep the keyword on Post title thus your title get higher priority on search engine because you posts title will trace first in search engines. As a result using keyword on post title, search engine will able to understand what exactly your articles are.

3. Include keywords in title and subtitle

An ideal post is will headline and subhead lines that makes your readers interested on it. And you can make your articles headline and subhead lines SEO friend. In my blog I used Title as <h2> tag and subtitle as <h3> which has also good impact on search engine. As a result, using keywords on headline and subhead lines your search engine crawler will attract by those and even the robots will comply with the tags.
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4. Use keywords in the anchor tag

If you analyze your site by an online analyzer tools you will see the anchor tags which is responsible to denote yours blog’s different links. In this case you can use keywords in anchor tags because search engine will give more priority than plain text. It will also improve your blog rank on search engine.

5. Place keywords in the alt tag

Images are also plays a vital role to recover from all types of lacking’s and make your article interesting. You can use keywords on images as alt tags. It is the best way to make your images SEO friendly and get more priority on Image search. Alt tag will tell the spiders Search engines about your blog. 

In conclusion I hope this article help you completely about best and effective use of keywords on your blog to get more traffic and good rank on search engine. If you think this article help you a little bit kindly leave your valuable opinion in comment 
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