What should consider to write a perfect Title Tag for SEO

What should consider to write a perfect Title Tag for SEO

Title tag is represent the blog’s identity so it has a great impact to create a space on your visitors mind. It is often can be seen title tag written with blog name that means only one word (e.g techblog) but this is very wrong idea. Beginning of my blog I used Blogger Spice as title tag but after a certain period I recognize that I was wrong about it then I saw some higher rank blog using different sentence including blog name. So I have change my title tag to Blogger Spice | Blogger Tips | Tricks | Widgets | SEO | Earn Money | Blogger Templates and fortunately I got extra 400 page view on that day. A title tag should be written like below which is remain below <head> tag.

<title> Blogger Spice | Blogger Tips | Tricks | Widgets | SEO | Earn Money | Blogger Templates</title>

Finally I have understood what’s the important to choose perfect title tag for SEO. I have found the reason for more page view because first I use only one word Blogger Spice which is not known by visitors but when I added some major keywords with that then it comes in SERPs and got visitors.

So let’s learn what we should consider to write a perfect Title tag for SEO.

1. Length Of the title tag

Title tag should be should be within 70 characters including space which get good visibility to Google SERPs. If you use more than 70 character then your title tag come with dot dot after 70 characters.

title tag

2. Use Pipe instead of commas, underscores, or dashes.

Use Pipe instead of comma, underscore and dashes on title tag. I was made this mistake by using comma on title tag.

Wrong Format: Blogger Spice, Blogger Tips,Tricks,Widgets,SEO,Earn Money, Blogger Templates
Correct format: Blogger Spice | Blogger Tips | Tricks | Widgets | SEO | Earn Money | Blogger Templates
Using this method it will rapidly optimize for Google. And I have already used this format and got positive result.

3. Do not keyword stuff on title tag

Keyword stuffing is major problem in choosing title tag. Some new blogger who are aware about the use of Pipe technique they try to use keywords on title tag to divert more visitors, but this is totally wrong concept because Google Search engine don’t like using same keyword repetitively.

4. Do not use mature or symbolic language.

Google Search engine always index understandable title and crawl it to search engine. If you write title like Social Media Backlinks then it will just like keyword. However if you write like Backlinks: Get from Social Media then it will be more feasible to Google search engine. I put the keyword before title so it will increase search volume.

Beside of this some movie downloading site use some mature word which is not acceptable by the search engine. As a result search engine may banned your site and not be visible to search engine.

5. Do not use stopping word

Previously I was using stopping word on my blog title tag like below-

Blogger Spice | Blogger Tips | Tricks | Widgets | SEO | Make Money | Free Templates 

After analyzing it to some online analytical tools it shows I am using 2 stopping word (Make , Free) which is bad for SEO. So avoid using this kinds of word to get higher rank on SERPs.

6. Do not repeat title tags.

Repetition is not acceptable by Google Search engine. Some blog use blog name at the beginning of the post title or same as title tag. You should avoid it to use same title or keyword repetition.
Google hates repetition when it comes to title tags. If you’ve already posted with a title tag then make sure your new post should be with unique title.

So I think this article will help your to choose perfect title tag for search engine that will good for higher SERPs. 
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