6 Interesting Ideas to Make Money with Programming

How to Make Money Programming [February 2021]. 6 Smart Ways to Double Your Income as a programmer in 2021
Have you ever wondered why there is such a great demand for programmers today?

Of course, the main reason is the rapid development of the Internet, mobile technologies, and the growing demands of all spheres of society for the creation and support of software. But there is another, no less important factor – it isn’t easy to find talented programmers.

That’s why customers are willing to pay good money for high-quality work.

Have you chosen the career of a programmer?

Then, you should do your best to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to become a top specialist. If you find it difficult to do some computer science assignments, you can always go to an expert service like AssignmentCore.com and pay someone for doing your programming homework by a team of coding specialists.

How to Make Money Programming [March 2021]

The profession of a programmer is one of the best career choices in 2021 as there are many ways to make good money from the comfort of your home. Check what they are.

How to Earn Money Using Programming Skills: 6 Interesting Ideas

One of the advantages of being a programmer is that you can regulate your income. The more you work, the more money you get. Of course, it depends on how brilliant you are.

If you can do challenging tasks, you can count on earning much from home.

Getting started is the main thing.

Here are several great ideas about how you can benefit from using your programming knowledge and skills.

1. Share your Knowledge via the Blog

One of the most popular ways to earn money now is to start a blog. You can discuss challenging programming topics, share your ideas, and tips with beginners.

Why not teach others and organize your programming courses?

You won’t get much money immediately but the blog about programming will give you an opportunity to get passive income with time.

2. Develop your Teaching Online Programming Course and Sell it

Not everyone likes interacting with the audience and giving programming lessons online.

If you want to share your high knowledge of programming but do not want to spend much time teaching students regularly, develop a course online and just sell it.

After you create a course, you will have to promote it to get passive income. People will register to buy your course and that is it.

3. Offer your Services at Freelance Exchanges

Many employers do not care about the age of the performer if he/she does the job well. For example, a web designer, who is still studying at a college can work for a friendly IT company.

For this, you should monitor websites with freelance work and offer your services. After a few successful projects, you will be able to find regular customers and, more importantly, you will earn a reputation as a reliable freelancer and attract attention from other employers.

4. Create Programming Products that will Help you to Earn a Reputation

Working for a reputation is worth your time and effort. What does a programmer need to know to start making money?

Of course, 

those programming languages ​​and technologies that are used to create a product –

for example,

HTML + CSS + JavaScript + PHP + SQL + CMS for website development, C ++ / C # / Python languages ​​for creating applications and web services, Java / Swift for programming for Android and iOS.

But you should understand that knowledge alone is not enough. It is important to advertise yourself - as a good employee who knows how to solve challenging programming problems. Create products that others can use for free.

For example,

write programs and make them publicly available on portals where people may need programming services. You can always show these projects to a potential customer.

5. Website Monetization

How to make money for a programmer who studies Internet technologies and web design?

Make your site a source of profit!

There are a lot of opportunities for this: advertising links, affiliate programs, contextual and banner advertising. The main thing is to make a resource that will be interesting and useful to people. Advice: create a stylish and high-quality website, fill it with content, and promote it on the Internet.

For many web programmers, it is a significant part of income. By the way, do not forget to blog on your resource - there is already a topic for the first article: "How to make money for a programmer on your site?"

6. Develop your Own Unique Software Product

This is an option for those who do not expect "everything at once" (in programming, this approach does not work at all).

Focus on creating a unique project that can bring profit in the future. 

Do you have no idea what it can be?

There are hundreds of ideas. It can be a portfolio site with prices for creating front-end and back-end for Internet resources, a self-written CMS, a browser game, a mobile application - whatever.

Tip: come up with an idea for your project and gradually bring it to perfection.

Firstly, it is useful from the point of view of practice, and

Secondly, this approach can bring the desired result in the future.

Sooner or later companies that need a website will become interested in your programming services, or some IT company working in this area will buy your products. Besides, you can sell a good software product on the Appstore and Google Play.

These are just some of the ideas on how you can make money being a smart programmer. Get inspired by the ideas above and choose the one that fits you best.
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