Reviews of the Top 10 Best Paid Legitimate Survey Sites

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Visualize that you would just express your thoughts and make money

How cool it will be to lie on your sofa in front of the TV, in your spare time, and make additional money only by thinking? 


Did you imagine the survey of products, services, and newsworthy topics will make money for you? 

Getting compensated for expressing opinions! 

Your friends and relatives and even on Facebook or a range of other digital platforms are still doing it explicitly, so why not get paid for that as well? 

There are hundreds of market research firms hiring new analysts from around the world for doing surveys. 

Top 10 Best Paid Legitimate online Survey Sites Reviewed for 2020

They count on users like you to exchange views – from Donald Trump to the new device – and in return provide money and benefits. 

Each website has a limited number of paid surveys per user almost every month. Register with several survey websites as possible to make money from polls and win substantial prizes. 

How a Paid Survey Website Function? 

It's so simple. Only provide some online queries to respond to questions on a range of subjects. When you finish surveys, survey sites will award you. Besides, you can get gift vouchers for your period or use your prizes for much bigger prizes to those survey sites. Even you can cash out on your Visa gift card for Google Play, Amazon, Walmart, or Starbucks, in your PayPal account. And the good thing is that to begin taking surveys, there's no need to share your credit card information. 

Are Paid Survey Websites are a Scam? 

Globally, companies, brands, and corporations are constantly searching for individuals' feedback just who want you to help improve the goods that they produce and how they sell them. To tap a worldwide marketing campaign and provide them with accurate statistics, they focus on survey companies for market analysis

Paying surveys are a perfect side hustle to raise a little extra money when supporting these businesses if you spend time online and love sharing your opinion. 

10 Best Online Survey Sites That Pay You Real Cash

These are the best survey sites to make the most money in 2020 that pay you real cash

1. SurveySavvy 

SurveySavvy is an online survey platform that provides its users with cash for surveys. the web has been around for over 20 years with millions of members from all over the world. 

In return for cash and payment by check, you can take surveys on-line with SurveySavvy. Ask your account for a check of just $1. Notice that, regardless of the country you live in, you are paid in US dollars 
  • Payment average: $1 – $5 a week 
  • Invested time: ten to five minutes 
  • SurveySavvy has a very low threshold for payment. 
After you just receive $1 you can cash out. They're never giving you a less than $1 report, which isn't a good deal? 

They also offer prize drawings and move incentives, which will make you extra cash. Have four of five mates to register to earn cash from their incentive program. 

Okay, not bad? 

2. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is the leading paying survey website and the most precise and reliable one. Till now, around the globe, they have paid affiliates over $600,000,000 in prizes. They offer prizes on gaming, bids, web searches, online shopping, and video streaming! Various ways of earning rewards. Special incentive for sign up! 

  • Payment average: The scale of each survey is between 30 and 150 SB points (100 SB = $1 or £0.77) 
  • Time Needed: five to ten minutes 
  • Rewards: Cash, bills, and prize prizes, incentives. 
We love Swagbucks, and our readers also hear excellent feedback. We find that polls and surveys provide the most reward for your time per day, but there are several ways to get Swagbucks around the site. 

To do the surveys requires approximately 10 minutes, so you can receive around $6.50 or £ 5 per hour. Swagbucks also provides consumers with the capacity to survey and compensation points from different vendors, even if a survey is not available. 

3. GoBranded 

GoBranded is a community of market studies launched by Branded Research, Inc, or BRinc. In 2012, BRinc was founded. They mentioned that the point that they are set apart from all the other free survey responses that pay extra money programs for their ideology. Quality communication carries about the quality response. The GoBranded is available to all people worldwide. 

GoBranded has a fantastic balance of payment amount and survey quantity. it is unusual to earn $5.00 or £4.50 for a 15-minute survey from your region, 

  • Payment average: $0.50-$5.00 (£0.35-£4.50) 
  • Time Invested: per survey, 10-20 minutes 

Additionally, you can also earn money by: 

  • Offers for Redeeming 
  • shopping for local offers 
  • Research studies 
  • Referral program 

It's easy to use with a user-friendly interface, because of being part of the good standing, it gets positive reviews. So, you know that you can invest the time you spend here, too. And I described here all ways to earn money from GoBranded. 

4. LifePoints 

LifePoints is a virtual survey website and network of like-minded individuals who wish to convey their opinions and viewpoints in order to win incentives and affect the major brands we meet and see every day's potential choices. 

For those who want to collect rewards for going about their daily lives, it is also the place to go. You will collect LifePoints by expressing your views and thoughts on these items, programs, and experiences any time you head shopping, to the cinema, or just experience a great local service. 

You must have a minimum of 550 LifePoints equivalents to $5 in your account in order to request a payout. You can spend your LifePoints on 2 major reward options after you have reached this balance: gift cards and payments from PayPal. But remember that rewards may vary across countries. 

Major retailers such as eBay, Amazon, Starbucks, and more have access to the gift e-cards offered. Feeling bountiful? No worries You also can donate your LifePoints to charitable organizations like Unicef. 

5. Toluna Influencers 

Seeking a way to raise some extra money from your own home's comfort? Survey websites may be the solution, and one of the big players on the field is Toluna

This is not only free to sign up for, but the site has even more to give than just surveys including online challenges, product reviews, and even a regular lottery, all of which will win you points that can be traded for gift cards or cash. 

In a nutshell, taking various surveys on the Toluna website or via the app every day is really convenient. It takes about 15 minutes to complete each survey, meaning it will take about 4 hours maximum to receive a £ 15 voucher. This means you can earn £3.75 per hour. 

Recently, Toluna has released a game feature where you can play and make money! 

6. Pinecone Research 

In the survey panel sector, Pinecone Research is a valued pioneer. They are founded and operated by the Nielsen market research company, with its headquarters in New York. By gathering international research, Pinecone Research is focused on enhancing the efficiency of tomorrow's products. 

You're going to wait a little more on the surveys, but you're going to get the most money for them. They're also surveys to make you feel that you are doing a commodity difference of a product. 

Typically this site will invite you for registration, but the loophole is to find sign-up forms on blogs or banner advertising. 

7. CashCrate 

Another effective payer for surveys is CashCrate. Both your profits are indeed carried out in dollars, not in points, this is a pleasant surprise here. 

On CashCrate, an incredible selection relative to other GPT and paid survey platforms, there are many different ways to make money. You may also completely free and paid offers, in addition to conducting the regular research surveys. Companies who would pay you to sign up for their website or to check out a program have these deals. Alternatively, by email, you may receive coupons. 

  • The average payment per survey: $0.50-$3.00 
  • Invested time: 5-10 minutes 

They have a guaranteed $20 bonus. According to feedback from long-term customers, you will collect your payment and it's shipped out via paper cheque. Around two weeks later, 

You will make money doing surveys, coupons, and games to enjoy. It's one of the most fun places to use and will pay you pretty well, too. 

8. i-Say (IPSOS) 

Working with reputable brands and research firms globally, i-Say is one of the biggest and highest paid survey-based market research companies around. 

With over 3 million participants committed to expressing their experiences and interesting points of view, this is an online survey incentive group. Ipsos I is available in hundreds of countries and is operated by Ipsos, a worldwide pioneer in market analysis. Established in 1975, Ipsos is owned by research experts and operated by them. Ipsos holds and over 70 million interviews per year and represents more than 5,000 consumers around the world in 100 + countries. 

  • Rewards: High-street and Amazon Coupons, plus all members' award draws. 
  • Quantity per survey: ~£1. 
  • Min. threshold of recompense: £ 10. 

A panel that is well-trusted. Per week, they give you surveys to reply to by email. The payout threshold is relatively low, and in fewer than 10 polls, most people will be able to cash out. 

9. PrizeRebel 

In my experience, PrizeRebel is really the best platform for surveys. Over the years, I have had quite a lot of good experience and they reimburse in 24 hours. This is where you get your time's greatest payback, which is why I recommend this one. 

  • Payment average: 60 to 85 points 
  • Time Needed: five to ten minutes 
  • Rewards: Pay Pal, Amazon, Bitcoin, or Gift cards 

Will it make financial sense to upgrade or fix the debt in your private bank balance? It does, of course, respond to questions, complete a form, and get registered instantly! 

You can be paid directly to your bank account through Pay Pal, Amazon, Bitcoin or Gift cards. 

I like PrizeRebel because they provide many fast hit surveys so that you can quickly make a fair share of the change. 

10. Univox 

Your Univox account will immediately be rewarded with points worth $2 as a welcome to the group by entering Univox Community. 

The yellowest of the survey sites are certainly Univox. Yet it's one of the most fun to use as well. It all seems a little more, yeah, game-like. 

  • Average Payment: $0.50 -$2.00 
  • Time Invested: 10 minutes per survey 
You can receive incentive points every time you complete a survey. The equivalent of every 100 points is $1.00. You would be able to request a $25.00 cash transfer or e-gift card, with 2500 points in your account. At present, Univox gives its members three forms of demanding their earnings: 

  • PayPal-get a Paypal credit of $25 cash straight to your account 
  • Amazon e-gift card-chose to receive a $25 e-gift card from 
  • Virtual Mastercard-Register for a virtual Mastercard loyalty card approved by every online store taking purchases from Mastercard. 
  • Reward Ties-Receive an e-gift card from Reward Connection, which can then be transformed from hundreds of your favorite retailers into a gift card. 

Wrapping up 

It is free to register for and use any of the paid survey sites mentioned above. No matter what they promise, you should not be misled into paying for a subscription to any online survey website. 

If you are trying to build up a large amount and reach for one of the highest incentives you have time for that, so for these paying survey pages, it's best to cash-in early. 

Be cautious that certain platforms will have limits on where the points should be spent and how long they are good throughout. 

You've got a valid reason to start using them if you have free time, an internet connection, and the ability to make more money.
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