The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Get started with Google Analytics

Many people recognize the value of owning a website especially if they own a business and want to market their product or service via the website. If you do own a website, you may want to learn how to motivate customers to visit and how to analyze visitors for their value as potential customers. In this case, you may need Google Analytics.

Here are some common questions of people who have encountered Google Analytics for the first time:

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google to people who own and run their own websites for business. With this tool, you will be able to better understand the data given when you check how many visitors go to your website and how many sales you have earned from those visits.

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Get started with Google Analytics

What Does Google Analytics Do for You?

The tool provides two kinds of data that business owners like. These are:

  • User acquisition data - this data belongs to online visitors who might visit the website of your business.
  • User behaviour data - this other kind of data is generated by online visitors after they have gone to your website.

Why Are These Data Important to Know and Analyze?

User acquisition data is information that describes your business’ target demographics. For example, if your business sells vintage cars, the user acquisition data would tell you that the target customers for such products are young men aged 30 to 45 years of age who live in a certain community and earn a certain salary. 

This means the content you would be putting out on your website would be designed to appeal to such customers so they will come to your site and stay around to check out the content.

On the other hand, user behaviour data may tell you a different set of information instead. This kind of data may show that middle-aged women from 35 to 55 years old who own their own businesses are the usual visitors to your website. 

What the…? 

Yes, that would be a startling discovery and it would mean your content is far, far away from the real demographics of visitors. 

So that explains the value of Google Analytics to new converts to digital marketing. It helps business owners to skew their content in favour of the real visitors to their website so that sales of their product or service goes up. 

The value is based on the ability of the content to bring in many visitors who buy much from that business.

How Can Google Analytics Change User Behavior For Your Business?

First of all, the business owner has to integrate the tracking code from Google Analytics in his content. This means that when visitors come in, the tracking code will be sent back to Google Analytics and will eventually inform the business owner as to the demographics of visitors who did really visit. 

Even better, if those visitors become actual customers then the business owner will be able to learn more about who likes to pay attention to his website content. He can then give more content of that sort so visitors will return often.

What Are the Benefits For You When You Rely on Google Analytics?

A business owner who uses Google Analytics will have to put in the tracking codes on each and every page of the website for the tool to be effective. This means that no matter where in the site a visitor lands on, Google Analytics will be able to detect the presence of the visitor. 

It will then be clear to the business owner which content attracted that kind of visitor. The business owner will be able to decide if he will continue to sell the product or service availed of by online customers, or shift to a product or service that is more appealing to real visitors.

What is an SEO Reporting Dashboard and How It Help You?

An SEO reporting dashboard is actually a computer interface that will display the information sent by Google Analytics through the tracking codes. It simply serves as a way for a business owner to see at a glance data (called metrics) that is important to his digital marketing effort.

What Metrics Are Important To Keep Track Of? 

  • SEO Conversions - this means that a visitor to a business website did something positive such as make an inquiry about a product or service, or even bought from the business. Naturally, this is the best data for a business owner to see because it means there might be or there was a sale. 
  • Organic Traffic - what this means is that the content of the business website seems to be making people like to visit. This is important to see because a business owner would like to know if his marketing campaign is worth the money being put out. The term “organic” simply means that the flow of visitors headed to the website is “natural” or not contrived. This is related to the term “user intent” - a business owner who discovers the user intent that drives organic traffic to his website may be able to capitalize on that when designing future content or assessing which products and/or services can be emphasized in marketing campaigns. 
  • SEO Ranking - This data simply shows where the business website ranks among various search engines and whether there are any changes recently. This becomes important when the business launches a new marketing effort (such as when new content is uploaded by the business owner into his website). An upward change in SEO ranking may mean that the new content triggered interest from target demographics so more traffic to the website was generated. A website with poor SEO ranking will rank low in search results and may probably not get that many visitors, which can cause stagnant sales. 

Final Thoughts

If a business owner wants to use Google Analytics to bring in more sales for his products or services, it is important to know how it works first. Google Analytics helps a business owner figure out which content or campaigns are getting the attention of his target audience. 

It also helps to drive up sales for the business owner. A business owner may want to take advantage of this free tool so that stagnant sales will suddenly become robust which means the business has a stronger chance of surviving amidst a very competitive business marketplace.


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