How to Get Visitors to Return to Your Site?

How to Get Visitors to Return to Your Site

Is there a method for bringing back people who used to enjoy your blog? It is possible that the damage you did has made it so that they do not want to rejoin your blog again. Some people are simply put off your blog and never want to return. Here are some tips for attracting users with the hopes that your old blog viewers will get caught up in the foray and will return to you like a joke about a boomerang (don’t you remember the joke about the boomerang? No worries, it will come back to you).

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This is a great way of having people on your website look at other blog posts. It is also a way of getting people who may be leaving your website to have a look around at your other blog posts. It may also get other people involved in your website to the point where they go back and tell other people to look at your website.

There is a chance that some of your current viewers are looking at your blog because their friends told them to. If you are engaging those people then there is a chance that they will bring their friends back into the fold. That is why having them look around your website at your other blog posts is a good idea.

Curated images and blog post titles on your social media pages

This is just an idea that may help to bring more people back to your website. You first need to cook up some images that relate to your blog posts. For each image you put a relevant blog title underneath as a link. Create a few of these and then post them on your social media profiles. Adding a picture to the title of your blog posts will draw peoples’ attention so that they look at your titles and they may click on them.

Putting them on your social media profiles may attract your old viewers as they may still be watching or monitoring your social media profiles even if they are not involved in your blog anymore. It may help to bring a few people back.

 Make sure you have an RSS feed

This is so that if they are lost forever you may get lucky. They may not delete you from their RSS feed and then come back at a later date when they wonder if you have made any progress or changes since you last put them off. Sure, it is a long shot, but the fact is that you should have an RSS feed anyway so that people who do want to read your posts can get to your posts and know when they have been published.

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Improve your writing skills as that may be what put them off

There are times when it is not your message that is at fault. It may be your writing skills. It may simply be the fact that people are having trouble following what you are saying. They may also find yourself posts hard to take seriously because you are making silly mistakes in how you write. If this is the case then you may want to start learning how to be a better writer. You will be able to bring back those people who you lost when they see that you have smartened up your act.

Identify what put people off in the first place

Once you have figured out what they are then announce your changes on social media. You could ask people what put them off, but how do you find them to ask them? You cannot ask them on your blog because they are the ones that are still watching and reading your blog.

You could start asking people for potential improvements to your blog. You could ask people on social media or even add polls and questionnaires at the bottom of your blog posts. Find out what they say and see if any of the suggestions or comment appears more than once. If a criticism occurs more than once then it may be something you should consider changing.

Once you have found the fault with your blog then you need to start changing it. Once it is fully changed and you are confident about it then you may start announcing your changes on social media. As previously mentioned, you may still have old viewers monitoring your social media profiles. If this is the case, then reading about your changes may help bring them back.
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