AdSense Optimization: Strategy to Find Best places for ad placement?

Strategy to Find Best places for ad placement?

AdSense revenue also depends on placing ads on right place and position. If you would able to place your ad on right place then obviously your revenue will increase by 25% than before. However for placing ads you must be comply with Google AdSense policies otherwise your account may disable by Google.

What Should We Consider Mostly? 

You must consider some factor and keep some tips remember for better positioning your ads. Think about your site readers or visitors for any Blog you must be consider two major things those are as follows-
  • Your site’s content should be logical
  • Your site should have good navigation system.
Beside of this you have to consider some points that why readers are trying to get information by visiting your site. Which information actually readers are looking for? You can easily find out from your Google analytic report and search record.

Moreover you have to think by readers point of view just visit other site and identify your own preference that what do you want or looking in other’s site?

Now you have to place your ads without getting readers away. And keep the page looking fresh, spick and span and appealing.

Create article which is demanding by your readers and they will come back into your site for reading again and again. And place ads which won’t annoy your readers.

Always highlight your Blog content not ads. You can highlight your content by placing ads like below examples. And this layout recommended by Google AdSense.

    ad placement                   earn money

But the site layout which highlight the Ads like below example and this is not recommended by Google AdSense.

adsense ads

You should place your ads that highlight the content not the ads. Because users should feel that they are viewing your content not ads only. Your contents should always above the fold not below the fold and easy to find. Google has created an online tool where you can test your site layout that is your ads above the fold or not? Just visit and enter your website URL and check.
Place Your ads on Isolated place with good color combination

You should choose ad unit color according to your website color combination. Suppose your site color is complete Black but your ad unit is White then it will look odd.  And don’t place your post image with ad unit closely because for this kinds of placement visitors may confused. Which may violate AdSense terms and condition.

Use Ad unit label

There are many webmaster place AdSense ads under various headline like, Get Money, Download Here, or Click here for Resources which easily mislead visitors. In addition don’t place your add below post title, Navigation or download link which make user confuse. According to Google AdSense policy you can label your Ad units as Advertisements or Sponsored links.

Place limited number of Ads

Google AdSense allow you to place 3 ad units, 3 link units, and 2 search boxes on each page of any site. But if you place all ad units then your site may become slower and if the visitors don’t find their desired article then they may turn elsewhere for information.

You should Review your site often

After placing Ad unit if you see your revenue is not increasing then you must have to review your site. Just focus on user experience that after visiting your site what might be the users looking for. For this reason try to cover each and every topic that help your users.
In conclusion, I hope by reading the strategy you are now clear that where you can place ads and where not. And which is the best place for placing ads. In addition always remember 2 things that make your site user friendly thus a visitors can find any kinds of topic easily. And your placing ads unit should be identifiable by your site visitors. If you can ensure those 2 things then your revenue will increase time to time and your Ads won’t violate any terms of AdSense. 
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