How gTLDs can be geotargeted in Webmaster Tools?

gTLDs can be geotargeted in Webmaster Tools
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A domain name bear identity of a site. There are different type of domain we use generally. There are Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) we use that don't target any specific countries. Top-level domain means a domain name with suffix of .com, .net, .org etc. and those are not target any specific geographic location. Because nobody can identify what is the main base of domain or owner of the domain from where? But if we use domain with suffix .bd = Bangladesh, .in = India, id = Indonesia etc. So there are specific domain that targets users in a particular geographic location.

We can submit our domain name to Google Webmaster tool that will determine how our site will appear in search engine. For example, A Bangladeshi website with regional domain may try to target only Bangladeshi people, similarly an Indian local Business website will try to target Indian visitors. So Geo targeting is very important for regional domain owner. Because if you inform Goggle then Google Search Engine will determine about search appearance that means if your blog is Indian then your site will display on search result for Indian visitors.
Google treats some Generic top level domains (gTLDs) that can be geotargeted in Google Webmaster Tools.
Most of the Domain Description has taken from Wiki.

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs)

  • .aero (the industry-based top level Internet domain)
  • .biz (This domain to be used by Businesses.)
  • .cat (The .CAT domain, easily recognizable by general public, is reserved for people promoting Catalan language and culture.)
  • .com (General top level domain that don’t target any specific country)
  • .coop (This domain for cooperative stand out from the crowd as a business with values and principles.)
  • .edu (It refer educational site of any county)
  • .gov (It refer governmental site of any county)
  • .info (A variety of uses, many information, some held by speculators)
  • .int (Domain For International Organizations)
  • .jobs (It refers job related site)
  • .mil (This Domain For US Military)
  • .mobi (This domain used by mobile devices for accessing Internet resources via the Mobile Web)
  • .museum (It refers the museum official site of any county)
  • .name (This domain use by individuals for representation of their personal name, nicknames, screen names, pseudonyms, or other types of identification labels.)
  • .net (The purpose for organizations involved in networking technologies,)
  • .org (Basically different organization use this domain suffix)
  • .pro (This domain derived from certified professionals)
  • .tel (The domain's purpose is to provide a single name space for Internet communications services)
  • .travel (This domain for people, organizations, associations, and private, governmental and non-governmental agencies in the travel and tourism industry)

top level domain

Regional top-level domains

Regional top domain use for specific geographical region.But they are generally treated as generic top-level domains like .com, .net or .org etc.

  • .eu (the domain is available for organizations in and residents of EU member states)
  • .asia (.Asia domains used by international and Asian businesses, regional conferences and symposiums, as well as Asian artists and celebrities.)

Generic Country Code Top Level Domains

There are some country code top level domain such as .tv, .me, etc.using widely and Google treats thoseccTLDsas Generic Top Level Domain (gTLDs). These domains are also use more generic than country targeted domain. Generic Country Code Top Level Domains are as follows-

  • .ad (.AD domain name, you must have a trademark registration in Andorra (wordmark in class 42) along with an Office authorization)
  • .as (Used for a variety of things, mostly not connected with American Samoa)
  • .bz (Used for a random assortment of sites, many not in Belize)
  • .cc (A varied assortment of sites, few of them relating to those islands)
  • .cd (used for a miscellany of sites, some related to the Congo and some about music CDs)
  • .co (Basically it is a second-level domains, any individual or entity in the world can register a .co domain.)
  • .dj(Marketed for music-related sites; gets some use for this as well as for Djibouti)
  • .fm (Much use related to FM radio, little related to FSM)
  • .io (Popular with startup companies, little of anything related to the territory itself.)
  • .la (Marketed as domain for Los Angeles)
  • .me (It can be use Globally for a personal namespace .name: can be registered and used for any purpose. Used by businesses in Maine, Middle East and is popular for domain hacks.)
  • .ms (Used by a number of sites, a few of which are in Montserrat)
  • .nu (Used for a multitude of sites all over, few with any connection to Niue, especially popular in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium since "nu" is Swedish, Danish and Dutch for "now")
  • .sc (Used for a random assortment of sites, some related to Seychelles. It was once marketed as domain for Scotland)
  • .sr (Used in Suriname and also marketed as domain for 'seniors')
  • .su (Entities from the post-Soviet states)
  • .tv (Marketed commercially for use in television or video-related sites and can be registered and used for any purpose)
  • .tk (This Domain is available for Free or paid registrations for legal ownership with no activity requirement)
  • .ws (This domain is not much used inside Samoa but popular for domain hacks)
If you are owner of site with any Domain suffix then you may inform to Google through Webmaster tool and Google will determine how your site will appear on search engine. 
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