Swappa Review: Is It Safe to Sell iPhones and Other Electronics?

Swappa is a straightforward selling platform for people who wish to trade in their old phones and other electronics.

I despise selling items on the internet. It's not my favourite thing to do, despite the fact that it's a common side hustle. It takes longer to photograph the item, I dislike dealing with strangers, and payment takes far too long.

That's why I've stopped attempting to sell items online, particularly high-end devices such as phones and PCs.

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But I recently learned about Swappa. This website assists customers in locating respectable phones, tablets, and other things, as well as making the process of selling these items simpler and faster.

Whether you've got an old phone laying around or you're in the market for a new one, try selling it online.

Swappa will be discussed in-depth in this post. This website is an excellent place to sell your secondhand gadgets to a buyer directly. To see how Swappa stacks up against other popular websites for selling and buying secondhand phones, I went to a few other ones.

Is Swappa the greatest site to sell an old phone or laptop?

What Is Swappa and How Does It Work?

Swappa is a website where you can buy and sell cell phones, computers, watches, tablets, video games, cameras, and smart home products.

Since its inception in 2010, Swappa has strived to change the buying and selling of quality secondhand mobile phones.

It's essentially a means for you to sell your phone, tablet, or laptop to someone looking for a used product online.

Sellers create an account after uploading images of the item they wish to sell, selecting a brand, models, and any other details.

Sellers build a listing so that individual buyers can purchase the item directly, unlike comparable services like BuyBackBoss. Other services need you to give your device to the company, which then lists it on their website.

Swappa's user-to-user model, unlike many other companies that acquire secondhand phones, eliminates the intermediary. Instead of selling your phone to a company that would flip it for profit, you can market it and sell it for a price that is closer to its true value. Swappa also doesn't charge fees to sellers, so it's a terrific location to optimize your profits.

PayPal is used to pay sellers. Both buyers and sellers utilize PayPal, which ensures security for both sides. When you make a listing, you must connect your PayPal account. After that, you're ready to start listing your item.

Is Swappa a Secure and Reliable Platform?

Swappa is secure for purchasers to use because the site verifies each transaction and prevents merchants from listing defective devices. Payments are made through PayPal, which keeps information security for both buyers and sellers. PayPal also safeguards both the buyer and the seller in the event of a dispute.

Before a gadget is sold, the serial or identifying number is not supposed to be listed. This is done to ensure the seller's safety.

Swappa app is available in the Google Play store, but not in the Apple App Store. It has over 500 reviews and over 100,000 downloads with a 3.5-star rating.

Swappa has a 4.9 average rating on Trustpilot, with over 8,700 reviews from both buyers and sellers. These include feedback from customers who purchased products online and picked them up locally.

Swappa has a B rating from the Better Business Bureau, with over 500 reviews. Swappa validates the apparent veracity of listings, which buyers praise on Reddit. People who have used Swappa to sell used phones and other items are more likely to submit good reviews on Reddit.

Swappa Pros & Cons

Getting many quotes is the best approach to determine where you should sell your cell phone.

Swappa, on the whole, has the best deals available. Of course, just because this is the average price does not guarantee that you will make it. Swappa, unlike other services, cannot provide an accurate quote because you will be selling directly to a buyer at the price you specify.

While other firms may accept other forms of payment, Swappa only accepts PayPal. Depending on how you look at it, this could be a plus or a disadvantage. If you don't already have one, you'll need to make one.


  • There are no fees for listing or selling.
  • You can pay safely and securely using PayPal.
  • Before you ship your item, you are paid right away.
  • Customer service is outstanding.


The selling procedure can be lengthy because you must wait for a buyer to express interest in your item.

Swappa Review 2021: A Safe Site for Selling iPhones

Swappa: How to Sell Your Phone

Step 1: Locate the Product you're Looking For

To begin listing your device on Swappa first search for it in the Swappa search box.

Simply start inputting your electronics' brand and model, and the system will provide you with suggestions.

To go to the next step, find your device in the list and choose it.

Step 2: Make a Listing

You'll see the average price other similar devices have recently sold for once you've selected the gadget you wish to sell.

However, this is only a hint; you can decide on the price later. You must register and provide a brief description of your gadget in order to finish establishing your listing.

Make sure you fill in all of the required information, such as:

  • Model of the device
  • Capacity of storage
  • Dimensions of the display

Also, any other technical information that is relevant to your device. Swappa conducts a comprehensive evaluation of each listing. As a result, unlike on eBay or Craigslist, your ad will not be published promptly. And it is usually the case.

Step 3: Get Payment

You'll receive your payment via PayPal as soon as your item sells on Swappa. PayPal is the only payment option since it protects sellers and makes payments quick and simple.

Step 4: Have Your Item Delivered

You are responsible for shipping your gadget to the buyer once it has been sold. Swappa also has the advantage of paying you before you ship your stuff.

What Is Swappa Local?

Other than Swappa's website, you may also choose to list your phone on Swappa Local. If you live in one of the 33 cities of the USA where Swappa Local has been implemented, you may be able to post your equipment here to find a local buyer and avoid shipping costs.

Swappa Local provides the same verification and payment protection as Swappa but also allows for face-to-face meets for same-day pickup. This could be a good option to swiftly sell your phone to someone who needs it right immediately.

Simply click the box to post your gadget on Swappa Local when creating a listing, and then choose a safe meeting location for local pickup. You'll still be able to avoid paying fees as a vendor.


Swappa is a fantastic site to consider selling your phone or any completely functional and in good condition secondhand equipment. Swappa prides itself on seller and buyer safety, offering some of the greatest returns for secondhand phones.

Create a PayPal account first, then factory reset the phone you're selling and keep it nearby so you can obtain the ESN or serial number and take images for proof. If you're in an eligible region, don't forget to post in Swappa Local when you're generating your listing.

In summary, I believe Swappa is one of the finest options for selling your used devices that are still in good functioning order.

Swappa's most tempting feature is that you are paid immediately once the customer bought your goods. This way, you won't be a victim of fraud and won't have to pay for shipping.

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