7 Tips For Creating Engaging Content For Your Blog Audience

Creating Content is The Best Way to Stay Top-of-Mind for Your Audience. Content creation is one of the bedrocks of marketing in today's business world, and to stay top-of-mind with it, you must bring something unique and different, which this article will help you with.
When you imagine your favorite online store, snacks, fast food, soft drink, or even your favorite movie, a name comes to mind without you having to overthink. Such names are etched in your memory because of past experiences, and how you felt at the time. 

When you recollect something without much effort or remember a line from your favorite movie or an article you read, its effective content creation coming into play. It means that the contents were excellently put together, so much so that it stays in your mind, and prompts you to watch the movie repeatedly or reread an article. 

In today's world, creating effective content is one of the best ways to stay in the minds of your audience, and ensure they revisit your site, patronize your services, and become a tool for referral. 

Thus, whether you are a business owner, a blogger, or a social media influencer, trying to improve traffic on your webpage or social media account, the success you need lies in creating powerful, and compelling content. 

Creating Content: The Why and The How? 

Anyone can create content, but not everyone can create compelling content with a purpose. Purposeful content targeted at a specific audience, with an aim in mind, is more likely to get you in top-of-mind of your audience than a scatterbrain work with no focus.

How to Win Attention and Stay Top-of-Mind with Social Media

With a lot of brands, and people trying to get heard, and millions of contents getting produced, and released into the world daily, and enhanced by social media, you need to stay top-of-mind constantly. Some of the best ways to achieve that includes: 

1. Creating Original Content 

No one likes fake or plagiarized content. You don't know what those in your audience, have seen or read before, so be careful not to copy and paste someone else's work. It does not only speak to a high level of mental laziness; it makes your audience question your integrity. Also, you might stay top-of-mind, but it will be for the negative reasons, and revisiting your page, or getting your products or services will not happen. 

Note that making a completely unique content might not be possible, because someone somewhere in the world is coming up with the same idea you have. However, the trick is to create content with your unique and distinctive voice that appeals to your audience and can be recognized by your audience wherever they see it. 

2. Creating Contents that Spurs Your Audience to Action 

Originality is good but staying top-of-mind means actionable content. Purposeful content plays a vital role here. Don't just write that blog post or social media updates for the sake of doing it; there should be a reason behind it. 

A purposeful content is informative, provides a solution to problems, and gives the audience an idea of what you expect from them at the end. If, for example, it's for a new product, it should have information on how to use it, benefits, testimonials of its effectiveness by others, and a direct link to make a purchase. 

With a purposeful content, even if it does not inspire people to patronize you immediately, it keeps you top-of-mind, such that when they need what you are selling, they'll come to you first. 

3. Creating Content with Accurate Information 

Your content might be original and purposeful, but if the information contained is not accurate, it defeats the purpose of everything you made. To this end, research, and confirm every detail before using it, and use only authority websites with an impressive record for your content. 

Also, remember always that today's news is tomorrow's "Has been," so keep your information, recent and up to date. Note that people are more likely to return to a place where they got accurate information than a site where they get misinformed all the time. Thus, if you want to stay top-of-mind, be exact and up to date. 

4. Creating Contents that Tells a Story 

Never underestimate the power of storytelling. There's nothing as compelling as a well-told story that speaks to your audience on different emotional and psychological levels. Data is essential, but mix data with storytelling, and you'll capture your audience's attention. 

When using storytelling in content creation, ensure it has credibility and depth. A business owner can use testimonials of customers to achieve this, tweak the words a bit, and convert it from praise for your product or services to a story on how it changed the life of a customer. 

There's no limit to the content you can create with storytelling, but ensure it is relatable, appeals to emotion, and it will keep you top-of-mind of your audience. 

5. Creating Mentally Engaging Content 

If you create content that challenges people mentally, two things are bound to happen; they'll return to continuously air their views or get challenged enough to patronize you, even if it's to prove that what you called white is black. 

Mentally engaging content means asking thought-provoking questions, withholding a little information, and using catchy phrases that will get your audience thinking. It leaves the reader or viewer — if it's in video or photos — feeling enlightened, and stimulates conversations on your page, which in turn keeps you top-of-mind. It also improves your traffic and engagement metrics, with a massive chance of conversions. 

6. Creating Visually Stimulating Contents 

People easily forget what they read, but not what they see. Visual images — videos and photos — have a more lasting effect than written words, and it's one of the best ways to stay top-of-mind. In creating content, either apply videos of images or use the two wholly. 

In content for social media platforms, it's easier to use visual and written words, but ensure they're both powerful enough to cause an impact in the mind of your audience. Note that your videos and photos should be well-edited, and avoid photoshopping if you can, as it takes away originality from your content. 

For example, you can't produce video content to promote a makeup line, and your model's face is all photoshopped. It means you lack originality and creativity and won't inspire anyone to have your product in mind. 

7. Create Contents with Compelling Headlines and Introduction 

The points mentioned above won't work if your headline and introduction lack a compelling force. People may not look at your content immediately, but a catchy headline will keep you in mind until they have a "Let's see what it's all about," moment. It opens the door to what you've created, and the introduction is what determines whether the reader or viewer will keep going. 

An excellent introduction to your content is vital, especially for written content. Note that people often speed read or skim through articles, and only a compelling intro separates the readers from the skimmers. Your content might be original, have accurate data, have an informative and intriguing body with stimulating visuals, but, if the headline and first words do not hook the reader, your efforts will go to waste. 

Powerful words keep you top-of-mind of your audience and create a desire to return to your webpage or social media account. 


The questions you should ask yourself are: 
  • How often do I want people to visit my page? 
  • How often do I want people to patronize my products? 
  • How much traffic and engagement do I want on my page? 
When you have the answer, it will help you understand the power of creating effective and compelling content, and why you should hold these tips to heart, and waste no time employing them to stay top-of-mind of your audience.

Cheryl Hearts
She is a passionate journalist from Boston, Massachusetts. She decided to dedicate her life to writing because she thinks this way, she can be the most useful for the community. After obtaining a Master's degree in Journalism, Cheryl started running her own blog CherylHearts.com where she’s covering topics of great interest to society.
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