How to Add Animated Responsive Sitemap in Blogger Site?

Do you want to show all your blog contents at a glance to your blog visitors’? 

Then Sitemap or table of content widget will work like magic in your blog. If you are using a responsive theme, then usual non-responsive sitemap will not work properly with your blog site rather I am recommending you use a responsive sitemap. 

Responsive sitemap or table of content will be a good option for your responsive blogger theme. Your blog visitors will get a user-friendly experience with responsive sitemap widget or gadget. 

Sitemap or table of content is highly recommended for any website to show all the content you have at once. So, visitors can easily visit your new and old content easily. This will help you to increase your blog page views and generate more leads. 

Before that you should know what, a sitemap is. 

What is Sitemap or Table of Content? 

Generally, a sitemap is a list of all content of a Blog or website. Blogger doesn’t have this feature by default, so you need to rely on any third-party widget from developer. Sitemap also known as “Table of Content”, because visitors will able to see all the content within a table or box. 

How To Create A Responsive and Stylish HTML Sitemap Page In Blogger

Benefits of using Sitemap Widget. 

There are many benefits you will get by using sitemap in your blog. Among them those are most effective. 
  • Your Blog visitors can see all the content at once. 
  • Readers can visit contents by categories. 
  • This widget will help to navigate easily from sitemap to the blog post directly. 
  • Sitemap or Table of content helps to increase pageviews. 
  • It will decrease the bounce rate. 
  • Your blog page rank will be higher. 
  • You can generate more leads through the sitemap 
  • Overall your Blog earnings will increase. 

How To Create A Responsive and Stylish HTML Sitemap Page In Blogger? 

It goes without say that sitemap has many advantages. So now I will show you how to add a responsive animated sitemap in your blog site. I said this is animated because the background colour of the sitemap will randomly change. So, this will really attract your visitors. 

Let’s see how to add this beautiful sitemap in your blog.

How to create a sitemap on Blogger

Step #1: Login to your Blogger account and visit the Dashboard 

Step #2: From Blogger Dashboard you must create a new static page. Because your sitemap will be visible in a static page. click Pages tab from left menu of blogger dashboard and click New page to create a new static page. 

Step #3: By default, you will land on Compose view mode of your newly created static page, so click on HTML view to add the sitemap widget script. 

Remember that if you place the CSS, HTML and jQuery code in Compose view then your widget script will not work. So, you must switch to HTML view. 

Create Blogger Sitemap & Add to Google

Step #4: Write Page Title as Sitemap or Table of Content in page title field. 

Step #5: Now copy the Sitemap Code block from below and paste is in your newly created static page. But after pasting the script do little Customization.

Just replace the with your blog URL

<div class="spicetab" id="spicetab"></div> <script> var tabbedTAB={blogUrl:"",containerId:"spicetab",activeTab:1,showDates:!0,showSummaries:!1,numChars:200,showThumbnails:!0,thumbSize:60,noThumb:"",monthNames:["Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec"],newTabLink:!0,maxResults:99999,preload:0,sortAlphabetically:!0,showNew:7,newText:' &ndash; <em style="color:#ff0000;">New</em>'}; !function(a,b){var c=(new Date).getTime(),d={blogUrl:"",containerId:"spicetab",activeTab:1,showDates:!1,showSummaries:!1,numChars:200,showThumbnails:!1,thumbSize:40,noThumb:"",monthNames:["Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec"],newTabLink:!0,maxResults:99999,preload:0,sortAlphabetically:!0,showNew:!1,newText:' &ndash; <em style="color:#ff0000;">New!</em>'};if("undefined"==typeof tabbedTAB)tabbedTAB=d;else for(var e in d)d[e]="undefined"!=typeof tabbedTAB[e]?tabbedTAB[e]:d[e];a["clickTabs_"+c]=function(a){for(var b=document.getElementById(d.containerId),c=b.getElementsByTagName("ol"),e=b.getElementsByTagName("ul")[0],f=e.getElementsByTagName("a"),g=0,h=c.length;h>g;++g)c[g].style.display="none",c[parseInt(a,10)].style.display="block";for(var i=0,j=f.length;j>i;++i)f[i].className="",f[parseInt(a,10)].className="active-tab"},a["showTabs_"+c]=function(e){for(var f=parseInt(e.feed.openSearch$totalResults.$t,10),g=d,h=e.feed.entry,i=e.feed.category,j="",l=0;l<(g.showNew===!0?5:g.showNew)&&l!==h.length;++l)h[l].title.$t=h[l].title.$t+(g.showNew!==!1?g.newText:"");h=g.sortAlphabetically?h.sort(function(a,b){return a.title.$t.localeCompare(b.title.$t)}):h,i=g.sortAlphabetically?i.sort(function(a,b){return a.term.localeCompare(b.term)}):i,j='<span class="tab-line"></span><ul class="tab-tabs">';for(var m=0,n=i.length;n>m;++m)j+='<li class="tab-tab-item-'+m+'"><a onclick="clickTabs_'+c+"("+m+');return false;" onmousedown="return false;" href="javascript:;">'+i[m].term+"</a></li>";j+="</ul>",j+='<div class="tab-content">';for(var o=0,n=i.length;n>o;++o){j+='<ol class="panel" data-category="'+i[o].term+'"',j+=o!=g.activeTab-1?' style="display:none;"':"",j+=">";for(var p=0;f>p&&p!==h.length;++p){for(var q,r=h[p],s=r.published.$t,t=g.monthNames,u=r.title.$t,v=("summary"in r&&g.showSummaries===!0?r.summary.$t.replace(/<br *\/?>/g," ").replace(/<.*?>/g,"").replace(/[<>]/g,"").substring(0,g.numChars)+"&hellip;":""),w=("media$thumbnail"in r&&g.showThumbnails===!0?'<img class="thumbnail" style="width:'+g.thumbSize+"px;height:"+g.thumbSize+'px;" alt="" src="'$thumbnail.url.replace(/\/s\d(\-c)?\//,"/s"+g.thumbSize+"-c/")+'"/>':'<img class="thumbnail" style="width:'+g.thumbSize+"px;height:"+g.thumbSize+'px;" alt="" src="'+g.noThumb.replace(/\/s\d(\-c)?\//,"/s"+g.thumbSize+"-c/")+'"/>'),x=r.category||[],y=g.showDates?'<time datetime="'+s+'" title="'+s+'">'+s.substring(8,10)+" "+t[parseInt(s.substring(5,7),10)-1]+" "+s.substring(0,4)+"</time>":"",z=0,;A>z;++z)if("alternate"[z].rel){[z].href;break}for(var B=0,C=x.length;C>B;++B){var D=g.newTabLink?' target="_blank"':"";x[B].term===i[o].term&&(j+='<li title="'+x[B].term+'"',j+=g.showSummaries?' class="bold"':"",j+='><a href="'+q+'"'+D+">"+u+y+"</a>",j+=g.showSummaries?'<span class="summary">'+w+v+'<span style="display:block;clear:both;"></span></span>':"",j+="</li>")}}j+="</ol>"}j+="</div>",j+='<div style="clear:both;"></div>',b.getElementById(g.containerId).innerHTML=j,a["clickTabs_"+c](g.activeTab-1)};var f=b.getElementsByTagName("head")[0],g=b.createElement("script");g.src=d.blogUrl.replace(/\/+$|[\?&#].*$/g,"")+"/feeds/posts/summary?alt=json-in-script&max-results="+d.maxResults+"&orderby=published&callback=showTabs_"+c,"onload"!==d.preload?a.setTimeout(function(){f.appendChild(g)},d.preload):a.onload=function(){f.appendChild(g)}}(window,document); </script> <style scoped="" type="text/css"> .spicetab{border-radius:15px;margin:0 auto;position:relative;opacity: .9;background:linear-gradient(90deg, rgb(169, 108, 232), rgb(0, 115, 183));background-size:400% 400%;animation:Gradient 15s ease infinite} .spicetab .loading{display:block;padding:2px 12px;color:#fff} .spicetab ul,.spicetab ol,.spicetab li{list-style:none;color: #fff; margin:0;padding:0} .spicetab .tab-tabs{width:20%;float:left} .spicetab .tab-tabs li a{display:block;overflow:hidden;color:#fff;text-decoration:none;padding:12px;font-size:13px;transition:all .3s} .spicetab .tab-tabs li a:hover{background-color:rgba(0,0,0,0.05)} .spicetab .tab-tabs li{background:rgba(0,0,0,0.05);position:relative;z-index:5;margin:0 -1px 0 0} .spicetab .tab-content,.spicetab .tab-line{width:80%;float:right;background-color:#fff;box-sizing:border-box} .spicetab .tab-line{float:none;display:block;position:absolute;top:0;right:0;bottom:0} .spicetab .panel{position:relative;z-index:5} .spicetab .panel li a{text-decoration: none;color:#737373;display:block;position:relative;font-weight:500;font-size:14px;padding:6px 12px;overflow:hidden} .spicetab .panel li time{display:block;font-weight:bold;font-size:11px;color:#4285f4;float:right} .spicetab .panel li .summary{display:block;padding:10px 12px 10px;font-size:13px} .spicetab .panel li .summary img.thumbnail{float:left;display:block;margin:5px 8px 0 0;width:72px;height:72px;background-color:#fafafa} .spicetab .panel li{background-color:#f9f9f9;margin:0} .spicetab .panel li:nth-child(even){background-color:#fff} .spicetab .panel li a:hover,.spicetab .panel li a:focus,.spicetab .panel li.bold a{background-color:rgba(0,0,0,0.03);outline:none} .spicetab .panel li a em{background:#0998ce;color:#fff!important;font-style:initial;font-size:11px;margin:0 0 0 5px;padding:2px 10px;border-radius:22px} .spicetab .panel li:before{display:none} @-webkit-keyframes Gradient{0%{background-position:0% 50%}50%{background-position:100% 50%}100%{background-position:0% 50%}} @-moz-keyframes Gradient{0%{background-position:0% 50%}50%{background-position:100% 50%}100%{background-position:0% 50%}} @keyframes Gradient{0%{background-position:0% 50%}50%{background-position:100% 50%}100%{background-position:0% 50%}} @media (max-width:768px){.spicetab .tab-tabs,.spicetab .tab-content{overflow:hidden;width:auto;float:none;display:block}.spicetab .tab-tabs li{display:inline;float:left}.spicetab .tab-tabs li{background-color:rgba(64,64,64,0.1)}.spicetab .tab-content{border:none}.spicetab .tab-line,.spicetab .panel li time{display:none}} </style>

Step #6: Finally hit the Publish button. To check the sitemap, visit your newly created page. 

You will see a beautiful animated sitemap. 

Just click on different tab to visit the contents by specific Blog label or categories. It will work smoothly. 

Optional Feature to add to Run your Sitemap 

If you see that your site map is not running, then there is a possibility of missing jQuery library or you are using old version of jQuery file. So, you must add jQuery file in your Blogger theme. 

However, most of the blogger them include jQuery library to run different JavaScript based widget. 

To add the JavaScript library in your blog just follow the below steps. 

Step #1: Login to your Blogger account and visit the Dashboard 

Step #2: Click Theme tab from left vertical menu and click Edit HTML 

Step #3: Now place below JavaScript file between <head> and <head/> 

<script src=''></script>

Step #4: Finally click Save theme button from the top. 

Now check your blogger sitemap that it should work flawlessly. 

I hope this sitemap will maximize your benefit for your blog. If you face any trouble just leave comment below, I will try to help you.


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