How To Turn Your Author Bio Into A Lethal Guerrilla Marketing Weapon

How to write an Author Bio That Will Help Market Your business and service. Your Author Bio may Snag your Clients so learn how To Write an Author Bio That Will Help You Sell More.
What marketing value can you get from your author bio as a blogger? 

The answer: Much more than you think. 

Let me dare say that your author bio, and by extension, all your social profiles, is the most underutilized tool in internet marketing circles. 

Yep, those two to three lines you take for granted are powerful. Your bio’s purpose is not just to introduce your brand and make a great first impression on prospects. It can be turned into a marketing treasure chest. Use it to ambush prospects and boost your ROI. 

In this post I’ll reveal three uncommon ways you can use to grow your business through your bio.

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How to Write a Author Bio That Will Help To Market Your Business

But first here are the essentials of a solid author bio. 

4 Questions A Good Bio Answers 

When a reader is done reading your post, naturally she wants to find out more about you. Of course, that’s only if you’ve wowed them with your brilliance. Here are the 4 questions readers are asking. 

#1. Who are you? 

The first way you identify yourself is through your photo. 

Most bloggers don’t realize how crucial a photo is. 

LinkedIn data shows that having a profile photo can get you: 
  • 21x more profile views 
  • 9x more connection requests 
  • 36x more messages 
Complement your photo with text. Say who you are in an engaging way. 

#2. What do you do? 

Say what you do in a clear and catchy way. 

State the biggest and juiciest benefit your audience will gain from working with you. Don’t make the common mistake of using a generic terms like ‘so and so is a blogger’. C’mon. There are a bazillion bloggers out there. Differentiate yourself. 

Mention your niche at the very least. Health market blogger is so much better that blogger. 

#3. Who do you do it for? 

State who exactly you serve. 

Once you name your audience they’ll be all ears waiting for your offer. But simply naming your audience is not enough. Explain what kind of problems you solve for them. 

Here’s a great example from Henneke Duistermaat 

a great example from Henneke Duistermaat

She ‘makes boring business blogs sparkle’. That’s a powerful way pointing out her audience’s pain point. 

#4. Why should I trust you? 

Say why you’re qualified to serve your audience. Inject some social proof so your audience trusts you enough to check you out. 

Once you’ve got the basics in place you’re ready to use your bio to supercharge your business. 

#1. Rank for service pages 

SEOs agree that securing backlinks for service pages is tough. 

Of course you can link back to your website in guest posts. However, while few publications allow linking back to your site in the body of a post, no self-respecting site permits in-article backlinks to sales pages. 

Is there a way out? 

You bet! 

Linking to a sales page you want to rank for through your author bio. Your bio is free prime real estate — you can pretty much do anything you like with it. Jacob McMillen, a digital marketing copywriter, has ranked his primary service page for 30+ terms simply by including backlinks with his target search terms as anchor text in his author bios. 

Here’s one of his guest post bios.

What to Include in the Author Bio for Your Book

Image via Crazy Egg

His innocent-looking anchor text ‘website copywriter’ is more useful than you suppose. If you google for the very competitive phrase ‘website copywriter’ right now, you’ll find Jacob’s site sitting comfortably on the front page! 

The reason? 

Tens of such links garnered from extensive guest posts on high ranking sites. This approach works particularly well if you’re a prolific guest poster. 

#2. Ramp up your website rankings 

Can you rank a website without writing a single blog post or spending a dime? 

Yes you can. 

Yours truly has managed to. 

Here’s how my blog looks like right now.

The Author Bio Blueprint That Will Snag Clients

As you can see I haven’t published any posts yet. 

Zero. Nada. Nothing. 

And yet, if you check my site’s ranking on Ahrefs, you’ll see this. 

my site’s ranking on Ahrefs

So how did I move the needle from 0-7 with no content on my blog? 


I guest-blogged on carefully selected high ranking niche sites and linked to strategic pages on my site in my bio. So far I’ve managed to rank for three organic keywords.

Not a bad result for a couple of posts, hey? 

Clearly, this tactic has potential — if I scale it, it could spike my site’s rankings even more. The best part? This maneuver is free unlike other costly methods like buying traffic or doing an extensive PR campaign. 

#3. Rapidly grow your list 

Ever heard of a guy named Jon Morrow? 

He’s a blogging mastermind and the founder of Smartblogger, a multiple million-dollar blog. Back in 2012, he was a nobody in blogging circles. To remedy that, he went on a guest blogging spree talking about his favourite topic: traffic. 

Turned out to be a smart move. 

In a couple months, more than 13,000 people jumped on the prelaunch list before he published a single post on his site. Within nine months, his company crossed $500,000 of revenue, all because of the head start he got from his massive pre-launch list. 

But how exactly did so many folks join his list? 

He’s the simple process he used.
  • Set-up a coming soon landing page. 
  • Wrote stellar guest posts. 
  • Linked to landing page in his bio. 
  • Offered a freebie in exchange for people’s email addresses. 
That’s it. 

Most bloggers miss these opportunities by linking to their homepages if at all. Big mistake. Link to a specific landing page specially crafted for a specific campaign instead. By so doing you’ll be miles ahead of the pack. 

Author Bio: Few Words Much Impact 

Don’t waste your bio. 

Stretch it to its fullest marketing potential. 

Use these three offbeat ninja marketing tips to cleverly suck people into your funnel, rank your services page, and supercharge your site’s rankings.

With a bit of creativity, you can turn your bio into a marketing superpower. 

Bio hacking anybody?

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