DIY Homemade Gift Ideas to Make for a New Mom

We'll break down some DIY Homemade Gift Ideas to make for a New Mom ideas like Embroidered baby towel, Hand purifier, Lavender bath salt and Sleep-inducing spray and those will make Mom feel oh-so-loved.

New moms are showered with blessings and gifts from the first day of their pregnancy. When you have an acquaintance who is a new mom or is pregnant, a trip to the store for the perfect gift is called for. But it is not always easy to find the best gift that will touch their heart. 

This is where making your own gifts comes in handy. When you enjoy DIY and have significant skill and creativity, trying and making personalized gifts can be inexpensive and at the same time touch a chord in the hearts of the gifted one.

DIY Homemade Gift Ideas to Make for a New Mom

There are ample things that you can do for and gift a new mom, and it is essential to understand the type of things the person will like. Consider the baby and the mother together while gifting e.g. printed food labels and not just the mom or the baby alone. Your gift must be beautiful and useful to the duo at the same time.

Why DIY the Gifts? 

DIY is a great option when you want to stand out in the crowd but do remember that your gift must have a professional quality and must not look shabby. When you have numerous baby showers to attend in a span of a few months and are running out of ideas when it comes to a gift. When you have surpassed your monthly budget for gifting DIY can be your lifesaver. There are ample possibilities when it comes to gifting a new mom. 

Here we are going to share some of the best ideas that you can employ when you are looking for gifts for baby showers. Consider your skills and strengths and then think of ways you can use them for making a gift for the new baby and the mother. The following tips can help you out with the same.

1. Embroidered Baby Towel

Baby napkins and towels are essential as they tend to drool a lot and throw around food when they eat. If you are skilled at crocheting, you can easily make baby towels for the child without any hassle. Make a set of baby towels for the gift, and you can rest assured the mother will thank you for them. All you need is the right materials and cross-stitching supplies. 

There are different types of supplies and depending on the type of towel you are trying to make; the supplies should be chosen accordingly. Look for textiles which are suitable for babies when you are buying supplies for this purpose. Soft and least abrasive materials will be best for the child as babies have rather sensitive skin.

2. Hand Purifier 

Hand purifiers and sanitisers are elemental necessities when there is a baby in the house. This ensures that your child does not get susceptible to any kind of disease because of germs that are transmitted through your hand. Store-bought sanitisers are of superior quality anyway, but sanitiser they cannot find anywhere will be a unique gift. You will require few supplies and little time to pull off this project, and that makes it a very feasible choice too. 

All you need are spray bottles, 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel, vitamin E oil, an essential oil blend of your choice and filtered water. Put all the ingredients together in the spray bottle and shake well. This sanitiser must be shaken well every time before use. To use it, simply spray a liberal amount on your hand and rub them together and it is done. You can extract vitamin E oil from vitamin E capsules that are available in the store.

3. Lavender Bath Salt 

After the pregnancy months are over, this is the time when the moms will need to replenish their health. Also after taking care of the child all day, it can become rather exhausting. A simple and relaxing bath can do wonders for them in this situation. This is a very thoughtful gift for the new mother, and it is also very budget-friendly and easy to make. 

You can find all the supplies from the local chemists and crafts store and make it in a few minutes. You will need half a cup of Epsom salt, 1/4th cup of baking soda, 1/4th cup of coarse sea salt, 6 drops of lavender essential oil and two half-pint-sized mason jars. Mix the lavender oil, baking soda, and salts together and allow them to dry on a cookie sheet overnight. Put them in the Mason jar once it is completely dry and decorate the jar with labels and ribbons.

4. Sleep-inducing Spray 

When you are tolling with the kid all through the day, it can be stressful and often lead to difficulty in sleeping for the new mothers. Also, some babies have the tendency to wake up at night and cry and need a night feeding all of which together can ruin your sleep. The sleep spray is a unique gift. 

Lavender oil is known for its relaxing and sleep-inducing qualities and can be used for making this spray. You will need one teaspoon of witch hazel, 2 oz filtered water, ten drops of lavender essential oil and a spray bottle. Ensure that it is a glass spray bottle in a dark shade. Put all the ingredients in and shake well to blend them together. You will have to spray them on the pillows and sheets before sleep to induce a sounder sleep.


Different types of things are essential to new moms, and often it can get difficult to choose the right gift for them. When you are creative enough, you can easily make the best gift essential for new moms.

If you are short on time, the above-mentioned DIYs can be some perfect options for you that will help you to come up with unique gifts. Feel free to use any of these ideas and rest assured that the one who is receiving the gifts will love them.

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