How to Submit and Verify Website on Yandex Webmaster?

How to Submit and Verify Website on Yandex Webmaster?
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This is really great opportunity to spread our content in different parts of the world by using search engines. Among major search engine first come in mind Google search engine. But beside of Google there are some search engines available over the net which is really popular in Specific County. Such as Yadex which is giant search engine in Russia. Not only Russian there is many European counties use Yandex search engine for various purpose. And fortunately Yandex allow us to index English site on their search engine.  So by adding our site on Yandex we can reach towards more people.

Here I will show you the easy way to submit and verify your site on Yandex. Just follow the below steps-  

Create a Yandex account

Before submitting and verifying your site on Yandex you have to create a Yandex account. This is usual process for creating a Yadex account. Just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Visit and fill up the Yandex account registration form.

Step 2 In registration form you will find a Phone verification process. So enter your mobile number and Yandex will send you a verification code. So write verification code on verification field. After that click on Register button

Now you are an owner of Yandex site. Our next target is to adding our Blog site to Yandex. You can also see my video tutorial for more clarification.

Adding Your Site on Yandex

Now we will add our site to Yandex webmaster page. I have mentioned you must have a Yandex account for login to yandex webmaster page. I assume that you have already created an account on yandex. And now follow the below steps-

Step 1 Visit and login there with your Yandex email account.

Step 2 Now click on Add site link from the top of the page.

yandex webmaster

Step 3 And at the Add a site page locate blank field and write your Blog URL there.  And simply click on Add site button.

Congratulation you have successfully added your Blog site on Yandex. Now it’s time to verify your site.

Verify your site on Yandex

After adding your site on Yandex you will be automatically headed to site verification process. You can verify your site by using html file, Meta tag, txt file, by dns.

The easiest way to verify a site on yandex by using Meta tag. So we will use Meta tag for verify. From Verification page click on meta tag tab. And copy the Meta tag from there. After that go through below steps- 

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Click on Now click on -> Template -> Edit HTML

Step 3 Now locate the <head> from Template HTML code.

Step 4 And Paste the auto generated Meta tag from Yandex below/After <head> 

Step 5 Now hit the Save template button.

site verification on yandex

Step 6 Again get back to the Yandex webmaster verification page, and from there click on Check button.

Your site will be verified within few seconds. And now you will able to general information about your site on Yandex. And your site will start display on yandex search engine.

This is all about submitting and verifying a Blog or website in Yandex. I hope now you will able to receive traffic from yandex search engine. For further help feel free to leave a comment below.
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