Submit Sitemap in Yandex to Improve Search Visibility

Submit Sitemap in Yandex Webmaster to Improve Search Visibility
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This is significantly important to submit sitemap on various search engines. Most of the webmaster wants to submit and index their site on popular search engine. But apart from popular search engine there are many other search engines available over the net those who are delivering search facilities towards zillions of users.

Among least popular search engine, Yandex playing significant role for delivering search query to users. Because more than 60% of Russian users using Yandex as their main search engine. And luckily Yandex accept and index English site on their search engine. So this will be wise decision to index your site on Yandex.

Only by indexing site on Yandex you won’t able to get properly benefited because you must submit your Blog or website’s sitemap thus Yandex can index your whole site on their search engine. So in this tutorial I will show you about the technique to submit sitemap on Yandex webmaster for better search engine visibility.

Step 1 Visit and login there with your Yandex email account.

Step 2 Now click on My sites link from the top of the page. Now you will see your site link on Yandex webmaster. Click on your site.

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Step 3 Now click on Indexing options link from left side bar. It will expend and display some more options. And from those options click Sitemap files link.

Step 4 A blank filed will be visible for checking and adding your sitemap. Write your sitemap link there and click on Check button for sitemap validation it you found that your sitemap is valid then click on Add button. Submitting sitemap you have to add the sitemap line like below-
  • (This will Index all content links from your site)
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If you would like to submit your blog sitemap page by page then use the below code-
  • (This will Index 150 posts from your first page)
  • (This will Index another 150 posts from your second page)
  • (This will Index another 150 posts from your third page)
  • (This will Index another 150 posts from your fourth page)
  • (This will Index another 150 posts from your fifth page)
Instantly your site’s sitemap will be in a queue for indexing.  Note that it can be take maximum 2 weeks for indexing your sitemap. So be patient.

Step 5 After indexing your sitemap you will see an Ok sign that Yandex has accepted your sitemap.  

That’s all about submitting sitemap in Yandex webmaster. And after indexing your sitemap your site will be visible on Yandex search engine more frequently. If you lucky enough then you will able to receive a big chunk of visitors from Russia and others countries.

I have simplified my tutorial if you have still query then feel free to leave a comment below. I can help you to submit your sitemap properly.
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