Google Domains Review – What is it? How Does it Work? Domain has transferred to Google Domains, benefits-and-features-of-Google-domains?
what is google domains

After running a Blog for longer period of time you will feel love for it. Because all of your best knowledge you share on your Blog periodically. Your all efforts and time you invest on them to grow. While we create our own Blog or website then we remain unaware about Blog domain value and branding. Because at that time our domain and blog is like a children and we have to cultivate it by using knowledge graph.

While I have registered my domain in 2nd December 2012 then I didn’t think that I can run this blog longer time. Because I was new to blogging and I was zero in Blogging and coding knowledge. But thanks God that I have spend longer time with my Blog. And now Blogger Spice has created a strong Brand image on my readers mind.

I did many mistakes and fallen in my blogging career, finally I become frustrated but again started hard work and become optimistic. As a result I have seen good result.

First I have registered my Blog with a local reseller but my domain name provider was which is popular domain name provider in United Kingdom. Their service was very good.

But After long time I feel my domain should move in a more secured place. And finally I have found Google domains. In 1st December 2015 I have transferred my domain to Google Domain. And luckily I am the initiation their transfer service. According to Google Domain’s customer support team is the first domain that transferred from other domain registrar. So I feel proud of this.

What is Google Domains?

Google Domains is a popular product of Google Inc. itself. Google Domains is designed and built to make your domain management simple and easy. You can easily find, buy, transfer and manage domains. By using Google domains you can directly connect to website builders such as Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly and Wix. 

And it goes without say that you don’t have to do any simple task to connecting your domain with Google hosting site.

Why Choose Google Domains?

If you are using Blogger hosted account then Google domain is best for you. Because then your Domain and hosting site will be Google. As a Google domain your will get some extra facility. However you won’t get any significant changes on search engine as Google domains owner. Domain price is comparatively very cheap. You can transfer or buy a Domain from Google Domain within $12 but you can say others are selling in cheaper rate. Yes this is true but the main fact is while you are buying a domain in cheap rate then they will provide you bulk domain. Which won’t able to ensure you server ups time. On the other hand if you buy domain from other domain name provide like GoDaddy then you won’t get any free service on Private registration. If you want to register your domain under Private then you have to pay extra $9. And for ICNN charge you have to pay $0.19, this means if you buy a domain with Private registration from GoDaddy then your domain price will be approximately $19. But you can buy the Google domains by $12 only with Private registration at no additional cost.

features of google domains

The most attractive features of Google Domains are as follows-
  • Private registration at no additional cost- You can privately register your domain thus spammer won’t able to get your identity. And for this Google won’t charge a single penny.
  • Easy integration with top website builders - You can easily integrate your domain with top website builders like Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly and Wix and Google will help you to build your website by simply drag and drop features.
  • Custom email with Google Apps for Work – While you are using Google domain or apps no matter you can easily create custom email. And Google will help you to create 100 custom emails with your current email address. For example I have created my email &
  • New domain endings – Google Domains provide various new domains (such as .ninja, .coffee, .shoes, .tools, .kitchen, .company, .florist, .recipes). And in future Google will unveil more new domain endings.
  • Customizable sub-domains – This is another great feature because Google Domains will allow you to create 100 sub domains under your main domain. For example,, etc.
  • Fast, secure and reliable Internet infrastructure with Google – You can blindly trust Google server because their server is fast secured and reliable over the net. Because Google Domains use high quality internet infrastructure.
  • Simple domain management tools – The most important feature I like which is simple domain management tools. I just click on few options and Google has done rest of the things. This is really very easy to manage domain with Google Domains.
  • Email forwarding – Email forwarding feature help to forward your email by custom email. Suppose I have created custom email with Google and now if I wish to forward email then I must use Email forwarding feature to hide my original Gmail address.
  • Customer Support – I have never found these kinds of customer support from any domain name provider before. Because you can connect with customer care assistant via chat, phone, email etc. And you will get response instantly. First time I have faced many problems but Google’s expert customer service stuff has solved all of the issues within shortest period of time. I will give 10 out of 10 to their customer support team.
how to buy Google domains

If you wish to buy or transfer your domain to Google Domains then please go through the below link-
However everything is ok according to Google Domain’s services but the problem is, they only providing domain names to US billing address. So if you wish to buy or transfer a domain to Google then you must use US billing address. So if you have any relative residing in USA then you can use their Credit or Debit card to purchase domain from Google. I wish Google will make available this service internationally soon. 
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