How to show AdSense ads between posts in Blogger Homepage?

How to show AdSense ads between posts in Blogger Homepage?

Inline ads

While visiting some Blog you might see that ads are showing between 2 posts on Blogger homepage. mean after readmore option. This type of ads also known as Inline ads. This is another way to increase revenue from your AdSense ads. Because those places are most effective for getting more click. So in this tutorial I will show you how we can place the ads between posts in Blogger homepage or landing page.  

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Now click on -> Layout Click on Edit link under -> Blog Posts gadget box.

Blog Posts gadget

Step 3 Now put tick on checkbox where written Show Ads Between Posts. Instantly ad configuration option will expend. Under Configure Inline Ads you will see a dropdown option where can be set after every post ads will be visible or after 2 or 3 posts your ad will be visible. So select appropriate one. Remember that you can display only 3 banner ads, so after 3 banner ads no more advertisement visible there.

Step 4 From there under format select Responsive by using Dropdown option. Because we knows that responsive ads will be fit with any size of template width. Suppose if your template post width 700px then responsive ad will display at that size ad banner. If 800px then 800px width ad banner will display.  

configure Inline ads

Step 5 You can select the ads type also. Either Text And Image (It will display both banner and text ads) or Text Only (It will display text ads only). So select ad type by clicking on radio button. For generating maximum income please select Text And Image. This is also recommended by Google AdSense.

Step 6 At this time you have to select appropriate color of the ads. There has some preset color setting. Under Colors option simply select Blend template or Match template. Blend color is light color combination which is feet for all types of template except dark template. Match template color will enable your ads to display ads that match with your template color. In addition you can use custom option for choosing and customizing your ad banner colors.  

Step 7 Finally Click on orange color Save button from the bottom of the Inline ads configuration window.

Now check your template to see the ads that showing between the posts on Blogger home page. Remember that if you place 3 ads then not any ads will display on your template sidebar, header and footer. But If you add 1 ads on header section and 2 ads between posts then it will be perfect. And the ideal size of Ads for displaying between posts is Horizontal and Responsive ad units.
Unknown says: 5/28/2015

Thanks for the most easiest way to show. I never thought that it is possible to place adsense ads between blog post. I just did it by following you instruction. And it works good for me. Many many thanks admin.

Unknown says: 6/08/2015

Can we use this with non-Hosted AdSense accounts.

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 6/08/2015

You must have approved AdSense account with your same Blogger account. After that you will able to display ads between posts. But if you try to use other AdSense account then you won't able to display ads between posts.

Tally Knowledge says: 3/16/2017


BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 3/16/2017

Hi Sumit Kumar,
Unfortunately you can use only AdSense between post on Blog homepage. Even not all blogger template support to display ads on blog homepage.

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Thank you. ^_^

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