How to Display ads on Blog by using AdSense Gadget ?

How to Display ads on Blog by using AdSense Gadget ?
AdSense gadget

AdSense is the way of money making on your Blog. So by perfectly monetizing we can earn money as much as possible. But before this we should know how to display AdSense ads in our Blog. We can show AdSense in different ways but among them the easiest way is displaying AdSense ads by using AdSense widget. In this tutorial I will show you about using AdSense widget and how to customize the ads appearance.

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Now click on -> Layout -> Add a Gadget

add a gadget

Step 3 Now a popup windows will appear will Blogger default gadget lists. Scroll down and select AdSense gadget.


Step 4 Now you will see Gadget configuration window. From there under format select Responsive by using Dropdown option. Because responsive ads will be fit with any size of template width.

ad size

Step 5 You can select the ads type also. Either Text And Image (It will display both banner and text ads) or Text Only (It will display text ads only). So select ad type by clicking on radio button. For good performance select Text And Image.

responsive ads

Step 6 At this time you have to select appropriate color of the ads. There has some preset color setting. Under Colors option simply select Match template. This will enable your ads to display ads that match with your template color. In addition you can use custom option for choosing and customizing your ad banner colors.  

save widget

Step 7 Finally Click on orange color Save button.

Now check your Blog to see the AdSense ads appearing with your custom settings. By using AdSense Gadget you can place your ads on your Blog sidebar, header and footer sections only. That's all about placing AdSense ads in Blogger template by using AdSense widget. 
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