How to Sign up and Enable AdSense on your blog?

How to Sign up and Enable AdSense on your blog?
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AdSense is Google's content targeted advertising platform. Where AdSense  will enable you to earn money from your Blog. This is the most reliable and trust able Advertisement platform where I will 100% assure you that will get money.  There are many advertising platform with good payment but ultimately you will see that they aren't paying a single penny.  So the wise decision is to use Google AdSense for monetizing your Blog. In this tutorial I will show you that how we can sign up or enable our AdSense account from Blogger dashboard. This is really easy. Signing up for AdSense you have to go through 3 steps that designed by Google AdSense team-
  1. Select your Google Account
  2. Tell us about your content
  3. Submit your AdSense application
Step 1 Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Now click on -> Template -> Edit HTML

Step 3 Now Click on orange color Sign up for AdSense button.

earnings tab

Step 4 This will redirect to another page, from there just click on Yes, proceed to Google Account sign in. If you wish to create a new account for your AdSense then you can click on No, create a new Google Account button.

proceed to Google account

Step 5 Now you have to Tell Google about your content. Your site will be automatically selected by Google and just you have to select your site language. Click on Content language drop down option and select your site language.   

select site language

Step 6 After that click on blue color Continue button. And instantly you will be headed to AdSense application page.

AdSense account type

Step 7 In application form select your Country or territory, Account type. Under payee name type your name and fill up rest of the form with necessary information. There must be provide your phone number. Because AdSense will verify your account through phone number.

submit application

Step 8 Finally click on blue color Submit my application button.  A message will appear that Your AdSense account is awaiting approval.

waiting for approval

That's it, your application will be submitted to Google AdSense team. And now they will review and visit your site for granting approval. If everything is OK, then you will get approval soon. Remember that until getting approval from AdSense team not any ad will appear in your Blog. Hope you will able to apply for the AdSense and get approval. Thank you.
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