How to Invite and Add Authors In Blogger Site for writing articles?

How to Invite and Add Authors In Blogger Site for writing articles?
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Blogger has an option that you can invite other writer for write articles in your Blog. Many user think only WordPress has this opportunity but wrong. In Google admin can invite others and can make them author, even admin can able to convert Author into Admin. So In this tutorial I will show you how to invite Author in Blogger Site for writing articles? To do this you have to know email address of the new author. Or s/he is in your mail link then you can invite them from contacts. Just follow the below steps for inviting new authors in your Blogger site-

Step 1 Sign in to your Blogger Account and Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Now Under ->Settings ->Basic locate Blog Authors

Steps 3 From there click on +Add authors a blank box will expend. So write their email address of new author that you want to make him/her as your Blog Author.


Steps 4 If you don’t know the email address but they are included in your Google account then you may use Choose from Contacts option. Just click on that and a popup window will appear. From there select the contact by put tick on checkbox and click on blue color Select button.

search contact

Step 5 Now Author’s name and email address appear in blank box. And click on orange color Invite authors button.

write author email

Step 6 Google instantly send an email to that email address. And receiver will get a notification. After clicking on orange color Accept invitation from email s/he will be added as a Author in your site.

Blogger email

Step 7 Now relocate ->Settings ->Basic locate Blog Authors and see new author has added. Now s/he will able to log in to your Blogger site and make post.

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That’s all about adding author in Blogger site. However you should be careful about author because you should invite only trusted person.  But as a admin you have all power to maintain your site. Because, anytime you can delete any author from your Blogger site.  Some Blogger convert author into admin but this is very risky. Because admin will get all power to modify your template, delete any post etc.  So before making admin think several times and after that go ahead.

Anyway I hope this tutorial will help you to invite new author for contributing in your Blog. And you can enrich your Blog directory. For further help feel free to write me. Thank you.
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