How to add comment guidelines above Blogger comment Box?

How to add comment guidelines above Blogger comment Box
comment form message

Due to spread of Blog users comment span has raised. Now-a-day, most of new blogger commenting only for getting backlink from other’s Blog. But they don’t know how they are harming their own blog by leaving hidden link on other’s blog comment section. Blogger don’t like these kinds of hidden link and treat those comment as spam.  

For this reason Blog author should give a guidelines or message above comment form thus a spammer don’t feel interest to make comment with hidden link. If we share some instruction that what types of comment exactly publish in our Blog for example you can say, we won’t publish any comments with hidden link then comment spammer may not feel interest to make comments. In addition, we can write only topic related comment will publish here. The irrelevant telemarketer also won’t make any comments.  Because I am receiving many comments, they are just promoting their product or any organization. So simply I put those comment on spam folder.

For creating a better Blog readers feedback is important but feedback should be without hidden comment.

In this tutorial I will show you about adding message or commenting guidelines above Blogger comment box from Dashboard.  Just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Sign in to your Blogger Account and Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Now Under ->Settings ->Posts and comments and locate Comment Form Message

posts and comments

Step 3 Now click on Add text link for opening the Comment Form Message field.

add message

Step 4 So write you comment guidelines. You can write guideline like below image. This is just example purpose you can write with your own style.

write message

Step 5 After completion of writing Just click on orange color Save settings button.

save settings

That’s it. Everything is done successfully and now check your Blogger template’s comment section to see your newly added guidelines above comment Box.

comment message

This comment message will display all the time. If any visitors write comment then it will appear above this comment guidelines or message. There are another issue that some custom Blogger template doesn't support it so they can follow another tutorial for manual placement of comment message from below tutorial.

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