How to Activate Ratings and Review on Facebook Fan Page?

How to Activate Ratings and Review on Facebook Fan Page
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In most of the Branded page you will find rating and review enabled option. This is for getting feedback from potential customers and users. However Facebook only allow Business fan page or service provider to get review and rating. So If you are a business owner or any service provider then you can activate review and rating option on your Facebook official page.

But what about Blogger and WordPress blog user? don't worry you can activate review and rating option by simple trick. In this tutorial I will show you the way that will easily help you to enable this option. Before that you can see my Blog's Facebook fan page with Star ratings and review system.
If you have little time then kindly rate my Blog with 5 star and write minimum 50 characters for review. First click on Star rating icon then review box will appear and write your review there.

Step 1 Go to and Log in to your Facebook Account 

Step 2 Click About below your Page's cover photo. To let visitors post ratings and reviews on your fan Page, you'll need to choose Local Businesses for your Page's category. Because Facebook only allow ratings and reviews if your Page's category is Local Businesses:

local business

Step 3 Now click on edit link in the Address section, add your address like, City and Post code first. 

postal code

And in Address field write your area name (case sensitive) and Facebook will automatically detect your area name. For finding accurate area name find your position in Bing map. And click Save Changes.


Step 4  After saving your changes it will take some times to appear a map below given address. When your Map will appear. Click to edit the Address section again.

bing map

Step 5  Now Below the map, click to check the box next to Show map, check-ins and star ratings on the Page. After that Click Save Changes button.

Now check your Facebook Page and see Review and Rating has enable. So if any readers wants to write review s/he must rate the page first by clicking on 4/5 star. And after that s/he able to write review. Remember that at least 50 character should be write on review box otherwise Done option won't be activate.


Good side of this rating system is your page look like branded page with 5 stars. But the bad side is if you get more 1 star then your site rating will go down. For this reason review writer should write review after proper assessment of a site and after that s/he should write review. 

I hope this tutorial help you for enabling review and star rating. However if you face any trouble then feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you.
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